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Hannah's All Natural Herbs
Featuring Hannah Perez & Star Nine

Hannah offers her stressed out roommate a massage. Star rolls her eyes as Hannah mentions the class she took . . . you watched a video, but she accepts. Hannah rubs Star's shoulders for a minute before she decides to try out something from another video she watched . . . She plays with her limp roommate, flopping Star's arms around My name's Star and I don't know how to relax!.

Hannah hands Star a glass of water, it's important to hydrate after a massage.

Star is suspicious when she wakes up. She finds a bag in the corner of the living room full of sketchy stuff! She decides to get Hannah back, offering her a massage. Star injects Hannah in the neck with a syringe she found in the bag, lolling her head back and forth as her eyes roll. Next she drugs Hannah with crushed up sleeping pills from the bag. She strips her limp roommate and tries to get back to work.

Upset about being drugged, Hannah fights back. The girls go back and forth with chloroform, knock out spray & sedative injections. Finally they call a truce. Collecting their clothing, they soon realize that the suspicious bag belongs to their other roommate . . . Hannah's initial KOs of Star were all natural.

Includes limp fetish, hand over mouth

26 minutes



Spy vs. Spy: Nylon Seduction
Featuring Ludella Hahn & Nyxon

Both Ludella and Nyxon are exactly where they want to be. Licking and rubbing the soft nylon soles of their target. Neither realizes that this is a spy vs. spy situation with each one waiting eagerly to pounce. Nyxon makes the first move, crawling up Ludella's body. Ludella smiles, performing intimacy, until Nyxon clamps the rag down over her mouth and her eyes go wide. Nyxon tests the limbs of her limp target before heading off to search for intel.

Ludella comes to and realizes she has been double crossed. She listens carefully as she prepares the needle. She feints sleep as Nyxon approaches to check on her.

Jumping forward with the needle, she plunges the drug deep into Nyxon's neck as her eyes go wide and droop shut. Flustered by the intrusion, Ludella wanders off to find out what exactly this impostor has been searching for in her house.

Nyxon comes to early. She too feints sleep and pounces when Ludella comes back, clamping the rag over her face as her eyes roll and she slumps to the floor. Tired of playing games, Nyxon binds her rivals wrists & ankles before continuing her search.

Includes 3 KOS, 2 chloroform & 1 medical, limp fetish, foot worship, nylon legs, spy vs. spy, hand over mouth, bondage

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19 minutes



Batgirl & Harley Meet The Fans
Featuring Star Nine & Cupcake SinClair

Batgirl (Star Nine) & Harley Quinn (Cupcake SinClair) are entertaining one of their biggest fans. He brings them drinks from the bar. Batgirl comments on the adorableness of his villain costume. He hands them their water, then stands awkwardly until Harley invites him to sit between them. The heroines comment on a strange, pleasant note in the water, did he add lemon? He insists that he got the drinks straight from the bar. Batgirl theorizes that it might be tonic and points out the lipstick mark on Harley's glass. Wanting to avoid any further speculation & thinking that the heroines have both had enough, the fan takes their glasses for them. He sits back down, draping his arms around them. Batgirl asks what his favorite trick of Harley's is. The one where she passes out from a tampered drink he says.

Harley is already nodding off as Batgirl tries to puzzle this together, but her brain is too foggy & soon both heroines are unconscious in the villain's arms. He strips the limp heroines, groping their exposed tits.

Batgirl snaps awake, nude. Her & Harley are tied back to back. They bicker as they struggle against the ropes. Batgirl accuses Harley, this must be one of her tricks. Harley insists that she was trying to do something good, asks why Batgirl doesn't just use her fancy belt. Annoyed, Batgirl begins to free herself, threatening to leave Harley tied up.

Includes superheroines, limp fetish, bondage, struggling

7 minutes



Waiting for the Doctor
Featuring Sinn Sage

Sinn fidgets in the exam room. It seems like she's been waiting forever. She drinks her water and toys with the medical instruments. She begins to feel sleepy, then woozy. She stands, but stumbles immediately. Her eyes cross and flutter as she loses consciousness.

As Sinn wakes, she notices her shirt is gone. Confused she calls out for the doctor, as she stands she begins to feel woozy again. Sinn makes her way toward the door, grasping the handle, rattling it desperately. She's locked in. More gas seeps into the room, her breathing grows labored. She collapses to the floor.

This time she snaps awake in a straitjacket! Her pants are missing. She yells out, threatens legal action as she struggles in the straitjacket on the floor.

Finally she sees the Doctor. He reaches in to sedate her, injecting her in the thigh.

Sinn mumbles on the exam table, her eyes dart back and forth under her heavy, closed lids. She moans. The Doctor's hand creeps in. He squeezes her IV bag, pushing her further into a deep sleep.

Includes 3x KOs, medical sedation, straitjacket, medical clinic, limp fetish

8 minutes



Encased & Robbed
Featuring Tomiko & Star Nine

An A.R. TISTE production - background music throughout.

Star returns home to find a burglary in process. Tomiko, playing the burglar, tears her dress off. Searching for something to tie Star up with, she finds the laundry full of pantyhose. Tomiko encases her in pantyhose. Then as she's about to leave she finds Star's vibrator & adds it to the encasement. Star's humiliation can't keep her from cumming over and over.

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Includes Pantyhose Encasement, Pantyhose Bondage, Bondage Orgasms, Nylon Encasement, Limp Fetish, Forced Orgasms

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18 minutes



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