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Hypnotic Eyes
Featuring Star Nine

I rebuff your advances at the bar. That line you used? I hear it every day. And I already have a drink.

You're persistent. Annoying. Won't shut up about my eyes. I sigh and turn towards you. I invite you to stare deep into my sea green eyes, to lose yourself in them. I speak hypnotically about you floating in them, drifting away, buoyed by a warm green saline sea.

You are lost in my eyes and I imprint you. You will tithe me at this bar every payday. You will never presume to hit on me. Every night, you will dream of the warm green saline sea.

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Mesmerize, Female Domination, Financial Domination, Eye Fetish, Mind Fuck, Eyelash Fetish

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8 minutes



Breathplay Gamble
Featuring Star Nine

I arrive. You're seated as instructed. I sit, glancing at the black bank bag.

I'm surprised you showed up. It's a dangerous fantasy you have. Most men are all talk. You shouldn't take it so lightly. I certainly don't.

Don't you think I chose this location for a reason. In case something goes wrong? There's just the little matter of your tribute.

I arch my eyebrows, look at the bag, lift it & feel it's heft. I peer inside.

This is more than we discussed. 10,000 pounds. In small notes. How dramatic.

Shall we begin? I walk over & handcuff your hands behind your back.

Funny how a little metal bracelet can make a strong man like you so helpless. Show me how much you can move. It's a heavy chair isn't it. You really should work on that core strength.

Shhhhh - the cuffs should be the least of your worries. Breathplay - such a playful euphamism.

I remove the bag from my purse, slowly unfurling it.

Bet you haven't seen one of these before - Turkey Bag, an American invention. Strong enough to withstand a roasting oven for hours on end. Now the safe way to do this, would be to poke a couple of holes in - right around nose level. But that wouldn't be any fun now would it?

I pull the bag over my head, just to demonstrate, this is 100% hole free. I breath in & out.

Now beg me. Beg me to put this simple, innocent, plastic bag over your head. Beg me to suffocate you for real. Until you're unconscious. Beg me to suffocate you to death. Convince me. As you wish.

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Executrix, Extreme Domination, Mind Fuck, Female Supremacy, Femdom POV, Breath Control

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17 minutes



Looking Desperate
Featuring Jordana Leigh & Star Nine

Jordana is so happy and excited about her new relationship, but her friend Star isn't used to not getting the guy & has been plotting the perfect revenge. Star goes over to Jordana's house with a special present - a thick wedding magazine, with plans to leave Jordana sprawled out in a compromising position, magazine in hand.

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3x chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Mind Fuck, Humiliation, Knockouts, jealousy

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