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Mesmerized Pantyhose Foot Worship
Featuring Casey Calvert, Serena Blair & Star Nine

Star stops into her teacher's office (Casey Calvert) to discuss her grades. Casey won't budge, but Star has some special tools that always make her get her way. She begins to dangle her heel off her nylon toes. Casey catches a whiff of her foot odor and has a hard time staying focused. The heel drops and Star wiggles her nylon toes. Casey is unable to look away & soon finds herself on her knees desperately worshiping Star's nylon soles. Casey is unable to stop herself, even when another student pops into her office.

Serena looks incredulously at her teacher on her knees. Star explains what happened & Serena refuses to believe her even as she finds herself experiencing the same urges. With both student and teacher on their knees before her, Star gives some instructions. When she snaps her fingers Casey & Serena will snap out of it with no memory of what has transpired. However, when Star drops her shoes in front of them they will have an irresistible urge to remove their own heels & worship the nearest nylon foot until they erupt in orgasm.

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Includes foot worship, lesbian domination, mesmerize, pantyhose domination

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20 minutes



Identity Theft
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Multi-Millionaire CEO Ashley Lane is surprised in her home by a thief with designs on stealing her identity & business. Ashley has no choice but to submit as she is forced to strip and is tied up with rope. The intruder finishes tying her wrists, elbows, ankles & knees before slipping off her sneakers and removing her socks. She crams her worn socks in Ashley's protesting mouth & then wraps her head with microfoam tape. Ashley moans through her gag, trying to talk her way out of the situation. Immobilized in a ball & hogtie, Ashley can only struggle and mmmph as the intruder puts on her clothing & heads out to make drastic changes to her bank accounts.

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Includes bondage, gagged women, damsel in distress, rope bondage

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16 minutes



Executive Shit Eater 2
Featuring Star Nine

On your knees in the elevator, desperately nervous, fearful of being caught. There's no point being nervous, because everyone already knows about you, exactly what you are. Executive shit eater. Something in the way you tie your tie just screams I love eating dookie. You're luck I'm here to keep the company from being taken advantage of. You'd do anything to drop to your knees and open your mouth for a steamy serving. I knew you wouldn't be able to focus around all these women in their shapely pencil skirts. Without satiating your craving you'd be bound to make a damaging error in judgement.

Beg to disgrace yourself by satisfying your degenerate craving.

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Includes toilet slave, toilet fetish, toilet humiliation, office domination

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9 minutes



Supergirl By The Hair
Featuring Samantha Grace & Mr Bad Guy

Supergirl (Samantha Grace) discovers a new form of kryptonite when her long hair is used against her in a fight. At first she is kicking ass and dominating but then the bad guy gets her by the hair and it's all over. Supergirl struggles and flexes, but eventually she can no longer endure the intense hair pulling & she is brought to her knees.

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Includes superheroine, hair pulling, mixed fighting, male domination

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15 minutes



Head To Toe ASMR
Featuring Star Nine

The tingling starts at your spine with My voice. Dopamine floods your mind as you gaze into My deep green eyes. Rustling hair, wiggling nylon toes, My breath. your spine is awake, you are blissfully on edge & content with your addiction.

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Includes asmr, pantyhose, hair fetish, goddess worship

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13 minutes



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