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Breath Holding Contest
Featuring Evangeline Von Winter & Star Nine

Eve & Star discuss the travel show they're watching. Rich adventure travelers free dive with no equipment on the screen. The girls banter about who could hold their breath longer & decide to have a contest.

Star sets a stopwatch and Eve goes first. Star gets Eve to laugh before she runs out of air. Then Star goes, clamping her own hand over her mouth and nose. She doesn't last long. Eve tries again, but Star questions whether she's actually holding her breath and has her start over. This time Star clamps one hand over Eve's mouth and uses the other to pinch her nose. Eve makes it to almost a minute.

Finally, Eve clamps her hand over Star's mouth and pinches her nose. Star concedes Eve's victory and they return to watching the show.

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Hand Over Mouth, Hand Domination, Hand Fetish, HOM, Breath Play, Breath Control

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7 minutes



Close Quarters
Featuring Anais Jolie & Star Nine

Star and her coworker Anais have just returned from a meeting. As usual, Star obsessively analyzes how it went, the words flying out of her mouth.

Anais taps her fingers in annoyance. Finally, she just can't take it anymore and forcefully clamps her hand down over Star's rambling mouth. Star eyes open wide in shock. She blathers on, the words distorted by Anais' hand.

Anais experiments as she chastises her noisy officemate, she tries gagging Star with her hand, pinching her hose at the same time. She keeps her hand over Star's mouth until she finally shows signs of slowing down. Star quickly defers to Anais once she removes her hand, leaving a red mark on Star's face.

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Hand Over Mouth, Gagging, Office Domination, Hand Fetish, Scolding, Face Fetish

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7 minutes



Begging For A Kiss
Featuring Sovereign Syre & Star Nine

A classic clip remastered for your enjoyment ;)

All I want is just one little kiss, but Sovereign Syre is making me wait. I beg her with my big puppy dog eyes but she's not giving in. She pushes me away by the throat, clamps her hand over my mouth & just generally teases the shit out of me.

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Includes HOM, hand over mouth, hand domination, lesbian domination

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9 minutes



Featuring Raven Rae & Star Nine

Star and Raven have been out on a date. Now they're back at Raven's place and she explains to Star that she's looking for a different type of relationship - she'd like Star on her knees. Star isn't into power exchange and it sounds like Raven isn't interested in having a more vanilla relationship so Star decides to go.

Raven Rae is accustomed to getting her way and is determined to get her feet (and hands) into Star's mouth one way or another . . . she clamps a chloroform soaked rag over Star's face and pulls her back down to the couch. Star's eyes flutter shut and Raven examines her new property. She probes her mouth with her hands. Star begins to wake & she's put right back out again. Raven dips her toes in Star's slack open mouth. Star awakens and protests again. Sick of her slave's disobedience, Raven binds Stars hands together before continuing to prod her mouth with her feet.

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4x chloroform KOs, Hand Domination, Foot Domination, Limp Fetish, Lesbian Domination, Foot Fetish

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20 minutes



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