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Lesbian Bondage Persuasion
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine can't believe her roommate put her in standing bondage with a tight crotch rope and struggles to escape. Ashley Lane saunters in topless in a black pvc skirt and high heels, grabbing the Hitachi magic wand for some perverted bondage rope play. The pussy bondage makes the vibrator more stimulating but Star tries to practice pussy control to resist the imminent bondage orgasms.

Tit grabbing and groping, Ashley is pussy grinding the vibe before adding a big black ballgag between Star's red lips. She's gag talking and drooling as she's bondage struggling.

A pink cleavegag is in her mouth and Ashley loves seeing her subbie bound and helpless, but she's moved (off camera) for floor bondage and flogs.

Ashley offers a bondage challenge. If star can do bondage traveling to the door, she will be unbound but Ashley blocks her path and does hard tit flogging.

Playtime is over and Ashley unties the binds and is rewarded with deep french kissing.

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Includes bondage, lesbian domination, female domination, submissive/slave training, bound orgasms

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16 minutes



Supergirl vs Kryptonia
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Supergirl (Star Nine) cries on her bed because she's lost her strength, boots and cape. She's scared of Lex Luthor's kryptonite and letting it mind fuck her into a helpless damsel.

Shivering in weakness, she starts playing with her toes while trying to psyche herself up for the fight. She moans while giving a self foot massage. Her long fingernails are kneading her bare feet and it's calming down the beaten down superheroine.

Giving a deep toe massage calms Super Girl and she's smiling as her wrinkled soles are flexed and kneaded. Leg stretching, she's confident she can fight any supervillain.

Toe massaging helps everything and she's ready to conquer her foes! Flexing muscles in a victory pose, her strength is back!

SuperGirl is ready to confront Lex Luthor, but surprised by Kryptonia (Alison Rey). Gasping for air and trembling with fear, she senses her foe toe tapping her with green toenails behind her. The supervillain laughs as she confronts the powerless superheroine. Super Girl is helpless and can't stop her nemesis from caressing her uniform with her long fingernails.

The Do Gooder's frustrated by her fluttering eyes and her inability to fight back. Luthor created Kryptonia to be the embodiment of SuperGirl's weakness. Flexing biceps, she's taunting, "Why steal power, when I have my own?"

A kiss drops Supergirl to her knees, leaving kryptonite lipstick on SuperGirl's lips. Kryptonia clutches her jaw, sucking her strength. With Supergirl heaving in pain on the floor, Kryptonia keeps her prey docile by dosing her with more kisses.

Powering down her Kryptonite so SuperGirl can play, the Baddie loves the view of Supergirl crawling away with her tight ass in the air. When Supergirl thinks she has a chance of escape, Kryptonia grabs her ankles and drags her back.

Challenged to a fight, Supergirl manages to stand, but is woozy. Given a free shot, it burns her hand after the punching makes impact. In a victory pose, Kryptonia crows of her defeating supergirl while bicep flexing. She's the strongest Villainess of all and ready to go to the bedroom with her prey.

Kryptonia lays Supergirl's weak body on the bed and gives a foot massage. The fallen superheroine begs for the foot play to end. Sitting up, the whites of her eyes show as she tries to maintain power.

Kryptonia offers her Kryptonite cape, but starts choking Supergirl with it. Gasping for air, Supergirl's gagging and Kryptonia pushes her down, pleased when she's knocked out.

Covering her with the magic cape keeps Supergirl trembling in fear. She agrees to a forced stripping if only to end the pain. Embarrassed and humiliated, she unzips her uniform while crying. The bratty supervillain wants a sexy show instead of a weeping damsel and makes her turn around showing her tits and ass.

Kissing Supergirl causes pleasure and pain, but the kryptonite strap-on terrorizes her. Teasing the glowing dildo near her pussy, Kryptonia loves seeing her fear her big cock. Pulling out for pussy slapping brings no respite because Super Girl's turned over for doggystyle while the controlling cape chokes her. If Supergirl cums she will becomes Kryptonia's sex slave. Determined to get a g-spot orgasm, Supergirl's pounded harder.

Flipped to missionary position, Kryptonia commands Supergirl to masturbate as she's drilling her cunt. The hard fucking with tit bouncing is too much for Supergirl, and she cums hard on that green dick. Spent, the defeated heroine lies there in shame, but Kryptonia starts her whore training. Kryptonite chains immobilize Supergirl.

Kryptonia victory poses as her super slut is beneath her bare feet.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, femdom, female domination, humiliation

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60 minutes



Punch Punch Boom
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane walks in after a day at the beach. She stays in her button down blouse, towel and aviator sunglasses while reading the news. A local hero foils assassination plot and she knows that she would be unbeatable if she switched sides.

Taking a nap, she has dreams of me, Star Nine, guarding the Governor. She wears a translucent robe that covers her microkini. A mask covers her emotions, but I'm taking this bitch down with belly punches.

Her trident is stuck in a chair as she tries to fight. With each stomach punching, she gets a jiggling ass. The gut punches are too much and she falls to her knees.

She's on her back and I'm lapsitting, giving stomach punches as she moans and writhes with each impact. Her tits are hanging out of her micro kini and sweat pools in her chest. Drooling and weakened, she can't fight back.

In real life, Ashley's in a soaking wet shirt from sweating, but goes back to sleep.

In dream 2, Ashley's ready for a mission and wears her over the knee boots, tiny tee, a thong and a gun. She begs her superior for another chance.

Infected with a fighting virus, she's ass scratching the injection spot and ready to fight me when I come on an errand. She rams me into the wall before I get retaliation hits. Hair pulling her away, I continue with gut punching.

Tossing and turning, she flips over with her tight ass facing up and dreams that we are on the same side.

We're looking for a bomb that goes off in 5 minutes. We're crawling on our hands and knees with butts in the air, but can't find it anywhere.

Mesmerized, I'm posing in the mirror and kissing my reflection before admiring her big ass. Ass kissing her, I get a call from the higher ups and I start French kissing her even though she's looking for the bomb. She sees her reflection in the mirror and becomes entranced, kissing her image as I'm booty kissing her.

Startled awake by a phone call, the Mayor tells her of a bomb threat as she's wearing the uniform from her fantasy!

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Includes female fighting, lesbian domination, ass fetish, belly punching, body busting

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16 minutes



Schoolgirl Switch Part 2
Featuring Cadence Lux & Star Nine

I lead my slave Cadence Lux by a leash and sub collar wearing her schoolgirl uniform with knee socks and shoes. Her hands are chained in front and she's ballgagged.

Her sub training is almost complete and she's docile, saying "Thank You Mistress", as I'm ass grabbing and ass smacking.

I command her to sit as I put on her leg chains and lock her ankles together. The ball gag removal allows her to speak, but she knows better because she loves her Femdom's attention.

It's time for her loyalty and she gives boot worship with boot licking and boot kissing. I'm dirty talking as my boot whore is eager to be a naughty schoolgirl sub.

Pulling her chain higher, I guide her to my Goddess pussy and allow her a quick taste of my nectar. As she's eating pussy, I put my OTK boots on her back and moan in pleasure. Despite her exceptional pussy eating skills, I practice pussy control and stop her oral servitude, knowing she will be disappointed.

I have to leave and gag her, reminding her not do anything stupid.

She grabs the keys and escapes from her metal bondage. Removing the ballgag and breaking character, she knew I would let my guard down at some point.

Searching, she finds a white blouse, pleated skirt, knee socks and bondage equipment. Cadence is ready for revenge and hides.

I'm surprised that she disobeyed. She's hand gagging as we struggle and I'm pushed to my knees for handcuffing and pussy play through the wool skirt.

Threatening more corporal punishment, she slave collars and ballgags me before leading me away with the dog collar.

I can't believe she has Me tied up with my own bondage cuffs as I'm drooling through the large ballgag. She enters in her uniform with shiny black boots.

Groping me, she starts teasing how my crush loves seeing her in these costumes as she dominates him. It was her plan to turn the tables and give spankings and whippings.

As she edges me close to cumming by fingering over the blue skirt, she stops when I'm most desperate to orgasm. When she removes my gag, I plead for more domestic discipline and pleasure.

She kisses and tit grabs me as I'm begging for release. Shoving the gag back in, she explains her plan if I promise to be good.

She invites you over for a surprise and offers me blindfolded, gagged and collared. It's embarrassing when she reveals my crush on you before leading me to the bedroom.

When you enter, we're both unbound, but you get POV bondage as I handcuff your wrists. you are our new slave and must do our every command or be punished.

We start making out in front of you before you go to detention with your two Head Mistresses.

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Includes damsel in distress, lesbian domination, female domination, submissive/slave training, humiliation

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31 minutes



Schoolgirl Switch Part 1
Featuring Cadence Lux & Star Nine

I'm (Star Nine) chatting on the phone about my home wrecker revenge on Cadence Lux while holding a Cat-o-nines. My dominatrix clothing and over the knee boots contrasts with her schoolgirl uniform. She will have a transformation and be a submissive slave when I'm done with her!

My new pet is cuffed in a standing spread eagle and struggles in her metal cuffs and shackles. A tape gagging muffles her cries as she receives her flogs. There's no escaping my beatings as I'm scolding her for stealing my man. Once she's broken down, he will be mine. If her ass beating is too much I can give her tit whippings but she's punished for topping from the bottom!

Taunting and lifting her school girl uniform, I give her bare bottom spankings which make her whimper. Nipple pinching makes her squeal between her crying. She learns to obey when I demand an arched back for her punishment.

Getting close, I tell her nobody will hear her scream as I'm peeling off her tape gagging. This naughty schoolgirl slut needs detention!

Her blue eyes widen and she moans in pleasure as I'm pussy rubbing over her school uniform. She tries to resist the assisted masturbation but I insist on her admitting how naughty she is.

Surprised by the sensations, my slave leans in and starts kissing me. Corporal punishment is not the way to get her to submit and it's time to bedroom bondage!

She's in a rope bound spread eagle and I took off her white socks and high heels. Her bare feet wiggling in her binds as she's struggling in disbelief at her situation.

I enter with BDSM toys because she needs pleasure to submit. A big black ballgag is shoved in her mouth before I resume her whippings.

Stripping her button down blouse, I offer her the choice of nice or mean - tit massaging versus rough tit grabbing. The tit worship leads down her body. I'm feeling her sensitive clit under the wool skirt and give a pussy flogging.

Grabbing a Hitachi Magic Wand, I tell her how sexy she is now that she's my schoolgirl slave. Broken down, she admits to being my naughty schoolgirl whore and ready to submit. A ball gag removal allows her to admit that she desires more BDSM pleasure from her Mistress.

Fingering her over her plaid skirt, I bring her to a ruined orgasm after she vows obedience. She leans forward for her collaring.

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Includes damsel in distress, lesbian domination, female domination, submissive/slave training, humiliation

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30 minutes



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