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Punch Punch Boom
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane walks in after a day at the beach. She stays in her button down blouse, towel and aviator sunglasses while reading the news. A local hero foils assassination plot and she knows that she would be unbeatable if she switched sides.

Taking a nap, she has dreams of me, Star Nine, guarding the Governor. She wears a translucent robe that covers her microkini. A mask covers her emotions, but I'm taking this bitch down with belly punches.

Her trident is stuck in a chair as she tries to fight. With each stomach punching, she gets a jiggling ass. The gut punches are too much and she falls to her knees.

She's on her back and I'm lapsitting, giving stomach punches as she moans and writhes with each impact. Her tits are hanging out of her micro kini and sweat pools in her chest. Drooling and weakened, she can't fight back.

In real life, Ashley's in a soaking wet shirt from sweating, but goes back to sleep.

In dream 2, Ashley's ready for a mission and wears her over the knee boots, tiny tee, a thong and a gun. She begs her superior for another chance.

Infected with a fighting virus, she's ass scratching the injection spot and ready to fight me when I come on an errand. She rams me into the wall before I get retaliation hits. Hair pulling her away, I continue with gut punching.

Tossing and turning, she flips over with her tight ass facing up and dreams that we are on the same side.

We're looking for a bomb that goes off in 5 minutes. We're crawling on our hands and knees with butts in the air, but can't find it anywhere.

Mesmerized, I'm posing in the mirror and kissing my reflection before admiring her big ass. Ass kissing her, I get a call from the higher ups and I start French kissing her even though she's looking for the bomb. She sees her reflection in the mirror and becomes entranced, kissing her image as I'm booty kissing her.

Startled awake by a phone call, the Mayor tells her of a bomb threat as she's wearing the uniform from her fantasy!

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Includes female fighting, lesbian domination, ass fetish, belly punching, body busting

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16 minutes


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