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A Simple Lobotomy
Featuring Star Nine

I'm in a tough position and don't know what to do. My brother has done some horrible things but I'm the best one to take care of him. You are set to testify but I thought I could explain that he isn't made for prison. Uncrossing my long legs, your eyes are glued to my nylons and shiny black high heels.

We find ourselves in my bedroom and you are bound and helpless. you're temporarily paralyzed until I can finish my procedure. It transforms even the most hostile patient into an obedient submissive. It's the same procedure my brother would undergo if you testified.

you need to keep your eyes wide open or I could cause brain damage with this ice pick. Hold very still for a deep puncture.

you must be so confused but don't worry, I'm a trained nurse. Now you don't have a care in the world and are ready to obey.

How will you pay me for this kindness I have given to you? you won't know what to spend your money on, so hand it over to me and I will take care of your basic needs. I could even set up a hospital bed so I can keep an eye on you.

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Includes nurse play, mental domination, femdom pov, submissive/slave training, mind fuck

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10 minutes


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Racked By Monsters 2
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Reporter Ashley Lane walks into an empty office and finds a black high heel and research papers about aphrodisiac gas chamber experiments. The chemicals are ready for mass production. This could be a boost to her journalism career, and she grabs the black stiletto and intel. Hearing a noise, she tries to hide, but there's nowhere to go.

Not realizing a monster claw is overhead, she's shocked when it starts hair pulling and is helpless to stop it.

Later, she awakens in chain bondage on a bondage table. Her arms overhead while lying down immobilize her movements, but she struggles in desperate fear. The creature returns for bound tickle torture and she laughs as the claws are tickling her nylon legs and up her body but whimpers as it is tit grabbing through her red dress. It starts choking her delicate neck, causing gagging.

Grabbing a taser, it jolts her abs, legs, pussy and tits. Her body levitates in her binds, and she's almost knocked out when it does throat tazing. Growing weaker, she can't control her blue eyes rolling to the back of her head.

The monster takes incriminating pictures of her stretched taut on the bondage rack. She's embarrassed of the upskirt shots.

As it's leaning in for a kiss, I (Star Nine) enter, and give her a good face slapping and belly punching for stealing my work. I take pleasure in telling her that the rest of her life will be filled with pain and suffering, but she won't be alive for long.

She's yelping during shoe hitting, and I throw the black pump to the side before explaining her perilous future. She's on a stretching rack, and I can pull her apart limb by limb. The gas chamber was funded by a hobbyist, but my life is creating fierce creatures. When they're raping and killing women, they gain strength. They love pantyhose, fear and death.

With a push of a button she's pulled taut and I inject a needle full of aphrodisiac in her sensual neck.

Writhing in her binds, I explain that the more aroused she gets, the tighter the chains pull until they rip her apart. Pushing the vibrator against her pantyhose gusset, she moans in terror as she's stretched longer.

I'm edging her and pull the vibe off because I love sadistic teasing. When she's cumming it's more intense as her joints pop from the torture rack. She can't walk anymore so I remove her binds. My prisoner is not escaping her death sentence.

As my creation mauls her, I grab the hitachi magic wand and start masturbating to her demise. He's drilling her body apart like silverware and her screams are orgasmic!

And then everything is quiet in my laboratory.

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Includes aliens & monsters, lesbian domination, forced orgasms, damsel in distress, death fetish

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22 minutes


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Minimizing Findom
Featuring Star Nine

you've been my paypig subbie for awhile and you may be feeling that financial stretch and fear you're sending too much. Focus on my shiny black pumps circling as I'm telling you can't tribute your Findom Goddess too much. If you're afraid, you need to lean into your fear as I have trained you through mesmerizing domination. If you were meant to be MY property and at my stocking feet, let's get your priorities straight. Dangling heels off my nylon feet, leaves you eager to follow my commands.

This is your real life and not just a slave fantasy. you are afraid you will run out of funds and lose my fucking attention. Let's audit your expenses. you don't want to worry about your money when it's easier to send it to your Findom Mistress. I am relieving you of responsibility.

Prove your Goddess love, as I allow my dangling shoes to fall off and my wiggling nylon feet distract you as I give you financial training.

My nylon soles are in your face and the wiggling pantyhose toes cock tease you into submission to send more and serve ME better.

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Includes Goddess Worship, financial domination, femdom pov, submissive/slave training, pantyhose domination

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15 minutes


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Cuckqueen 2
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is late for her session and strips down with apologies. Scolding her for wearing sexy lace panties, I'm hair pulling, and pussy slapping. I remind her that she chooses to be cuckolded and dominated by her Mistress because she's obsessed with a man she will never fuck again.

I'm face squeezing her chipmunk cheeks while informing her that sub training involves tease and denial and she will never have orgasms again. She's to use the sybian and can't cum. If she can't practice cunt control, I'll kick her out and she'll never see her boyfriend again.

With the vibrations on, I'm throat grabbing her delicate neck and accuse her of having fantasies about getting banged. Thigh slapping and tit slapping, she moans as I'm telling her about fucking her boyfriend and she will never have him again.

She won't need boobs anymore, so I should cut them off. Raising the vibration, she sounds desperate for release, but I alternate the speed while slapping pussy. She's about to sneak an orgasm, so I give her a ruined orgasm.

Shoving my tight ass in her face, I demand ass worship. It looks like she's smiling, so I crank it up to 11.

If she cums, I'm going to sew her wet pussy shut. The pussy torment secretly arouses her and I give her masturbation humiliation for being a dirty slut. Her creamy pussy messes up MY things.

Disciplining her, I expect tits forward and when she doesn't comply, I start nipple flicking to get proper slave posture. My hands press her G-spot externally and she begs for the pressure to stop so I start high heel slapping her with the stilettos she bought me.

With her clit piercing grinding, she's still not done until I say. There's new slave rules. She must keep 5 feet from her Mistress and boyfriend at all times.

Turning off the device, I'm done with her and send her to the corner until her boyfriend comes home.

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Includes cuckqueen, cuckolding, femdom, submissive/slave training, lesbian domination

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21 minutes


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Catwoman JOI
Featuring Star Nine

A little birdie got caught in my trap, so sing a song for your Mistress about your incompetence. I would rather have Batman in my grip than a pathetic sidekick like you.

Putting my short gloves to my red lips cock teases before doing a glove removal, revealing my claws. Are these long fingernails sharp enough for you?

you are an appetizer before that superhero comes. I get tired of his repressed sexuality, so give me a little show and I will allow you to go back to your partner in crime. Tell me what you dream about when you're masturbating that little cock to me? I see your little dick pulsing in your uniform.

Leg spreading wide, you see the catsuit gusset covering the pussy you desire. Debooting my ankle boots and revealing my reinforced toe stockings, I humiliate your arousal. your eyes are mesmerized by my toe pointing and nylon soles. you can't look away from the pointed toes if you wanted.

Stroke for ME until you cum a big load. Do what your Master won't let himself do. Masturbate for my long legs, pantyhose feet, and spitting mouth.

Keep jacking off but point that rod to your own face as I'm pov ball squeezing and anal fingering. Just a little prostate teasing and you came on your stupid face and mask!

Now go away and don't come back without bringing the Bat.

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Includes super villain, female domination, femdom pov, joi, humiliation

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13 minutes


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