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Super Powers
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is a street level superheroine - a private investigator with super human strength. She's tracked down Star Nine in her investigation of the disappearance of several women. She confronts Star in her lair, intending to question and apprehend her.

Star talks to Ashley in her soothing hypnotic voice, she has some super powers of her own. Ashley grows woozy and loses focus as Star uses her hypnotic powers. Deeply mesmerized, she settles onto the couch, falling deeper and deeper into a trance.

Fighting to maintain control, Ashley is finally able to bring her mind back to the surface and flicks Star away. Star flies across the room as Ashley tries to snap back to reality. She puts Star in a sleeper hold before she can do any more damage with her voice. She tries to leave but the door is locked. Ashley finds herself falling into a deep sleep.

When Ashley wakes, she's bound on the couch. She mistakenly thinks she'll be able to resist Star's hypnotic powers - she was able to the first time, but Star now utilizes her hypnotic touch. Soon Ashley is nothing but Star's plaything.

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Sleep Fetish, Woman Following Orders, Superheroines, Mesmerize, Super Villain, Limp Fetish

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22 minutes



Sleepy Hotel
Featuring Jacquelyn Velvets & Star Nine

Jacquelyn Velvets & Star Nine picked up a gig reviewing hotel rooms to earn a little extra money. They check into their first hotel, excited by the novelty of spending the night in a different city. The room seems nice at first, but it's a bit stuffy and soon both girls have passed out on the bed. Surprised to have fallen asleep, they do their best to perk themselves up, chugging water, but unexpectedly find themselves passing out again.

Determined to get through the review and out of the room for some fresh air, Star sits down with the hotel's special app on her phone. She opens a brainteaser game with a monotone voice which quickly puts her in a mesmerized state. With her eyes closed, Star announces her intention to knock Jackie out.

Star strips Jacquelyn's limp body down to her bra & panties. She wakes Jacquelyn up and forces her to look at the mesmerizing app while speaking to her in monotone. She snaps her fingers to wake Jackie up.

Mesmerized, Jackie snaps her fingers in turn, knocking Star out of her mesmerized state and stating that now it's her turn to knock out Star. The mesmerized knock outs continue until an unexpected noise snaps Jackie out of it. She hurries to wake up Star and the girls struggle to dress and escape, but the stuffy room soon has them passed out on the bed once again.

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Sleep Fetish, Damsel In Distress, Limp Fetish, Mesmerize, Limp Fetish, Female Training

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22 minutes



Stalking Little Feet 2
Featuring Roxie Rae & Star Nine

Roxie Rae finally moved away from her creepy neighbor, but Star's obsession with Roxie's petite feet runs deep. It took some doing, but Star was finally about to track her down, following her home from work. Star waits in the bushes for Roxie to return from her afternoon job & soon those sweaty little feet are back in her mouth where they belong.

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Sleep Fetish, Foot Fetish, Limp Fetish, Foot Worship, Yoga Pants, Lift & Carry

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9 minutes



Pool Rescue CPR
Featuring Hannah Perez & Star Nine

Star hears a loud splash and runs outside. Hannah floats face down in the pool. Star runs in, fully clothed to save her friend. She turns Hannah over and discovers that she isn't breathing! Star breathes into Hannah's mouth. Hannah's chest puffs up in the water but there's still no breath.

Star drags Hannah out of the pool and performs CPR. After several rounds of compressions and mouth-to-mouth with no result, Star rushes for the defib. Hannah's body bounces with the shocks. After several shocks, Hannah finally comes back to life, spitting up water as her relieved friend cradles her wet body.

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CPR, Med Resus, Sleep Fetish, Underwater Fetish, Wet Look, Limp Fetish

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11 minutes



Encased & Violated
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star has been stalking Hooters Waitress Dixie Comet for a while now and has found the opportunity to break into her place. She finds a pair of Dixie's worn pantyhose hanging in the bathroom and soaks them in pantyhose. She pulls the mask down over her face, completing her full pantyhose encasement.

She creeps after Dixie when she gets home, chloroforming her in the bedroom. She fully encases Dixie, leaving a hole in her gusset for easy access, binding her wrists and gagging her with more pantyhose.

She slides her cock into Dixie's exposed pussy, fucking her limp body. Dixie stirs and moans as Star fucks her. Star pulls out and taps her cock on Dixie's face before continuing to fuck her in doggy, pulling her head back with the nylon cleave gag.

Once satisfied, Star knocks her nylon encased toy back out. They'll have more fun together later.

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Pantyhose Domination, Pantyhose Encasement, Sleep Fetish, Nylon Encasement, Limp Fetish, Lesbian Domination

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