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Babysitter Bondage 2
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Babysitter Chrissy Marie never lets you do anything fun. She orders you around and if you ever talk back she threatens to lock you in your room and invite her boyfriend over. She orders you to get her a glass of water & suggests that maybe she'll make you rub her feet, but you've had enough. You rush her and get the upper hand.

Now Chrissy is stripped down and tied to your office chair in nothing but her socks. She threatens you again, but you shut her up by stuffing worn panties in her mouth and tying them into place with a sock.

Chrissy tries to free herself, butt he ropes are too tight. She pushes herself over to the door and tries to open it with her feet, but gets nowhere. You catch her trying to escape and tie her up on the couch with a knotted sock as a cleave gag. She struggles and manages to get over to her phone but is unable to dial. She makes it to the door again and this time is able to get it open, but just then you return.

Now Chrissy is on the floor in a tight hogtie. Her mouth is forced open with a ball gag and she drools as she struggles. Eventually she makes it back over to her phone and is able to dial out, but she's unable to speak clearly around the huge ball gag.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, struggling, babysitter

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25 minutes