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Suck My...
Featuring Star Nine

you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but you don't mind looking up at my nylon feet and pantyhose under pants. My leather gloves graze my shiny yoga pants. Is my blonde hair or pretty face distracting you? No, it's the pink toenails peeking through the tan stocking feet.

you need to be afraid because you interrupted and saw my face. you were getting hard before, but now you are really aroused by my power. Does terror turn you on? I'm not sure you're afraid enough and you need to beg me. Tell your Mistress how badly you want it.

I'm going to do a quick little cock grinding to make your member twitch and get harder. Use your mouth for blowjob sucking.

Show your deepthroating skills and the whites of your eyes while giving eye contact. you like deep throating metal? Don't get me too excited or something may go off by accident. There's no safety.

Unfortunately I don't have time for this so open up wide and my big green eyes are the last things you see.

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Includes executrix, pantyhose domination, femdom pov, gun fetish, extreme domination

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6 minutes


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Kryptonia Weakens Supergirl
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

SuperGirl (Star Nine) is ready to confront Lex Luthor, but surprised by Kryptonia (Alison Rey). Gasping for air and trembling with fear, she senses her foe toe tapping her with green toenails behind her. The supervillain laughs as she confronts the powerless superheroine. Super Girl is helpless and can't stop her nemesis from caressing her uniform with her long fingernails.

The Do Gooder's frustrated by her fluttering eyes and her inability to fight back. Luthor created Kryptonia to be the embodiment of SuperGirl's weakness. Flexing biceps, she's taunting, "Why steal power, when I have my own?"

A kiss drops Supergirl to her knees, leaving kryptonite lipstick on SuperGirl's lips. Kryptonia clutches her jaw, sucking her strength. With Supergirl heaving in pain on the floor, Kryptonia keeps her prey docile by dosing her with more kisses.

Powering down her Kryptonite so SuperGirl can play, the Baddie loves the view of Supergirl crawling away with her tight ass in the air. When Supergirl thinks she has a chance of escape, Kryptonia grabs her ankles and drags her back.

Challenged to a fight, Supergirl manages to stand, but is woozy. Given a free shot, it burns her hand after the punching makes impact. In a victory pose, Kryptonia crows of her defeating supergirl while bicep flexing. She's the strongest Villainess of all.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, femdom, female domination, humiliation

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18 minutes


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Supergirl's Soles
Featuring Star Nine

Supergirl (Star Nine) cries on her bed because she's lost her strength, boots and cape. She's scared of Lex Luthor's kryptonite and letting it mind fuck her into a helpless damsel.

Shivering in weakness, she starts playing with her toes while trying to psyche herself up for the fight. She moans while giving a self foot massage. Her long fingernails are kneading her bare feet and it's calming down the beaten down superheroine.

Giving a deep toe massage calms Super Girl and she's smiling as her wrinkled soles are flexed and kneaded. Leg stretching, she's confident she can fight any supervillain.

Toe massaging helps everything and she's ready to conquer her foes! Flexing muscles in a victory pose, her strength is back!

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Includes superheroine, foot fetish, foot massage, foot play, toe fetish

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15 minutes


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Sleep Spells
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane chats on the phone about her mind control ordeal and is shocked when I, Star Nine, walk in and try to hypnotize her.

Angry, Ashley pushes me off but is under my control when she hears her induction. I'm groping her as she struggles to maintain mental control. The tall girl slumps in my arms, unable to resist.

She awakens rope bound at my feet. The mantras pour out of my mouth but she won't fall under the spell.

I pull out a magic vibrator that will break her resistance. As Ashley moans, I repeat for her to let go and stop fighting her mind.

Climbing on top, I'm dry humping her with the electric massager between us. It doesn't take long before I'm cumming and I hop off to give her clit piercing more vibing. As her eyes roll back from climax, I'm ass smacking my slave.

Weakened but defiant, she won't look into my eyes, so I put a sleep spell on her that is activated by another orgasm. Nipple licking and using her hitachi magic wand makes her convulse in pleasure.

Ashley's swollen pussy is weak just like her resolve and she stares helplessly into my eyes, ready to serve her Master like a good girl.

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Includes mesmerize, bondage, lesbian domination, bound orgasms, sensual domination

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11 minutes


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Satin Enchantment
Featuring Star Nine

you do realize I mesmerize men into enslavement? It can be a beautiful release to let go to your Mistress. This isn't temporary and you will crave Goddess domination with silky clothing and gloved hands.

your Goddess addiction will transform into a love addiction and you won't be able to think about anything else. My leather gloves graze my body and you fall deeper into my soothing words. Do you want to be held in the palms of my lambskin gloves?

When I'm done sub training, you will be my stroking addict, dedicated to jerking off to my shiny clothes. Give me eye contact and see your future self reflected naked on your knees while masturbating.

Imagine this tight leather wrapped around your dick and jerking off. Start stroking and you will never stop because I know how to manipulate you with silky clothing and soft leather.

Stroke harder to take the pressure off that engorged cock. Sometimes your balls are going to drain and you will make cum puddles. you are going to have to start cum eating so it won't consume you.

you are my stroking slave forever.

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Includes Goddess Worship, glove fetish, joi, submissive/slave training, silk & satin

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The name Richard is used.

12 minutes


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