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Stocking Peril
Featuring Star Nine

It took several months for me to gain your trust and now it will only take 30 minutes for your whole life to go boom.

You come to as I finish securing you to the chair. Your questions muffled behind a tightly stuffed gag. Of course you thought we were going to have sex. You were so excited after all those months of teasing in the office that you didn't even notice when I slipped something in your drink.

You turned out to be a nice guy, I almost feel bad about taking all your money. Bad enough to give you a little goodbye present anyways.

You can't budge an inch in the tight ropes, but your cock manages to stir as I strip down out of my sexy office wear. Your eyes run up my silky vintage stockings to my pink garter belt as I bend over removing my skirt.

I kneel before you, all big eyes and wet mouth as I give you a goodbye bj. Your bliss turns to terror as I set the bomb, your cum still dripping off my tits. Picture my perfect body luxuriating on a beach as the timer counts down to your demise.

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Includes executrix, vintage stockings, femdom pov, strip tease, blowjob pov

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17 minutes



The Magician 3
Featuring Tim Woodman & Star Nine

This conclusion to The Magician series (The Magician, The Magician 2), finds a dazed Star entering the Magician's lair.

The Magician walks up to the entranced heroine and gently caresses her, circling his prey. He congratulates her on her ability to occasionally snap out of his spells, a power that she exhibits as he starts to undress her.

Star snaps awake and casts a spell with her phone, the Magician's hands snap together as he is swept off his feet, bound with invisible rope.

Star sits beside the incapacitated villain and begins to question him about the missing women. She is careful to avoid eye contact, but the villain's mesmerizing powers are too strong and soon she is falling back into a trance. He urges her to release him and her hands tap out the code to undo her spell.

She is standing with his hands on her, unbuttoning her blouse when she comes to again. She reaches for her phone, but a snap of his fingers has her blank eyed removing the rest of her clothes.

Her hands cup her breasts, rubbing them mechanically. As her hands trail down towards her crotch she snaps out of it once more. Her protections fail her as the Magician snaps her back under, then hands her her phone ordering her to delete her little protection sub spell.

Doomed, she obeys. He gropes her tits, bragging about this plans to make her his evil bride. His hand moves rhythmically before her eyes as they grow heavy and she collapses into his arms.

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Includes woman following orders, magic control, superheroine, forced stripping, groping

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15 minutes



Pantyhose Infantilization
Featuring Luna Lain & Star Nine

Investigative journalist, Star Nine, finds herself in over her head when she follows a lead in a missing women case. Entering the location where several missing women we last seen, Star comes across Pantyhose Executive, Luna Lain, admiring the latest model of her mind control pantyhose.

Star listens in horror as Luna schemes about find a new woman to test the latest version of her age regression pantyhose. Realizing she is in danger, Star turns to leave but Luna hears her and drags her back into the room. Star tries to convince Luna to release her, but Luna is bent on testing her latest product. She forcibly strips the distressed journalist, forcing her arms into a nylon sleeve before ever so slowly rolling the pantyhose up her long slender legs.

Star struggles as the shiny pantyhose creep up her legs, slowly regressing her and arousing her. The nylon takes control of her mind ever so slowly. She tries to fight it, but finds herself moaning in pleasure. As the pantyhose reach her hips she is already pumping her legs in the air like a baby & she eagerly opens her mouth for Luna to insert a pacifier.

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Includes pantyhose domination, age regression, struggling, damsel in distress, shiny pantyhose

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15 minutes



Candle's Belly Beatdown
Featuring Candle Boxx & Star Nine

Star pummels Candle's exposed belly. Relentlessly burying her fist in Candle's soft stomach as Candle gasps as groans. Unable to defend herself with her hands cuffed behind her back, her eyes open wide with each punch until she falls to the floor. Drool falls from her lips as Star continues to bunch her prone body.

Bound by her wrists, the beating continues. Candles taught belly folds around Star's fist as she slumps in her binds. Star uses her shoulder to prop her victim up as she continues to pummel her tender stomach.

Stretched out on the floor, Candle continues to receive hard punches to the gut. The beating continues as she grows unresponsive, her face covered in drool and sweat.

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Includes belly punching, beatdowns, belly fetish, female fighting, bondage

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16 minutes



Hitwoman POV
Featuring Star Nine

What if I told you getting caught was part of the plan all along? You've sneaked up on me, your hands shaking, ready to defend your property. I face you and raise my hands, removing my grotesque nylon mask. You've "caught" me, but I'm sure we can work something out. Your defenses weaken as I strip down out of my black skirt and button down, revealing my tight body in shiny black pantyhose and a sexy bodysuit. Soon you're eagerly sitting close enough to touch as I disarm you further, putting on a sexy little show. Close enough to touch, what a deadly mistake.

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Includes executrix, pantyhose domination, mind fuck, nylon mask

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9 minutes



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