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Encased Spy Turned Sex Slave
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Masked spy Ashley Lane creeps into Star's bedroom with her bag of tricks. She sees the thumb drive she's looking for, but as she approaches the sleeping Star, her phone rings. Star jolts awake and she wrestles the nylon clad intruder on the bed.

Star quickly gains the upper hand. With the intruder limp & subdued, Star decides to teach her a sexy lesson. She rolls up Ashley's shirt, licking her nylon covered breasts before reaching for her strap-on cock. She slides into Ashley's pussy and fucks her through a hole in her pantyhose, wrapping her nylon legs around her and worshiping her pantyhose feet.

Star goes through Ashley's things. She pulls a sexy nylon mask over her head and slips on short black gloves. She gags Ashley & ties her hands behind her back before flipping her over to fuck her some more. Ashley weakly moans as Star details her plan to keep Ashley as her personal sex slave.

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Includes nylon encasement, sleepy fetish, lesbian domination, strap-on, pantyhose domination

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25 minutes


Also available at: kinkbomb