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Stalking Little Feet
Featuring Roxie Rae & Star Nine

Star couldn't help but notice her petite neighbor, Roxie Rae, jogging around the neighborhood in her short shorts and tiny little athletic sneakers. In awe of Roxie's little feet, Star will do anything in her power for the chance to worship them.

Worried that Roxie would think she's a weirdo if she just *asked*, Star breaks into her house & chloroforms her while she is watching television.

Once Roxie is unconscious, Star worships her white and pink athletic socks before removing them with her teeth and feasting on Roxie's bare toes & soles.

Roxie begins to stir and Star quickly hides behind her with the wet rag. She knocks Roxie out again & returns to her feast. Wanting, needing, more time with Roxie's soft, petite, soles, Star decides to go hide upstairs and wait for Roxie to go to bed. Hoping that she'll be able to worship longer with Roxie "asleep".

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2x chloroform KOs, Foot Worship, Sock Worship, Limp Fetish, Limp Play, Foot Fetish

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13 minutes