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Pissing Villainess
Featuring Ashley Lane

Villainess Ashley Lane has you tied up in her lair. She taunts you, you call yourself a superhero when she is obliviously so much stronger, smarter, and sexier. She knows that deep down under all of your ethics and morals you really just want to fuck her. The villainess begins to grind on her pillow, aroused by her power. She grabs her vibrator and continues to taunt you, spitting and moaning as she gets herself off right in front of you. Her costume grows wet from her squirt.

As she was moaning and grinding you managed to get your hands free and now you surprise her with an electrical shock. She releases a torrent of piss before falling face down on the bed. More urine leaks out from her costume as she lies there.

Ashley recovers and angrily berates you. As she's furiously detailing how she plans to destroy you, you interrupt her with an uppercut and she flies back onto the bed, her face landing in a puddle of piss.

She sits up, face and hair covered in her own piss and begins to crawl away. You reach out and shock her ass and then slide the devise under her convulsing body. As she shakes from the electrical charge she pisses herself again and is left a wet & drooling mess.

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Includes pee fetish, pissing, super villain, squirting, solo masturbation

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16 minutes



Brain Drained By Catwoman
Featuring Penelope Reed & Star Nine

Penelope has been stalking her idol, Catwoman, and sneaks into her lair. She's all dressed up for the occasion in a tight leotard and kitty hat. Penelope is nervous and excited when Catwoman catches her. She stumbles over her prepared words, suggesting that they work together, and detailing all the ways that she could be a useful partner. Catwoman has no patience for this nonsense & menaces Penelope with her whip. Catwoman doesn't have "partners", she has minions. Male minions who are easily controlled by their hard cocks.

Clearly Penelope is stupid enough to have stumbled into Catwoman's lair, but not stupid enough to be a minion. Catwoman muses on which of her traps she'll use to get rid of Penelope while Penelope desperately tries to convince Catwoman that she would make a good minion. To Penelope's relief Catwoman, in a moment of inspiration, devises a plan to turn Penelope into a cum drunk mindless drone.

Catwoman collars Penelope and brings her to her knees. Stripped of her costume, Penelope sits on the sybian. Catwoman turns the powerful vibrations all the way up, groping and rubbing Penelope through her first orgasm. With her future minion handcuffed and shackled, her collar attached to her ankles to prevent unwanted movement, Catwoman leaves Penelope to cum over and over again until she is a cum drained, mindless, drooling mess.

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Includes super villain, lesbian domination, sybian, bound orgasms, mental domination, slave training

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20 minutes



Babysitter Bondage 2
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Babysitter Chrissy Marie never lets you do anything fun. She orders you around and if you ever talk back she threatens to lock you in your room and invite her boyfriend over. She orders you to get her a glass of water & suggests that maybe she'll make you rub her feet, but you've had enough. You rush her and get the upper hand.

Now Chrissy is stripped down and tied to your office chair in nothing but her socks. She threatens you again, but you shut her up by stuffing worn panties in her mouth and tying them into place with a sock.

Chrissy tries to free herself, butt he ropes are too tight. She pushes herself over to the door and tries to open it with her feet, but gets nowhere. You catch her trying to escape and tie her up on the couch with a knotted sock as a cleave gag. She struggles and manages to get over to her phone but is unable to dial. She makes it to the door again and this time is able to get it open, but just then you return.

Now Chrissy is on the floor in a tight hogtie. Her mouth is forced open with a ball gag and she drools as she struggles. Eventually she makes it back over to her phone and is able to dial out, but she's unable to speak clearly around the huge ball gag.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, struggling, babysitter

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25 minutes



Sleepy Show
Featuring Chrissy Marie

You've discovered Chrissy Marie's secret and hypnotized her into your sleepy play thing. In her highly suggestible state she willingly lifts the chloroform rag to her face, inhaling deeply at your command. She slowly lowers and lifts it, her eyes fluttering and rolling until you order her to hold it firmly up and she flutters her eyes and passes out.

When she wakes her mouth is taped shut with tegaderm. Chrissy is groggy and defiant, but she still finds herself compelled to follow your orders, inhaling deeply from the cloth over and over again until she falls asleep.

Now she's completely hypnotized and compliant. She tapes the chloroform rag over her mouth and nose, covering it tightly with microfoam tape. Chrissy runs her hands all over her body, aroused and moaning, as the chemical rag slowly knocks her out.

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Includes woman following orders, tape gagged, mesmerize, sleepy, gagged women

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16 minutes



Cum Cube 3
Featuring Star Nine

Required equipment for viewing this clip: an ice cube of cum, a large ball gag

Suggested equipment for viewing this clip:slutty stockings, frilly panties, chastity cage & electrical device

All good little sissies wear slutty outfits, beg for their sissy holes to be stretched and filled, and guzzle cum. But you, My wayward little whore, are out of practice & require some special encouragement. you haven't had a big juicy load in your mouth for ages & it's time to get you back in the habit. My detailed instructions and addictive nylon feet are all you need to get back in shape.

With your little clitty locked up in your electric chastity device, covered with frilly panties & slutty stockings all that's left is to pop that cum cube in your whore mouth & seal it up with your biggest ball gag. Now just sniff, slurp, shock your way back to perfect sissy slut condition.

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Includes mind fuck, sissy training, femdom pov, cei, electrical play, pantyhose domination

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12 minutes



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