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Ashley Dreaming
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane naps in a mask and has lesbian fantasies in her dreams. She's looking for the Mayor and reveals her microkini and shiny over the knee boots beneath her black trench coat. Removing her wide brimmed hat, she unfurls her blonde hair and is ready to fulfill her assassin job.

She doesn't see me (Star Nine) sneaking behind her and I taunt the arrogant woman for losing her prey with an ass smacking, slapping, and French kissing. I'm hair tugging her to the bed for body gropes.

With her big ass in the air, I push her down and climb on top while pulling hair. She reaches for her trident, but I'm in control and prove it with spankings and ass biting.

In real life she stirs in dream land but it isn't long before we're confronting each other. Nose to nose we're bitch talking for female supremacy only to seduce each other with sloppy tongue kissing.

Slapping her to the bed, she's sprawled on her back and her black OTK boots weakly struggle. Lapsitting on her, I give her belly punches. Each belly punching causes her to gasp and groan as I dig my fists in her belly button. She's crotch grabbing to protect herself from cunt busting, which is fine because I love gut punching her to hear the orgasmic moans.

Hair yanking, I humiliate her and smash her face against the mirror so she can do self kissing in her reflection. She's going to be my sex slave forever.

Waking up, Ashley isn't sure if the dream was real or not!

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Includes sensual domination, submissive sluts, lesbian domination, female domination, mask fetish

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OTHER KEYWORDS- femdom confrontation verbal humiliation female fighting female fights beatdowns body busting submissive/slave training slut training hair pulling moaning fetish groping masks mirror fetish blondes tall woman tall women kink fetish clothing fetish clothes

14 minutes


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Catwoman's Gas Trap
Featuring Star Nine

you caught CatWoman, but now what are you going to do with Me? Are you going to lock me up and put me in jail? Silly boy! you chased me into your own Doom.

This is an air tight gas chamber which I am impervious to. Clapping gloved hands, I command the gas to begin. I bet you would love some of this oxygen tank and gas mask I am putting on. Do you want a taste of air? Just fucking kidding. Cat Woman doesn't share.

your lungs are burning and you can either do shallow breathing, which pulls the toxic gas deeper inside or you can try breath holding.

you tried to disrupt my Goddess lifestyle, and now you will suffer while I watch. Look into my green eyes as you expire.

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Includes executrix, super villain, breath control, gas mask, extreme domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS- Star Nine executrixxx supervillains super villains cosplaying costumes comic book roleplaying fantasy role playing breath play fantasies verbal humiliation pov femdom pov sensual domination female domination glove fetish catsuits blondes tall woman tall women kink

10 minutes


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Rogue Police 01
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane relaxes on her bed after a long day of police work and catching baddies. In a dream sequence, she's surprised when I, Star Nine, walk in behind her. French kissing and revealing our strap-ons. We're making out and she's giving a handjob to my big black cock.

If I get rid of her, the authorities will have to restart the case. Grabbing my gun and caressing her flesh, she doesn't stop our make out session. Putting the pistol to her head, I pull the trigger and she falls limp to the bed. When she's dead, I give a blowjob to her big cock before walking away.

Rousing from sleep, Ashley loves that her dreams made her pussy wet and goes back to slumber land.

Standing in front of her mirror, she needs backup for her undercover work. Checking her reflection, she pulls down her oversized sunglasses and admires her underboob and flat belly. Reflection kissing, she loves seeing her red lipstick smearing on the glass. I walk up and fulfill her lesbian fantasies.

Peeling down her pants, her round ass is revealed as I'm spooning her and dick stroking. Spanking her numbs her ass and she doesn't realize I'm injecting her with a needle. When she's mind controlled and helpless, I grab her gun and push into her belly, pulling the trigger twice.

Moaning and grabbing her abs in shock, she can't believe she has belly blood, but resumes her self kissing session.

Awakening from the dream, she checks her body and finds her white bra and panties in place. Answering her phone, she's back on the case looking for me.

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Includes death fetish, executrix, lesbian domination, female domination, sensual domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS- executrixxx femme fatales peril femdom sensual domination strap-ons dildo sucking eyeglasses eye glasses roleplaying fantasy role playing fantasies blondes tall woman tall women kink mirror fetish

12 minutes


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Stocking Worship
Featuring Dalia Maroe & Star Nine

Star Nine caresses Dalia Maroe's nylon feet even though they should resume their secretary tasks. Her highly arched feet in shiny black pumps are a distraction and Star's ready for seamed stocking play. She's not shy about her own vintage nylons peeking under her short skirt.

It's scandalous that Dalia wears red bottom shoes to work, and Star removes one shoe to admire her black stilettos. Dalia takes off Star's shiny black high heels and loves her reinforced toe suntan stockings. Dalia inhales the nylon smell and Star wants a quick nylon foot smelling session. The black seamed stockings are made for toe nibbling and licking toes. Star moans in excitement and lifts her skirt higher to reveal the white garter belt.

One heel dangles off Dalia's black nylon foot, and Star rubs her long fingernails over her high arches until the dangling shoe falls off.

Star climbs on the desk and their nylon legs intertwine before Star gets a toe licking. She savors Dalia's dark RHT stockings and long toes.

Helping each other strip the garterbelts off, Star's teeth peel the nylons off Dalia's long legs and pointed toes. She's rewarded with lean toes painted with red nail polish. The red toenails need toe worship but first Dalia needs to reveal Star's blue toenails!

With intertwined legs, these secretaries imbibe in stocking and barefoot worship. One leg in nylons, one leg bare is the perfect office attire, but Dalia peels her black Cuban stockings, and they help each other pull them off with her teeth so they can play with those wrinkled soles!

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Includes garter & stockings, pantyhose/stockings, foot worship, foot fetish, legs

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OTHER KEYWORDS- nylon worship vintage stockings high heels secretaries barefoot foot play toe fetish brunettes leg fetish blondes tall woman tall women kink

11 minutes


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Lesbian Bondage Persuasion
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine can't believe her roommate put her in standing bondage with a tight crotch rope and struggles to escape. Ashley Lane saunters in topless in a black pvc skirt and high heels, grabbing the Hitachi magic wand for some perverted bondage rope play. The pussy bondage makes the vibrator more stimulating but Star tries to practice pussy control to resist the imminent bondage orgasms.

Tit grabbing and groping, Ashley is pussy grinding the vibe before adding a big black ballgag between Star's red lips. She's gag talking and drooling as she's bondage struggling.

A pink cleavegag is in her mouth and Ashley loves seeing her subbie bound and helpless, but she's moved (off camera) for floor bondage and flogs.

Ashley offers a bondage challenge. If star can do bondage traveling to the door, she will be unbound but Ashley blocks her path and does hard tit flogging.

Playtime is over and Ashley unties the binds and is rewarded with deep french kissing.

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Includes bondage, lesbian domination, female domination, submissive/slave training, bound orgasms

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OTHER KEYWORDS- Star Nine damsel in distress DID struggling ballgagged woman ball gagged women gags gag talking BDSM corporal punishment femdom sensual domination electric massagers made to cum forced orgasms moaning orgasms blondes tall woman tall women kink

16 minutes


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