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Shrunken Boyfriend
Featuring Star Nine

I come home and almost step on you with my classic black pumps. you shrunk? My long fingernails start poking your little body and you're smaller than my little finger. you're so cute after shrinking to a little package, but you should be careful because I could squish you like a bug.

Looking down at you, I should step on you with my black stilettos. you look up at my oiled legs and black heels, dwarfed in comparison. If I'm going to smoosh you, I want to feel you under my bare feet. Do you like my French pedicure? How would you like to feel your body explode under my sexy toes? I love toe wiggling near your helpless body. Are you afraid of my full weight on you as my wrinkled soles hover over you? Do you think my stomps will squash you between my big feet?

Do you have a tiny little boner? My fingernails stroke your little dick and I'm stripping my top to reveal my perfect tits. Lifting you high in the air, I realize you're afraid of heights. You look so tasty and I open my big mouth to put you on my tongue. Body licking you proves that you are delicious. Partially chewing your body and tasting your juices makes me moan in pleasure. It would be fun to do giantess vore with you, but I spit you out and put you on my nipple for tit worship.

The nipple play feels good but I put you in my palm. Release your load after I give an orgasm countdown. I reward you by putting you on a table and covering you with a glass to keep you safe. I love you as a small man and don't want you to escape and try to grow back to your normal size.

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Includes giantess, foot fetish, female domination, masturbation encouragement, sensual domination

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The name Michael is used.

12 minutes


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