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Paris' Revenge
Featuring Paris Kennedy & Star Nine

Paris confronts Star, she found the vial of chloroform Star was using to help her relax the other day - that's why her head hurt! Not cool. Paris soaks the rag and presses it up against Star's face as revenge, but Star doesn't fight it. With Star out, Paris muses, imagining what Star might have done to her while she was out. She start's too see why Star might like chloroform, she can do anything she wants to her while she is out. Paris plays with her limp girlfriend for awhile until she comes to.

Star guesses that Paris found the chloroform. Paris has to admit that sleepy play is pretty fun, like having her own little doll she can do anything with. She puts Star back under again, telling her that she's not done with her yet, and she'll take her to the bedroom next time she wakes up.

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2X KOs, Limp Play, Consentual Chloroform, Lesbian Domination Sleep Fetish Girlfriends

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9 minutes


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