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Patch of Pheromones
Featuring Star Nine

It must have been terrible for you - a month without me. I got you a souvenir, something new to worship, a good month's growth. Soft fur in my moist fragrant pit. You smell that? Take a good big whiff. That smell, that aroma that's making your cock throb? That's the smell of pheromones. Sweet damp goddess sweat. My natural odor is intoxicating. Sniff and stroke.

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Hairy Armpits, Armpits, Femdom POV, Smell Fetish, Femdom, Goddess Worship

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8 minutes



Limp Body Worship
Featuring Kelsey Obssession & Star Nine

Kelsey and Star cuddle on the couch discussing their plans for the evening. Kelsey takes advantage of Star's arm around her to sneak a whiff of her armpit. Star notices, they argue.

Kelsey removes a bottle and rag from the cabinet. She soaks the rag and clamps it down over Star's nose & mouth. Star struggles. Her eyes roll back, she passes out. Now Kelsey has a limp girlfriend. She can enjoy whichever parts of Star's body she wants.

Kelsey sniffs, licks, and plays with Star's armpits and belly button, knocking her out over and over while she enjoys the scent and taste of her girlfriend's body.

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4X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Belly Button Fetish, Body Worship, Smell Fetish, Limp Fetish

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10 minutes



Odette Teases Star
Featuring Odette Delacroix & Star Nine

Odette has me tied spread eagle to her bed. I struggle against my bonds, waiting for her. She enters and teases me with her tongue, licking me everywhere but. I want more and I struggle with the ropes as she kisses and teases me, eventually freeing myself to reach for the deep kisses I crave.

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Rope Bondage, Tease & Denial, Kissing, Body Worship, Bondage, Lesbian Domination

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11 minutes



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