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Punch Punch Boom
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane walks in after a day at the beach. She stays in her button down blouse, towel and aviator sunglasses while reading the news. A local hero foils assassination plot and she knows that she would be unbeatable if she switched sides.

Taking a nap, she has dreams of me, Star Nine, guarding the Governor. She wears a translucent robe that covers her microkini. A mask covers her emotions, but I'm taking this bitch down with belly punches.

Her trident is stuck in a chair as she tries to fight. With each stomach punching, she gets a jiggling ass. The gut punches are too much and she falls to her knees.

She's on her back and I'm lapsitting, giving stomach punches as she moans and writhes with each impact. Her tits are hanging out of her micro kini and sweat pools in her chest. Drooling and weakened, she can't fight back.

In real life, Ashley's in a soaking wet shirt from sweating, but goes back to sleep.

In dream 2, Ashley's ready for a mission and wears her over the knee boots, tiny tee, a thong and a gun. She begs her superior for another chance.

Infected with a fighting virus, she's ass scratching the injection spot and ready to fight me when I come on an errand. She rams me into the wall before I get retaliation hits. Hair pulling her away, I continue with gut punching.

Tossing and turning, she flips over with her tight ass facing up and dreams that we are on the same side.

We're looking for a bomb that goes off in 5 minutes. We're crawling on our hands and knees with butts in the air, but can't find it anywhere.

Mesmerized, I'm posing in the mirror and kissing my reflection before admiring her big ass. Ass kissing her, I get a call from the higher ups and I start French kissing her even though she's looking for the bomb. She sees her reflection in the mirror and becomes entranced, kissing her image as I'm booty kissing her.

Startled awake by a phone call, the Mayor tells her of a bomb threat as she's wearing the uniform from her fantasy!

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Includes female fighting, lesbian domination, ass fetish, belly punching, body busting

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16 minutes



Neighborhood Catfight
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane is bitch talking about what I'm (Star Nine) wearing and starts slut shaming. She boasts that if we ever confronted each other, there would be catfighting.

When she notices your hard dick, she cock teases you with the idea of her hair pulling, face slapping, and tit squeezing before telling you, it won't happen.

Later, you're at my house after doing some odd jobs but won't take money. Stripping my robe down to my bra and panties and wet hair, I take naughty selfies on your phone but you can't show your bitchy housewife. When you tell me her cat fighting threats, I'm ready to strip her down and do tit clawing, tit biting and face sitting. I see your hard cock and send the dirty picture to your cunty wife.

She calls immediately and the fight is on! When she arrives, I have rope ready to tie you up so you can't interfere.

We start with hair yanking and peeling her clothes off, limbs intertwined for a floor grapple.

She pushes me against the wall and body presses me before we do mutual choking.

On the floor, she's lapsitting and neck squeezing as I verbally taunt her about fucking her man. If only she satisfied her man, you would have never come to my house.

Catballing, we're throat squeezing and scissor holding each other into submission. I must have said the wrong thing because I'm weakened and close to being knocked out.

She grabs my beaten body and flaunts how she won by tit slapping me, but she didn't expect my sneak attack. Grunting and alternating with wrestling pins?, I'm ready for this bitch to get KO'ed and seeing the white of her eyes.

Now that she's limp, I untie you and put her in rope bondage. Is this how the frigid bitch fucks you? Is your big your cock ready for a POV blowjob? It's not cheating if she isn't giving what you need at home.

Ashley awakens angrily with me chest sitting on her while giving a handjob! Facesitting with my wet pussy juices will shut her up better than any gags! Your loser wife is going to make me cum from her pussy eating.

Give me your big cum shot on my tits so I can rub it on your angry wife. It's time for her to pass out so I can do my victory pose. Get her the fuck out of my house!

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Includes choking, female fighting, homewrecker, female wrestling, limp fetish

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34 minutes



Drugged & Gassed Heroine
Featuring Star Nine

Superheroine Quick-Fix (Star Nine) is investigating the disappearance of her trainee, Chrissy Marie. Retracing her steps, she sits in your living room and takes the drugged drink you offer. Unaware that you're the Baddie, she's desperate for details and wonders if you would do a hypnotherapy session to remember details. Her black gloved hands graze her suntan pantyhose as she tries to think.

Her heavy eyes and yawning tip her off that she's been dosed, but it's too late to prevent being KO'ed. The whites of her eyes show and she passes out. Quick healing is her superpower and she recovers from knockouts in seconds. Embarrassed and humiliated, she's determined to take down a Supervillain.

Smelling gas but not sleepy, she shrugs it off but can't explain why she's horny. Body groping and eye rolling, she snaps in and out awareness as the magic gas controls her mind and body. Stripping her top and tit grabbing makes her moan in pleasure until she snaps out of it.

Peeling off her black ankle boots, her eye whites show as she loses focus and strips her booty shorts leaving her in only suntan nylons which are shimmied down her long legs. Masturbating her wet pussy, she tries to practice pussy control, but she doesn't want to stop the pussy play!

Screw the orgasm control! Cumming brings her back to reality but she smells sleeping gas! She struggles to fight it but she's eye fluttering and knocked out.

Once she's in a limp pile on the floor, you start boob grabbing because she can't stop you!

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Includes limp fetish, sleep fetish, knockouts, superheroine, mesmerize

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11 minutes



Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane doesn't want to give up her boyfriend, so we have some ground rules. He will be fucking me, Star Nine, the Superior Woman. She won't be fucking anyone else. She doesn't like that, so I threaten to steal her man completely if she doesn't agree to being my cuck queen. Her role is to be at my feet.

She can watch us fucking as she's doing edging masturbation without cumming. It will be hard but I demand pussy control.

She must be naked at all times and balks when I insist she strip nude. Annoyed, she removes her classic black pumps and the rest of her clothes. Embarrassed to remove her panties, she wants something of her own, but I remind her that she will get dumped.

Pouting, she doesn't want to do sexy crawling but acquiesces. Talking back, I reward her with tit smackings and ass spankings. The nipple pinching reiterate my dominance.

All of her money goes to us while she sits home alone doing edge play. She needs to demonstrate her tease and denial techniques as I watch. Hair pulling her face to my pussy, I talk about fucking her man while nobody touches her.

If she's lucky, she can give him a blowjob, but she will only get cum eating out of my pussy.

She's confused why her boyfriend isn't here and stops masturbating. Angry that she stopped her edging pussy play, I discipline with tit squeezing and ass smacking.

Submitting, she goes back to cunt play and I show her my wet pussy that her boyfriend's cock will slide in. Her moans increase when I tell her about how she will be cooking and cleaning like a maid for us. She will be buying me lingerie for him to screw me in different sexual positions. He probably only fucked her in missionary!

Pulling hair, I show her my spread pussy where she will be eating cum. She's a housewife that will never be fucked!

I'm spanking her just as she's cumming and I slap her hands away from her clittie so she can feel the pleasure ripped away from her.

Putting my high heels on my human furniture, I laugh at my cash cow as she starts the never ending process of tease and denial.

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Includes cuckqueen, home wrecker, female domination, submissive/slave training, ruined orgasms

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15 minutes



Panty Domination
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Aspiring sorority girl, Alison Rey, sneaks into Star's house to steal a pair of the professors panties as part of a hazing ritual. Alison quickly finds Star's panty drawer and would have gotten away with her prize if it weren't for her huge panty fetish.

Dazzled my the array of sexy, silky, panties, Alison loses herself in the moment and begins sniffing and rubbing the silky fabric on her body. With her hands full of panties she sits on Star's sofa and sniffs away as she pleasures herself with the delicate fabrics.

Hearing a noise, Alison quickly puts the panties back and hides behind the couch, but she forgets to close the drawer. Noticing the open drawer, Star takes out some rope and searches for the intruder.

Alison spills the beans as Star ties her tightly with rope, once Star realizes this was just another sorority prank she decides to have some fun with her cute little captive. She strips Alison down to her pink panties and then removes most of her own clothing as well, teasing Alison with her panty covered ass just out of reach. Star pulls Alison down over her knees and gives her a spanking over her panties before putting on a little fashion show, trying on pair after pair of panties, relentlessly teasing Alison, staying just out of reach.

Finally Star allows Alison to worship her panties, along with her breasts and her feet. She stands Alison up and runs her hands over her panties, finding her little panty thief to be extremely wet and having enjoyed her hot little mouth on her feet, Star finishes Alison off allowing her to suck her strap-on cock.

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Includes panty fetish, struggling, rope bondage, tease & denial, panty worship, lesbian domination, strap-on, spanking, foot worship

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27 minutes



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