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Sex Doll
Featuring Bailey Paige & Star Nine

Star has been watching Bailey. Such a sensual, petite, little thing. She'd make a perfect sex doll for Star's collection. Star creeps up on her while she is napping and pounces with her chloroform rag, knocking the struggling Bailey into a much deeper kind of sleep.

Star strips her limp doll, flopping her limbs around. She strokes Bailey's face and body tenderly when she comes to, only to put her out again. She removes her wet panties and drapes them over Bailey's unconscious face. Sucks on her little doll's fingers to make them nice and wet before rubbing them all over her pussy to make herself cum.

Bailey comes to with Star's orgasm. She asks if she can leave & Star lets her go through the motions before stepping up behind her as she walks away. Star clamps the rag down over her face one last time. She cradle carries Bailey's limp form back to the couch until she can transport her new sex doll.

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Limp Fetish, 3X Chloroform Knockouts, Lesbian Domination, Lift & Carry, Hand Over Mouth, Limp Masturbation

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9 minutes