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Alison Worships Professor Star
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Schoolgirl Alison Rey worships Professor Star Nine's pantyhose feet with sole licking, toe kissing and sole kissing. Her red fingernails give a foot massage while toe sucking, toe licking and foot kissing. She giggles when foot nibbling and makes sure to give both nylon soles lots of attention. Alison's eyes roll to the back of her head as she's foot stuffing Star's size 9 feet in her mouth.

Star loves seeing her red toenails peeking through the suntan nylons and gasps in pleasure from the lesbian foot worship. Alison grabs her face and asks if she can call her Star instead of teacher.

Includes foot worship, pantyhose/stockings, foot fetish, licking, foot play

KEYWORDS - soles toe fetish big feet large feet pantyhose fetish pantyhose worship nylon worship moaning fetish teacher and student schoolgirls school girls older woman younger woman older women younger women authority figures brunettes submissive sluts blondes tall woman tall women kink

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16 minutes


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Newspaper Gagged Lesbians
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

Star Nine has an exciting night for her girlfriend Lola Fae, but they deliberate who should go to the store for dinner. Doing a game of rock paper scissors, Lola loses and has to leave, while Star's supposed to clean.

After she leaves, Star settles down to newspaper reading while wearing headphones. Lola returns and scolds her for not cleaning. But Star doesn't hear her!

Lola ties Star in chair bondage and crumples the newspapers for a stuffed gag and shoves it in her mouth. A clear tape gag reveals the newspaper stuffing.

Peeling her top down, she's exposing her perky tits for tit grabbing and tit slapping. Gag kissing and neck grabbing, Lola loves dominating her naughty girlfriend - but she's not fucking her tonight.

Lola wears headphones and removes her strappy heels for toenail painting. She doesn't listen to Star's gag speaking or see her bondage escape. Star doesn't even remove her mouth packing as she plans revenge.

Star is lap sitting while rigging Lola so she's chair bound. Lola isn't eager for the newspaper mouth packing, so Star is nose pinching and shoving it in. The clear wraparound tapegag looks good, and Star pats it down tightly before removing her own clear gag. Removing the wet newspaper gag, she's ready to have fun with her bratty girlfriend.

Nipple pinching Lola's small tits, Star leaves her bound and gagged after a sensual gag kissing.

Includes gagged women, bondage, tapegagged, lesbian domination, gag talk

KEYWORDS - newspaper fetish rope bondage rope mouth packing mouth stuffing tapegagged woman tape gagged women gag talking escape fetish escaping fetish female domination femdom sensual domination tit play headphones fetish scolding fetish brat girls long hair petite blondes tall woman tall women kink

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25 minutes


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Sensual Stocking Domination
Featuring Star Nine

you're a failure as a shoe salesman and weren't able to bring a pair of stilettos to fit my nylon feet. Shoe dangling classic black pumps off my RHT stockings, I know you wasted my time on purpose.

Of course you want me to come back in. How will you make it worth my while?

Why would I want free shoes when these don't fit my big feet? you'd have to pay me more than you make in an hour if you want to get near my FF stockings. you can't afford to bask in the glory of my Full Fashioned nylons.

you make commissions? What would you do to give my stocking soles and pointed toes some nylon worship? Are you going to give me your earnings? I wonder if you were rich enough to touch me, would you be skilled enough for stocking foot worship? It may take you awhile to earn that income and if you do get the cash, you'll have to prove your foot servitude.

I'm taking these classic red pumps and you can dream!

Includes pantyhose/stockings, humiliation, foot fetish, legs, high heels

KEYWORDS - Star Nine vintage stockings garter & stockings leg fetish financial domination findom money fetish female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination submissive/slave training Goddess worship Princess brat girls shoe fetish dangling pov foot worship foot domination foot humiliation foot slave training scolding fetish verbal humiliation blondes tall woman tall women kink pantyhose domination

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9 minutes


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Diaper Girl Sissy Training
Featuring Star Nine

You're surprised I know about your diaper obsession. You can deny it but I will prove it. Listen as my long red fingernails are diaper crinkling the plastic.

Your cock gets harder every time I say "diapers". Does the idea of me wearing a nappie arouse you? Say it, or I will call you a sad little diaper boy. Do what stepmommy says and I will call you a good girl. You secretly want pretty, pink and girlie diapers.

Leaning back, I have the untabbed diaper underneath my bare bottom. You like jerking off to me wearing diapers. I'm showing off my diapee bottom. Turning around, my long red nails are clit rubbing over the nappy.

Go ahead and jerk off. Now stop at my command in a game of diaper tease and denial. I'm pussy rubbing because you're a good sissy girl! Get close, but you have to wear lace panties and feel feminine. Girls cum better than dirty boys. Learn how to masturbate like a good sissy boy. You want the white diapers? Stepmama wants you to wear the pink diapers, tabbed tightly.

You're only allowed to wear tight skirts so you can show off your sissy diapers. You're a horny diaper girl who wants to cum with me. After having mutual orgasms, it's time for your nap.

Wake up for your pov diaper change. If you don't wear your miniskirts and diapers, I will tell everyone about your diaper fetish!

The name Andy is used briefly.

Includes diaper, ABDL, joi, sissy training, solo masturbation

KEYWORDS - Star Nine adult diapers diaper fetish diaper discipline diaper humiliation age regression sissy fetish sissification female supremacy feminization joi games jerk off instruction jerk off encouragement masturbation encouragement masturbation instruction cock tease & denial orgasm control orgasm denial edging games dirty talking dirty female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination milf taboo stepmommy's boy solo female masturbation female orgasms blackmail fantasy blackmail fetish blackmail fantasies blondes tall woman kink

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23 minutes


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Virtual Chastity Training
Featuring Star Nine

you're so desperate to be my chastity slave and convinced your testicles are so big that chastity devices won't fit you. No matter what I recommend, you are wimpy about your unexceptional balls. you do not have larger balls than the average man. Unless all the chastity cages are ill designed, you are going to have to get someone to lube your nuts and squeeze them through.

your slave task is to experiment with a simple rubber cock ring. Most men should be wearing them, not just chastity slaves, because it makes you stay hard and maintain erections. I want you to practice - use lube or spitting on it to make it fit. It can be a CBT game.

Did you think going into chastity for your Mistress was all about comfort? Or just being told when you can and can't jerk off? Maybe having your chaste cock controlled by a hot woman aroused you? It's supposed to be uncomfortable but you like obeying your Chastity Goddess!

Includes chastity, humiliation, female domination, orgasm control, orgasm denial

KEYWORDS - Star Nine cock tease & denial tease and denial caging cock rings sex education verbal humiliation pov femdom pov sensual domination Goddess worship submissive/slave training instructional educational pvc-vinyl yoga pants fetish clothing fetish clothes shiny fetish shiny clothes shiny clothing high heels stilettos classic black pumps blondes tall woman kink

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11 minutes


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