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Castration & Penectomy
Featuring Star Nine

I've decided to make some changes to you, for my own amusement. I've decided that I'm going to take at least one of your balls, maybe both, and some of your cock. While losing these intimate parts of your body may be traumatic, you really just can't say no to me. My trivial whim will have a lasting effect on your life - if I decide to take both of your balls, then you won't be breeding with me or with anyone else. If I decide to take more than an inch of your cock then you won't be left with enough of it to fuck me . . . and if I take all of it, you'll never fuck anyone again.

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Includes gelding, sensual domination, extreme domination, femdom pov

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10 minutes



Rapid Fire Sissy Training
Featuring Star Nine

Alright sissy, this is your last chance. The problem is you have too much time to think about it, too much time to doubt yourself. So I'm going to take that away, remove your ability to think. 50 rapid shocks to your locked up little clitty will easily fix that problem. 10 shocks in, all you can do is breathe, all doubt has left your mind leaving you with the simple joy of service. Sniff, sniff, zap, sniff, sniff zap. What a good little sissy, your locked up clitty dripping on the floor as you zap the metal cage over and over and over. 50 zaps in all you have left is desperate, obedient, desire. A craving that you dare not expect to have fulfilled. We're going to shock the shame right out of that little clit, we're going to shock that clitty until you're standing on the street corner for Me.

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Includes sissy training, latex, chastity, electric play

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18 minutes



Sleep Therapy
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Stressed out about her job & unable to sleep, Hooters waitress Ashley Lane visits a therapist (Star Nine). After listening to her patient, Dr. Nine recommends one on one sleep therapy. Ashley agrees & Star leaves the room to get her some tea as Ashley leans her head back and closes her eyes. Star sneaks up behind her & chloroforms her to begin the hands on part of her therapy.

As part of her therapy session, Ashley Lane is fondled, her uniform pulled aside to reveal white panties under pantyhose. She is gagged over the mouth with nylon. Ashley is unsure about the therapy, she isn't convinced that Star's techniques are going to help but Star is insistent that her patient comply & knocks her out with nylon soaked in chloroform when she does not.

Ashley is nude now, tied spread eagle to the bed & gagged with white duct tape. Star fondles her patient before putting on her panties, pantyhose & sexy slip. Ashley wakes as Star is untying her & obediently puts on her panties, pantyhose & matching slip. Star tells her to lay back & relax as she comes closer, kissing and fondling Ashley. Ashley is aroused at first and then begins to resist.

Star responds to her resistance with more chloroform, knocking her out & then continuing to kiss her. She pulls her slip up and then moves down to kiss & lick her nylon feet. Ashley comes to as Star is rubbing her crotch. She breathes into the sexual arousal before pulling away. Star responds with more chloroform. She spoons Ashley, groping her and then tying a nylon gag over her lips. Ashley is still groggy & resistant so Star decides to extend the session overnight. She gags Ashley with a nylon ball and then removes her pantyhose and panties so that they can get some sleep.

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Includes sleep fetish, lesbian domination, limp fetish, uniforms

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61 minutes



Tease & Denial
Featuring Star Nine

Reclined on the office couch, breathy teasing gasps, slowly unbuttoning my shirt, running my hands through my hair, my red lips parted, my expensive lingerie exposed. you just want so many things right now, don't you? Denial feels so good.

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Includes tease & denial, asmr, lingerie, office tease

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5 minutes



Supergirl vs. Evil Nyssa
Featuring Nyssa Nevers & Star Nine

Supergirl finds herself weak and confused when she confronts the villain Evil Nyssa. What should have been a simple mission to return stolen goods to the lab turns into a humiliating defeat. Stunned by her weakness in the face of this powerless villain, Supergirl barely defends herself from Nyssa's barrage of belly punches. The titanium case she thought was part of a classified project turns out to contain an illicit kryptonite crystal. Evil Nyssa enjoys herself, burying her fist in Supergirl's belly as she lands punch after punch. Supergirl without her alien advantage is a pathetic opponent. Nyssa pummels her belly repeatedly, eventually stripping her to punch her bare stomach. Unable to stand more abuse, Supergirl falls to the floor, pathetically pleading with Nyssa to close the box. Not finished with her yet, Nyssa straddles the weak superheroine and licks and kisses her stomach in between punches. Finally she leaves Supergirl broken & writhing on the floor.

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Includes belly punching, beatdowns, belly fetish, superheroine, lesbian domination

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17 minutes



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