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Valentines Hotwife
Featuring Star Nine

Dressed all in red, the color of lust, I recap our first foray into hotwifing last night. It was a Valentine's Day dance and we had discussed everything beforehand, but you weren't expecting it to move so quickly. A really hot guy cut in front of you in line and when we reached the coat check he ate me up with his eyes. I was thinking about him all night, as we danced. Finally I decided it was time for your "present" and I went off to find him. He was all over me, dancing close, grinding his hard cock up against my skimpy outfit. At first I blew you kisses but soon I was completely engrossed in his confidence, in his body. A bouncer came over and I thought he was going to scold us but instead he led us up on stage and did we ever put on a show! You were watching through the crowd, unable to join us, as I covered him in kisses from my red lips and we danced so dirty, up there with everyone watching. His hands were all over me and I came up there in front of everyone. Later as we were leaving he cut in front of you again and we made out passionately, exchanging numbers.

Your cock throbs as you remember all the lurid details. As hard as you are, you're confused as to how you really feel. Where is the line between hotwifing & cuckolding? How afraid are you to lose me to such an obviously superior male? I tell you to breathe, to relax, blowing kisses and encouraging you to touch yourself, to jerk your hard cock while thinking of his hands on my body. Halfway through my phone rings, it's him & I take the call, not wanting to be rude. You watch with your cock in hand as I take selfies for him, completely forgetting about you.

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Includes hot wife, cuckold, kissing, stockings, costumes

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24 minutes



You Wear the Pantyhose
Featuring Candle Boxxx

A classic clip from 2011 with Candle Boxx, remastered.

You're going to want to make sure you have a pair of pantyhose handy before you view this clip. Candle has a little favor to ask you, it would turn her on so much to rub her pantyhose against yours. If you just pull those pantyhose over your masculine legs, Candle will fuck her tight perky asshole with a dildo while you stroke your cock.

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Includes pantyhose, anal masturbation, pantyhose domination, joi, legs

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7 minutes



Creeping Cables
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane sits down at her desk and opens the drawer. She gazes longingly at her dildo collection, but sighs & puts them away. There's too much work to do. She begins to work at her computer, but soon falls asleep.

As she sleeps, the office wiring comes alive. Several cables creep towards her feet and work their way up her thighs. More wires come and wrap around her waist and inside her shirt. Her mouse and keyboard unplug themselves and wrap around her hands. A hdmi cable jumps up into her panties and slips inside her pussy.

She is startled awake. Her eyes go wide as she struggles with the cables. They slowly pull her under her desk. The wires around her legs pull them into a frog tie and the hdmi cable slips out from her panties and begins to undress her. A long telephone cable wraps around her tits and begins rubbing her nipples.

Ashley gasps in horror as her desk drawer opens and the dildos inside hop out, creeping up to her and penetrating her ass and pussy. She hears someone coming but before she can cry out another dildo jumps into her mouth.

The dildos pump away in every hole until they finally cum inside her. Cum drips out her holes as one of the dildos rubs on her tits and cums on her nipples.

Finally released, a shaken Ashley begins to creep away, but a cable jumps up and wraps around her leg, pulling her back for more.

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Includes aliens & monsters, struggling, damsel in distress, bondage, magic control

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16 minutes



Erotic Tentacle
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine is modeling for a phtooshoot when a monster tentacle creeps into frame! At first she is frightened when the huge tentacle wraps around her neck, but it soon becomes interested in other parts of her body. She loves the strong, wet, suctiony tentacle touching her all over and making her cum.

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Includes aliens & monsters, damsel in distress, peril, groping, struggling, orgasms

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11 minutes



Hogtie Demo
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

A quick & dirty hogtie tutorial with Chrissy Marie. I show you how to complete a hogtie with 2 pieces of rope & offer a couple of variation ideas ;)

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Includes bondage, candid, rope bondage, instructional

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5 minutes



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