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Pig Nosed
Featuring Milana Ricci Star Nine

Milana Ricci accuses Star of stealing her worn panties, so Star responds in the most appropriate way possible - she lifts the tip of her nose up with her finger & sticks her tongue out at Milana! Milana doesn't know how to respond & Star quickly reaches over and pig noses her. Angry, Milana pulls Star over her knee and pig noses her while spanking her bare bottom. Star accepts her punishment without struggling and after awhile begins to enjoy it. She asks Milana to continue pig nosing and spanking her. Milana is curious so Star bends her over her knee and pig noses her while spanking.

Afterwards, Milana & Star take some selfies pig nosing themselves and each other.

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Includes nose fetish, silly faces, spanking, humor

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12 minutes



Bond vs. Amazon
Featuring Star Nine

James Bond (pov) enters My lair. I've been expecting him, I teasingly offer him my wrists, asking if he's here to punish Me. I'm seated, seductively crossing My legs, for some reason little Jamesy isn't taking Me seriously.

I stand up revealing My full height. James gets a funny look on his face, he only comes up to My belly button. He tries to subdue Me but he's so little and weak. I lift him up by the neck so that I can look into his eyes. He struggles in the air but he's no match for Me. Jamesy falls under My spell and I reward him with kisses before setting him back down.

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Includes height humiliation, strong women, giantess, femdom pov

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12 minutes



Bondage Girlfriends
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Your hot girlfriends, Chrissy Marie & Star Nine, wait eagerly for you to get home and tie them up. As soon as you're inside they're waving rope in your face, begging to be tied up nice and tight so that they can't get out. You tie them up tightly in a pair of chairs & then pull their tops down, leaving them to struggle and drool through their ball-gags all over their bare tits. When you return, they're ready to be let out but instead of freeing them you move them to the floor and put them in tight hogties.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, struggling, love bondage

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15 minutes



Bare Leg Denial
Featuring Star Nine

So lucky for this rare opportunity to stroke to My perfect bare legs. Is your hand on your cock? No, it's on My divine legs, slowly running up from the arch of My foot to the top of My knee, squeezing, massaging. Worship My delicate muscles, stroking as My legs pump, stopping when they are still. Imagine your cock squeezed tight between My powerful thigh & calve until it bursts. Such a rare opportunity to stroke. Of course, I never said anything about cumming . . .

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Includes leg fetish, leg domination, femdom pov, orgasm denial, tease & denial

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12 minutes



Milana Ricci Tentacled
Featuring Milana Ricci

Milana Ricci poses seductively for the camera. Her cam show is interrupted as a giant tentacle creeps into frame. At first Milana is startled by the massive suction cupped tentacle, but as it begins to probe her body she discovers that she enjoys the sensations of the perverted tentacle crawling over her body. Aroused by the massive tentacle arm, Milana worships and rides it as it gropes her all over until she cums.

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Includes aliens & monsters, damsel in distress, peril, groping, struggling, orgasms

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11 minutes



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