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The Confession
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

You may be falsely accused, but you don't stand a chance against Dixie & Star's hot cop, bad cop routine. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and are now being interrogated by the wrong cops. They may not have a shred of evidence besides a few seconds of surveillance video, but once they discover and exploit your nylon foot fetish, you'll sign anything they put in front of you.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mind fuck, foot fetish, dangling, mesmerize, double domination

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16 minutes



Foot Domination Punishment
Featuring Chichi Medina & Star Nine

Chichi snaps when she catches her roommate trying to walk out of the house wearing HER pantyhose. She pulls Star down to the couch and forces her nylon foot in her mouth! She violently forces her roommate to sniff, lick, worship, and gag on first her nylon, and then her bare feet.

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Includes foot domination, foot worship

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10 minutes



Opposing Counsel
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Kendra James & Star Nine are professional negotiators hired by rival corporations to broker a deal. After a long week pounding out the details in the boardroom, Star and Kendra celebrate their mutual wins. Unwinding before a celebratory dinner, the two women share tactics and admire each other's gleaming nylon legs. Their week long mutual crush coming to a head, Kendra & Star miss their reservation. A little nylon foot worship leads to pantyhose tribbing, pussy licking & feeldoe fucking.

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Includes pantyhose, lesbian, foot worship, tribbing

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23 minutes



Room Service
Featuring Star Nine, Nyssa Nevers, Miss Leya & Miss Quin

Nyssa and Star have set up their new nest in a luxury hotel. It's the perfect set-up until hotel staff start to go missing. The two vampires bicker about who is to blame, Star for draining the maid, Nyssa for sucking the life out of the maintenance man they glamoured to get rid of the smell. A late night television commercial draws their attention away from the argument. A sexy maid service, that could be the solution to all their problems.

Miss Leya knocks on the door, she's obviously annoyed when she realizes there are no men involved. Female clients can be so difficult. Nyssa explains that they want the full experience & Leya gets to dusting, bending over and wiggling her ass in their faces. Star salivates, eager for a bite.

Leya goes about her routine until she notices the smell. Star glamours the sexy maid as Nyssa peaks through her things. She's been holding out on us - we said we wanted the full show!

Nyssa empties out Leya's bag of tricks and demands that she use everything in it. Miss Leya obediently begins to tie herself up as Star plugs in the hitatchi. The aromas become irresistible as the maid's arousal draws her blood to the surface. Nyssa & Star feed, careful not to go too far this time.

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Includes vampire, mesmerize, woman following orders, magic control, lesbian domination

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23 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

My client stands to receive an extraordinarily large inheritance. The only thing that's standing in her way is you, her brother, executor of the will. Luckily she's hired me. I'm very experienced with these delicate family matters.

Naturally you're suspicious, but I win you over with my intoxicating voice and shimmering nylon legs. I assure you that I'm willing to do anything to accomplish my objective, but of course blackmail would be improprietous. You unbutton your pants and look down with dismay at your flaccid cock. You may be surprised, but it's all part of my plan. I offer you a little blue pill which you chomp down on eagerly, crushing it between your teeth in hopes it will increase it's efficacy. I laugh at your eagerness, your stupidity. My client is going to be a very rich woman.

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Includes pantyhose domination, executrix

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13 minutes



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