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Save Me Kate
Featuring Star Nine

An unreleased custom from 2014.

Star comes to, tied to a chair in her office. She tries to remember what happened as she struggles against the ropes. She's alone and the office is trashed. A video feed begins to play on her screen & Star mistakes it for a security camera footage. She sees her friend Kate in the elevator & thinks she must be on her way to save her.

Star watches excitedly, then in horror as Kate's elevator ride takes a violent turn. Star realizes that Kate won't be saving her after all just as she is surprised by a strange sensation in her pantyhose. To Star's horror, someone has placed a vibrator inside her pantyhose & has now turned it on remotely. She struggles desperately, failing, not to cum as she glances around the room looking for her captor. Star is in for yet another surprise when her captor reveals himself- what a grotesque little monster.

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Includes forced orgasms, damsel in distress, struggling, bondage, monsters

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11 minutes



Dance Tights Training
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

You wake up, confused, gazing up at Kendra & I in our leotards and dance tights. You're naked except for a little metal cage encasing your cock and balls. We've discovered your little fetish, found the pilfered worn dance tights in your bag. We couldn't decide whether you stole our tights to wear them or to jerk off with. Doesn't matter. Soon you'll be begging to put on dance tights & a leotard - that is if you ever want us to take that cock cage off.

You can't resist as your cock begins to harden under the cruel metal bars, soon you are begging for release, begging to be tied up to the balllet bar, begging to be allowed to wear dance tights & a leotard.

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Includes pantyhose domination, orgasm control, chastity, double domination, femdom pov

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15 minutes



Ivy's Deadly Kiss
Featuring Star Nine

Silly men, always trying to build something new, always trying to bend nature to your will. So eager to show me what you've built. Nature always wins. My green vines wrapping tighter around you, stronger than any chain My natural pheromones disarming you faster than any weapon. Experience natures finest gift one final time. Thank me for my deadly kiss. One kiss paralyses, two kisses, well . . .

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Includes superheroine, super villain, virtual sex, executrix, magic control

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8 minutes



Regression Spell
Featuring Star Nine

I have the perfect cure for your misogynistic arrogance - a regression spell. I warn you that I am a Witch and that I am going to teach you a lesson. I snap My fingers & you laugh it off, you think I'm full of it, it must just be a mental trick, but you begin to feel nervous as I detail the ways in which you've just changed.

Another snap of My fingers & the change is more obvious. You feel yourself shrinking & begin to panic. You find yourself getting smaller and smaller with every snap until you are so tiny you can no longer walk. You gaze up at Me from the floor as I promise to take away all of your toxic grown up thoughts, you beg Me not to do it, but one final snap and your mind is reset to zero.

I coo at you in your diapers, a mindless, innocent, baby. Powerless and needy.

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Includes age regression, magic control, diapers, femdom pov, mental domination

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10 minutes



Leather Domination
Featuring Star Nine

you're in way over your head. Be careful what you wish for, you want Me to take your breath away? Are you nervous, are you scared, are you afraid to put me in control of your breath? you should be. Look at you, fucking breathless. Do you really think you can handle full leather face sitting? How is that not scarier than My hand over your mouth, My hand over your eyes. What if you tap out and I don't get up? What if you tap out and I turn you into a very still, silent, seat. Knocking you out between My thighs, that thick leather scent, squeezing the breath out of your lungs, oh you want it so bad don't you?

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Includes leather, smother, HOM, face sitting, ass smother

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14 minutes



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