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Bondage Negotiation
Featuring Alison Rey

Alison Rey's celebration of her new modeling contract is short lived when she discovers a man from a rival agency in her home! He wants her to model for him & isn't interested in her excuses. She tries to assert her professional obligations but he is very convincing.

Alison removes her tiny little top and shows him her tits. He ties her to a chair and she struggles to free herself. She's able to reach her phone but then he returns and convinces her to strip down all the way & then walk down the hallway naked for him.

Now she's tied to a post, totally naked and cleave gagged. She struggles against the pole, rubbing her feet together to loosen the ropes (and stimulating her clit in the process). As she arches and contorts against the ropes she gets more and more aroused until she shouts out in frustration, demanding her captors attention.

He approaches and pulls down her gag, Alison explains that she had no idea negotiating could be so arousing & suggests he untie her & take her to bed.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, struggling, gagged women, escaping, forced to strip

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12 minutes



Gremlins Bukkake
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Newscaster Chrissy Marie is broadcasts live from the Clamp Center where monsters have taken over, brutally raping and killing every woman in the building. As Chrissy reads the horrifying news, two of the creatures pop up behind her and begin groping her. As she continues to report, the creatures rip open her blouse and begin to jerk off and cum all over her, drenching her in their monster sperm.

Chrissy continues to read the reports as the come in, the monsters forcefully handing her report after report on all the terrible things occurring throughout the building. As Chrissy reads the reports, the monsters brutally tase her all over & then force her to cum.

Chrissy reads her final report, announcing that newscaster Chrissy Marie has been raped and killed live on the air. One of the monsters throws her to the floor and she begs and cries as the monster fills her with it's toxic semen. In her death throes the monsters cum on her face one last time leaving her lifeless body covered in cum.

This deadly clip is also available via direct payment, email the address below for options.

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Includes death fetish, damsel in distress, forced orgasms, monsters, bukkake

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21 minutes



Tickling Stella's Feet
Featuring Stella Liberty & Star Nine

I have Stella's sexy soles right where I want them. We've been shooting Femdom & foot worship clips all day, so she's anticipating more attention from my mouth. I gently caress her bare feet with my soft fingers as she stifles a giggle. Once I get going though, she can't hold back and she squirms and cackles as I attack her sensitive feet with my fingernails. You aren't going to want to miss this, especially the part where I tickle under her toe nails and her other food pounds up and down like Thumper!

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Includes barefoot, foot fetish, tickling, foot tickling

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16 minutes



Pantyhose Lesbians Wanted
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Alison Rey is interviewing Star for a position at her law firm. Their interview has gone well and now Alison just wants to cover a couple of key requirements regarding the company culture & the dress code. She comes around and sits on the front of the desk and looks deep into Star's eyes as she asks if she LOVES women. Star reads her intention and glides her manicured hands over Alison's pantyhose. She slips off her prospective boss' high heels and teasingly lifts her tiny feet up to her mouth.

Star & Alison are already halfway there from sensation of warm wet mouths on silky nylon when they come together, Star's nylon covered pussy rubbing on Alison's leg. They trib right there on Alison's desk. nylon against nylon until their pantyhose are wet with cum and Star is certain she's got the job.

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Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose, lesbian domination, tribbing, lesbian, office domination, foot worship

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14 minutes



Mesmerized Heroines
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

You snap your fingers & Wonder Star angrily charges you. She jumps back in shock as she is not able to penetrate the protective circle. You explain your plan, how you're going to use her to capture Super Chrissy. Wonder Star proudly tells you that she knows all of your tricks & she won't be falling for them.

You begin to play a mesmerizing song. Wonder Star stars to feel the effects but is able to snap out of it and cover her ears. Your produce the spinning wand, her hands slip away from her ears as she gazes, captivated by the lights but again she is able to regain control.

Now her ears are covered, her eyes squeezed tight, but you have one more trick up your sleeve. You spray her down with a powerful aphrodisiac. Soon Wonder Star is reduced to a mesmerized, masturbating slut. Completely under your control.

Cue Super Chrissy to the rescue! Will she be able to awaken Wonder Star from her mesmerized slumber? Or will she too be reduced to a drooling, cumming, super slut?

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Includes woman following orders, superheroine, mesmerize, magic control, orgasms

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24 minutes



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