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Lap Slave 3
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Alison Rey is My obedient lap slave. I strip her out of her cute little schoolgirl outfit and dominate her with My leather gloves, spanking her with one gloved hand while she worships the other. She balances on my lap, her legs bound in a tight frog-tie as she rolls her eyes back in pleasure from My soft leather touch. Good girls get rewards & Alison gets her pussy vibrated in My lap, cumming over and over until her sensitive clit can't take any more.

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Includes leather gloves, lesbian domination, hand domination, bondage, forced orgasms, spanking

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18 minutes



Out Of Reach
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie and Star Nine are kidnapped & tied up! Chrissy is on the floor with her wrists crossed behind her back in a box tie & Star is tied to a chair with her hands cuffed behind her back. The kidnapper taunts them with the key before dropping it in Star's tight boot. Will Chrissy manage to rescue the key from Star's tight boot before the kidnapper returns?

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, struggling, boot fetish, escaping, handcuffs

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15 minutes



Featuring Star Nine

This is what you've been training for. The whole point of edging, denial, orgasm control, chastity games. I've wrested control of your body away from your ego. you've broken your cycle of mindless masturbation and this is the reward. A transcendental state of pure pleasure, vibrating along with the universe as your body dissolves and your hard cock transforms into pure energy.

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Includes mesmerize, layered nylon, femdom pov, joi, goddess worship, masturbation instruction

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21 minutes



Heroine Tales
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Amateur heroines Ashley Lane & Star Nine are tricked by a "fan". Mesmerized into an obedient state, they flashback to several of their early misadventures for the so called fan's amusement as they recount their experiences being gassed, knocked out & violated.

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Includes woman following orders, sleepy, superheroine, pigtails, limp fetish

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13 minutes



Sheathing Conversion Machine
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine investigates a mysterious building where normal women appear to be transformed into nylon loving lesbians. She was expecting to find some sort of intensive brainwashing operation, but the building is mostly empty. She comes to a door that reads "Sheathing Conversion Room". As she approaches she hears screams, then moans. Eventually the activity behind the door seems to cease & she is surprised when it creaks open. She tentatively steps into the empty room. The walls are labeled "Automatic Sheathing Conversion Unit". A table in the room is laid out with several pairs of shiny pantyhose.

Star has seen enough & goes to leave, but suddenly the machine activates. The door slams closed and Star is lifted up in the air by an invisible force. She struggles in the air as the machine strips her down to her pantyhose. Next the nylons float off the table towards her. She struggles but she is pinned in place as they pantyhose encase her legs and arms. Released to the floor she cries for help as the pantyhose sheathing works it's way up her thighs.

Finally her cries turn to moans of pleasure as she accepts her fate as the most recent convert.

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Includes magic control, transformation fetish, nylon encasement, damsel in distress, struggling, pantyhose

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15 minutes



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