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Supergirl vs. The Auctioneer
Featuring Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Supergirl gets a hot tip at the news station where she works as reporter Linda Lee. Authorities have been investigating a mysterious dark net auctioneer who appears to be local, having auctioned off several stolen paintings worth millions of dollars from the local museum. The room the paintings were auctioned in matches photos that surfaced after the disappearance of a clairvoyant teen from the local hospital.

Supergirl has traced the decrypted ip address of the auction feed to a residential garage. She rings the doorbell & there is no answer. She hops the fence & strong arms the back door.

Opening the door to the garage she finds she is in the right spot. She walks over to were the teen was photographed & also finds the holes where the paintings were hung. The garage is set up similar to a news studio . . . all set for broadcast! He must be getting ready for another auction. She examines a black crate. The latest merchandise?

Suddenly he is behind her. He cryptically refers to her excellent timing. He has a rare item coming up for auction and she will be the perfect accompaniment.

Supergirl assures him there will be no auction, but a nagging thought crosses her mind - how was he able to sneak up on her? A fight ensues. Supergirl worries about her unusual weakness as they trade blows. He reaches for a sledgehammer - this is gong to be fun. He winds up and hits her in the stomach. She falls to her knees facing the crate.

CONFUSED? LET ME SHOW YOU MY LATEST MERCHANDISE. He lifts the lid of the crate revealing the Kryptonite . . .

Strapped to a post with Kryptonite laced duct tape, Supergirl is forced to endure multiple orgasms while the auctioneer prepares for the evening's broadcast. The heroine's eyes flutter and roll back as she goes limp in her restraints. The auctioneer cuts her down and carries her away.

It's time for the auction to begin. Supergirl struggles against her Kryptonite bonds, seated on a sybian, on full display for potential buyers. She pleads with the audience, what if she were to fall into the wrong hands? Yes, imagine the possibilities.

The auctioneer gags her and begins the bidding. He turns the sybian on - just to make it interesting. The bidding opens at $200 million and will close when Supergirl passes out from cumming.

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Superheroines, Forced Orgasms, Magic Control, Cosplay, Costumes, Beatdowns

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20 minutes



Star's Sybian Ride
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine rides her sybian in her thigh high latex boots and not much else. She makes herself cum over and over, forcing herself to endure the strong vibrations as she gradually increases the power to the highest setting.

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Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Sybian, Solo Female, Boot Fetish, Solo Masturbation, Vibrator, Solo Female

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Slut Training Supergirl
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

It's amazing what a little chunk of kryptonite can do. The defiant, virginal, Supergirl is putty in my hands, forced to suffer painful, humiliating wedgies. Her leotard pulled up between her pussy lips. My hands on her tits.

Of course it's nothing compared to the power of intense orgasms, a good hard fuck. I've got her stripped naked before long. My fingers in her pussy, in her mouth. I cuff her hands above her head in full leather mitts and lower her down onto my sybian. Wrapping my body behind hers, I push her pussy down against the powerful, relentless, vibrations.

Soon Supergirl is nothing but my cum drunk slave. I dress her in a pretty new uniform and train her to spread her legs for me. Her virtue, the ultimate vulnerability. Given a good fuck, she's no longer Supergirl at all. She's just my little cum slut. I fuck her with the hitatchi in multiple positions, training her to beg for release. The ultimate humiliation.

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Includes superheroine, lesbian domination, slut training, sybian

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Taming The Tamer
Featuring Ashley Lane & Selene Drake & Star Nine

Ashley smirks as Star addresses the web conference. She asks whether Star is going to include the demo they discussed? Star's face tenses up. She continues to speak to the camera. Ashley clenches her jaw and reaches over to give Star's nipple a quick tweak. Star's face fills with dread as she reaches under the table and sets up the sybian. She mounts the device and hands the controls to her owner. Humiliated in front of her colleagues yet again, Star moans loudly as she cums on the live broadcast.

She shamefacedly gathers her things to leave, but Ashley isn't finished with her - she grills Star about the Tamer, the famous slave trainer Ashley hired to break her. Ashley wants to possess the powerful succubus.

Ashley sets the perfect trap, she plants a newspaper article, knowing that the Tamer won't be able to resist the opportunity to tame and sell a powerful superheroine. She takes extra precautions to protect herself from the Tamer's powers, inserting special earplugs and protective lenses under her Batgirl costume. The Tamer takes the bait, but she doesn't go down without giving Ashley a taste of her powers.

Ashley strips her prize and strings her up in the garage. At first the Tamer tries to play along, she likes games, touch, sex. She feeds on the exchange, the power, but she grows frustrated when she realizes it's one sided. Ashley won't let her get at her skin. The Tamer is slowly broken down to a shell of her former self. Forced to cum over and over again she is drained of her power, her erotic bonds used against her until she has no choice but to obey.

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Lesbian Domination, Submissive/Slave Training, Slut Training, Superheroines, Forced Orgasms, Sybian

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Therapeutic Sybian
Featuring Addie Juniper & Star Nine

Addie hasn't been able to cum since she stopped cheating. Her partner just doesn't seem to have the right equipment & she can't even find the time and privacy to get herself off. She's sneaked home early to use her arsenal of toys for some relief, but just as she's finally about to get off, he comes home, loudly.

Addie goes to the doctor, she's not sure what she can do, she doesn't want to cheat but she needs some satisfaction. She asks for couples therapy, but he suggests something different - a specialist, an older type of therapy . . .

Star interviews her new patient, explaining that the technique is a bit out of fashion, but very effective. Addie jokes as she sits down on the sybian, but soon she finds that sweet release.

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Therapeutic Orgasms, Ruined Orgasms, Medical Fetish, Sybian, Masturbation, Solo Female

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