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Shiny Pantyhose Girls with Daphney Rose
Featuring Daphney Rose & Star Nine

A remastered full video of Shiny Pantyhose Girls 1 & 2 and bonus Shredded Shiny Pantyhose featuring Daphney Rose from 2013 at a reduced price.

Someone left and Star a nice, shiny, present. The box looks like it's been tampered with, but Star & Daphney are easily distracted by the contents - nice, shiny, silky 15 den Gabriellas. The girls immediately shed their boring regular hose & slip into the luxurious, shiny, new pantyhose. They caress each others' silky legs and admire the glossy sheen.

Daphney & Star eventually peel their eyes off of each other's shiny legs and asses long enough to notice what else is in the box . . . two remote control vibrators! They briefly question the wisdom of using vibrators from an obviously tampered with package, but decide to use them anyways - placing them in their pantyhose. They trade remotes and then begin to rub up against each other and kiss. Gliding in their pantyhose with the strong vibrators buzzing away Daphney & Star trib and kiss to multiple orgasms.

Bonus - In all the excitement, Star got a run in her shiny new pantyhose so Daphney playfully helps her shred them completely.

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Includes pantyhose, lesbian, tribbing, vibrators, orgasms, clothing destruction

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21 minutes



Debt Trophy
Featuring Star Nine

It's been so reassuring lately, how every penny of your paycheck is spent before it hits your bank account. So soothing to know exactly where your money is going before you even earn it. you've been racking up a tab, constantly adding to the amount you owe so that, unlike your bank account, the balance never hits zero. Years into your financial servitude & there are always more ways to feel deeply owned.

Racking up the tab, add $500 to it for these heels, an idol to worship. My iconic black stilettos have drained you over and over again, featuring in many of My most devastating videos. Listen carefully and this trophy will become the centerpiece of your altar. A place to kneel, worship, and chant in devotion to Me.

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Includes financial domination, slave training, femdom pov, high heels, dangling, pantyhose domination

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15 minutes



Hand Domination 4
Featuring Penelope Reed & Star Nine

Penelope Reed has been fantasizing about how deliciously frustrated I left her after our last encounter. She nervously dials My number and sets an appointment. She's left her door unlocked as instructed and I quietly creep up behind her in My tight latex dress and short leather gloves.

Quickly clamping one gloved hand over her mouth I begin to dominate her with My leather gloves, alternately covering her mouth and nose, roughly grabbing her tits, and spreading her mouth open wide with My fingers. I allow her to kiss and worship My gloves before moving My attention to her wet, eager pussy.

Penelope arches and moans as I rub her pussy roughly with My gloves. I wrap my long legs around her to keep her legs open and continue to handle her with My gloves until she's right on the edge & then stop. Feeling around behind her I find her vibrator - perhaps placed there so that she could get herself off after I leave? There will be done of that. I position My pussy right at eye level and use her vibrator on Myself, making her frustratingly watch Me cum before absconding with it - leaving her hot & frustrated just like she wanted.

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Includes leather gloves, lesbian domination, hand domination, tease & denial, orgasm denial, groping

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24 minutes



Sock Snoops Bondage
Featuring Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie

College girls, Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie, break into the Dean's home to look for evidence of his involvement with missing students. They're having fun, tiptoeing around in their socks and snooping through his laptop, but just as they find some proof he corners them! Chrissy & Ashley try to explain themselves, but soon they are walking down the hall with their hands tied behind their backs. The Dean gags them with socks and leaves them tied up on the bed.

Chrissy & Ashley manage to get free for a moment, but they just get tied right back up, this time sitting in chairs in the living room. They struggle to untie each other with their stocking feet and once again almost get free before ending up hogtied and cleave gagged on the couch. One last desperate effort sees them hopping towards the front door which they try to open with their feet as their time ticks down.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, struggling, damsel in distress

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22 minutes



Sailor Venus' Conversion
Featuring Star Nine

Esmeraude knows exactly which buttons to push to turn Sailor Venus into her mesmerized minion. Sailor Venus easily falls under the spell of Esmeraude's mesmerizing voice and enchanting smoke. She sways and poses for the villainess enraptured by her smoky kisses. Sailor Venus lights up and takes the smoke directly into her lungs, completing her conversion.

Transformed after a carnal night of bliss with the villainess, Sailor Venus is set loose on her mission to convert the remaining sailors to the dark moon, utilizing twisted logic and mesmerizing smoke to rid them of their powers and gain their worshipful allegiance.

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Includes mesmerize, magic control, smoking, cosplay, super villain, woman following orders

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28 minutes



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