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Standing Pee
Featuring Star Nine

Star stirs in her sleep, nude except for her toe rings, watch and anklet. She wakes from her afternoon nap and rushes to the toilet where she doesn't have time to sit down. She pees standing up, a strong & steady stream of piss shooting into the toilet.

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Includes pee, all natural, toe rings, watch fetish

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3 minutes



Wear My Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine

New rule. Anytime you're out in the world you'll be wearing My worn pantyhose. your new little secret. Delicate nylon up against your skin reminding you who you belong to.

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Includes pantyhose domination, office domination, femdom pov, goddess worship

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9 minutes



Featuring Nyssa Nevers & Star Nine

Watch as I work my magic on my new boss, Nyssa Nevers. I'm able to shift her stress to my advantage, using my soothing touch. Soon she's latching on to my every suggestion, suckling candy & not even batting an eye when I reveal my designs on her company. She does require a little encouragement when I tape her into a diaper, but my magic wand does it's thing making her diaper nice & wet. After some soothing breast suckling little Nyssa is ready for a nap.

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Includes age regression, diaper fetish, mesmerize, forced orgasm, breast feeding

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16 minutes



Gut Punching Humiliation
Featuring Star Nine

You're sulking in your room playing video games when I barge in with a smirk on my face. I just watched you getting your stomach pulverized by your older brother. He punched you in the gut over and over again and now your outie belly button has swollen in on itself. I would have thought you could take a punch, but apparently not. You just doubled over like a little girl as he buried his fist over and over again in your pathetic stomach. Does your little belly ache? Do you want to show me where it hurts? I drop my robe and run my finger along my stomach above my sheer panties. Show me where it hurts the most.

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Includes humiliation, belly punching, belly fetish, verbal humiliation

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11 minutes



Encased & Mummified
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie has just finished cinching herself into a hogtie. She rolls around on the bed enjoying the bite of rope into her skin, the feel of the gag in her mouth. Suddenly her pleasure turns to fear as her self bondage session is interrupted by a thief!

Burglaress Star is amused to find her work already done for her. She torments the terrified bound girl before noticing the rest of the bondage materials lying on the bed . . .. worn pantyhose and duct tape. While Chrissy's hogtie is rather secure, Star knows for sure that she won't be able to escape a nylon encasement duct tape mummification. She pins Chrissy down with one knee while untying her wrists & then pulls a pair of pantyhose over her head and torso. Star proceeds to mummify her tightly, ankles to shoulders, with the silver duct tape. She replaces Chrissy's ball gag with a pair of socks, wraps more duct tape around her head & finishes it off by tying on a nylon mask.

Star leaves Chrissy to struggle, only returning briefly after robbing her to taunt her before leaving her alone in her inescapable mummified & encased predicament.

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Includes mummification, nylon encasement, bondage, lesbian domination

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28 minutes



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