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Miss Quin The Foot Stalker
Featuring Miss Quin & Whitney Morgan

Quin has finally gotten up the nerve to talk to her favorite waitress. Well, not really, but she's followed Whitney home from the cafe & snuck in the back door. She would have asked first, but she just knows that if she asked Whitney to play with her soft, fragrant, nylon soles she would have said no!

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Includes sleepy fetish, foot worship

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13 minutes



Home Clinic
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Not one to let a silly thing like getting her medical license revoked, Dixie Comet has started seeing patients out of her home, luring them in with a discounted rate.

Star Nine comes in for an appointment to get her prescriptions refilled but walks out dazed and confused after unwittingly submitting to Dixie's treatment.

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Includes sleepy fetish, medical fetish

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18 minutes



Sleepy Roommate
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star finishes showing Ashley the house. She's put an ad up seeking the perfect roommate. Ashley likes the place, now it's time to see whether she fits the bill.

Star leaves the room to get the paperwork. Ashley begins to feel light-headed. She shakes it off, but her eyes start feeling sleepy, her body grows heavy and she falls into a deep sleep.

Star returns, pleased to see Ashley asleep. She plays with Ashley's limp limbs, lifting and dropping her arms, rolling her head from side to side. When Ashley wakes, Star offers her some water & begins to go over the paperwork. It's not long before Ashley has fallen asleep again. It looks like she will be the perfect roommate. Star plays with Ashley some more, stripping her fully nude and tying her up. Ashley wakes up long enough to protest, but soon she has fallen right back to sleep. When she wakes up and signs the lease she'll have forgotten everything & Star will get the perfect, quiet, controllable roommate she has been seeking.

Includes limp fetish, sleepy fetish

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16 minutes



Sleepy Worship
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Dixie can't help herself when she comes across her roommate Star asleep in the living room. Star's shiny pantyhose glimmer in the lamp light drawing Dixie to her soft nylon feet. Dixie tentatively runs her mouth over Star's soft arches, she lifts a leg to suck and lick the toes.

Dixie is really enjoying herself and Star doesn't seem to be easily disturbed, leading her to indulge even further. Dixie begins to masturbate over her panties, moaning as she worships Star's sleepy soles. She doesn't notice at first when Star begins to open her eyes, to smile & peak.

Includes sleepy fetish, foot worship, pantyhose

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10 minutes



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