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Slut Training Supergirl
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

It's amazing what a little chunk of kryptonite can do. The defiant, virginal, Supergirl is putty in my hands, forced to suffer painful, humiliating wedgies. Her leotard pulled up between her pussy lips. My hands on her tits.

Of course it's nothing compared to the power of intense orgasms, a good hard fuck. I've got her stripped naked before long. My fingers in her pussy, in her mouth. I cuff her hands above her head in full leather mitts and lower her down onto my sybian. Wrapping my body behind hers, I push her pussy down against the powerful, relentless, vibrations.

Soon Supergirl is nothing but my cum drunk slave. I dress her in a pretty new uniform and train her to spread her legs for me. Her virtue, the ultimate vulnerability. Given a good fuck, she's no longer Supergirl at all. She's just my little cum slut. I fuck her with the hitatchi in multiple positions, training her to beg for release. The ultimate humiliation.

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Includes superheroine, lesbian domination, slut training, sybian

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34 minutes



You Can Keep The Pantyhose
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Lance Hart is my drooling stupid boss. I go home with him, I know how much he loves my nylons. I'm going to fuck him. He can't help but drop to his knees, worship at my feet. Slowly, eagerly, he works his way up my legs. Discovers the leather harness for my cock. He didn't think I was going to allow him to penetrate me, did he?

I offer him my nylons, I have a pair for him too. Doesn't he want to fuck in my pantyhose? He's never had his ass fucked before, but he's so horny he can't resist. My cock is bigger than his. I slide it all the way in and fuck him hard, pulling him by the pantyhose.

I pull out and cruelly dig my toes into his aching balls. He desperately pushes up against my foot, looking for release. I deny him, showing off the wet spot on my pantyhose.

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Strap-On, Pantyhose Domination, Male Strap-On, Ball Abuse, Tease & Denial, Pantyhose/Stockings

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16 minutes



The Ultimate Cam Show
Featuring Star Nine

What does one wear to a meeting with the CIA? Good thing I went with pantyhose. I was a little worried it might be a trap, but it seems that even the CIA have a thing for long legs and nylon feet. Apparently they are aware of my services, and they've enlisted me to take you out in the ultimate cam show, use your fetishes to make you kill yourself.

Returning to the studio with my briefcase full of cash, I send you a quick message, detailing my plans for the ultimate cam session. You bite immediately , so eager.

We start the session the usual way, with you drooling and begging to see my nylon feet. I taunt & tease you - we both know that the second you see my nylon soles you'll be begging to bag yourself. I mock your desire to suffocate yourself for me, to play such a dangerous game. I make you beg to suffocate yourself to death, to pull that dangerous bag down over your head. Finally I allow it, but only once you've agreed to keep the bag over your head as long as I keep a nylon stocking mask over mine.

So eager, so willing to stupidly suffocate, starve your blood cells of oxygen. It's a fine line between heightened orgasm and total organ failure. I produce the rubber band, make you beg me to allow you to place the band around your neck, making this game even deadlier. Finally I taunt you, pulling the camera close, breathing laboriously through my nylon mask as I watch your face discolor, the bag suck into the bag of your throat as you suffocate for me. I mock your deadly stupidity as the game goes too far, my nylon mask remains on until you have suffocated yourself to death.

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Executrix, Extreme Domination, Femdom POV, Female Domination, Foot Domination, Pantyhose Domination

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22 minutes



Star Autoerotic
Featuring Star Nine

Star runs her hands over her tight slip, down her long legs, up to her neck. She gently caresses her throat, pulls the skin tight slip up between her legs. She closes her eyes, bites her lip, begins to stroke her exposed pussy. Her other hand teases her throat, squeezing with varied pressure, pushing up and back against the chin. She grabs her hitatchi, tightens her hand more around her throat, enjoys the enhanced sensation, the calm focus as she slowly brings herself to orgasm.

Her hands linger, gently teasing her sensitive pussy. She glances at the dresser. A belt sits on top.

She plays with the leather strap, sniffing it. Slapping it against her pussy, before looping it around her neck & reaching for her hitatchi again.

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Throat Fetish, Neck Fetish, Masturbation, Solo Female, Vibrator, Slip Fetish

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10 minutes



Batgirl's Escape
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Sinn Sage has captured Batgirl. She is fascinated by the heroine and plays with her new toy, testing Batgirl's strength and reactions.

She has Batgirl stretched out, spread eagle. She punches her in the cunt and belly before working her over with a leather flogger.

Sinn gets very turned on, watching Batgirl reaction to her abuse, hearing the sounds she makes around the large gag in her mouth. She can't resist. She ungags Batgirl, telling her that she's going to need her mouth. Unchains her hands, mentioning she will need those too.

Batgirl plays along. She gazes at Sinn with bedroom eyes, stroked her back with her newly freed hands as Sinn works on releasing her ankles. She kisses the villain passionately before they fuck in 69. Batgirl gets Sinn off with her expert tongue, then takes her chance to flee quickly while the villain recovers.

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Superheroines, Bondage, Lesbian Domination, Belly Punching, Girl-Girl, Super Villain

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21 minutes



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