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Star Employee Kidnapped
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine was at a catering event for her Hooters girl job, and wears the traveling Hooters Girl uniform of a crop top, tight orange booty shorts, black tights and white scrunched socks. She isn't pleased to be rope bound after you kidnapped her. Realizing that being a bossy damsel won't get her untied, she becomes flirty and offers to show off her scrunchy socks and pantyhose legs. Toe pointing and toe spreading are her seduction tricks, but with a tinge of fear.

Convinced she seduced you, she's terrified when you grab a zip tie for choking. Begging for release, she can't believe she's going to be strangled to death.

She's gasping for breath as the tight plastic digs into her slender neck. Her pantyhose feet are revealed and her flexed soles alternate with toe wiggling and toe pointing, emphasizing the black nylon reinforced toes.

Her long red fingernails can't reach the binds and her hands twitch like her convulsing body. Croaking for air, her mouth foams and her eyes widen.

The frantic struggles stop and she lies completely still once death wins this game. You examine your prize from head to toe, pleased with her wide eyed death stare.

OTHER KEYWORDS - choking fetish necro fetish DID rope bondage rope neck fetish throat fetish struggling pantyhose fetish tights fetish costumes cosplay uniforms sock fetish blondes kink

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Includes death fetish, choking, damsel in distress, pantyhose/stockings, bondage

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10 minutes


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