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Mesmerizing Feet
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Mesmerizing music begins to play as Star & Ashley return from their run. They're still full of energy and ready to hit the weights, but the music slowly calms their energy. Soon they are sitting on the floor, slowly removing their gym shoes.

The music stops and they snap out of it, trying to hide their bare feet. That music reminds them of yoga classes, stinky bare feet on rubber mats.

It begins again and Ashley and Star fall under. They continue removing their shoes and begin to stretch their bare feet while mindlessly repeating mantras. Their soft soles and murmuring voices begin to effect you as you too fall under the music's mesmerizing spell.

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Includes woman following orders, foot fetish, mesmerize, foot domination, yoga pants

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12 minutes



Risks & Rewards
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Star has planned the perfect heist, she just needs a couple of security codes & has targeted the lowest level bank employee to get the information from. She knocks on Chrissy's door on a snowy night, asking to keep warm while she waits for a tow truck.

Star takes her boots off & creeps up behind Chrissy as she looks for the remote. With her gracious host unconscious, she searches her home for the security codes. Unable to find them, she wakes Chrissy up to question her. Her search continues, but eventually Chrissy gets into her back of tricks and turns the tables.

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Includes sleepy, limp fetish, struggling, damsel in distress, woman following orders

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32 minutes



The Magician 3
Featuring Tim Woodman & Star Nine

This conclusion to The Magician series (The Magician, The Magician 2), finds a dazed Star entering the Magician's lair.

The Magician walks up to the entranced heroine and gently caresses her, circling his prey. He congratulates her on her ability to occasionally snap out of his spells, a power that she exhibits as he starts to undress her.

Star snaps awake and casts a spell with her phone, the Magician's hands snap together as he is swept off his feet, bound with invisible rope.

Star sits beside the incapacitated villain and begins to question him about the missing women. She is careful to avoid eye contact, but the villain's mesmerizing powers are too strong and soon she is falling back into a trance. He urges her to release him and her hands tap out the code to undo her spell.

She is standing with his hands on her, unbuttoning her blouse when she comes to again. She reaches for her phone, but a snap of his fingers has her blank eyed removing the rest of her clothes.

Her hands cup her breasts, rubbing them mechanically. As her hands trail down towards her crotch she snaps out of it once more. Her protections fail her as the Magician snaps her back under, then hands her her phone ordering her to delete her little protection sub spell.

Doomed, she obeys. He gropes her tits, bragging about this plans to make her his evil bride. His hand moves rhythmically before her eyes as they grow heavy and she collapses into his arms.

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Includes woman following orders, magic control, superheroine, forced stripping, groping

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15 minutes



The Magician 2
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

In this sequel to The Magician nerdy spell casting superheroine Star Nine has Chrissy Marie stashed away in a safe house. Of all the Magician's victims, Chrissy is the only one who was able to have her memories recovered. All is going well until Star receives a phone call from the villain himself. Her eyes glass over as she holds the phone to her ear. Under his control, Star sets up a video broadcast and hypnotizes and molests Chrissy for his entertainment.

Stay tuned for The Magician 3 where Star & the Magician meet face to face.

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Includes woman following orders, sleep fetish, lesbian domination, limp fetish, magic control

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10 minutes



Enchanted Pantyhose
Featuring Sinn Sage & Star Nine

Star sprays a mind control potion on a pair of pantyhose & then convinces Sinn to wear them, siting a fake memo from the new board of directors. With Sinn wearing the tainted pantyhose, Star capitalizes on her oral fixation, first suggesting that Sinn worship her nylon feet, then presenting her with something a little more satisfying to put in her mouth. Once Star's strap-on cock is wet, she takes advantage of the hole in Sinn's pantyhose, bending her over the sofa and fucking her hard and deep. Finally she imprints Sinn with some instructions, insuring that even when the pantyhose are off, Sinn will beg to suck every cock in the office.

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Includes mesmerize, pantyhose domination, lesbian domination, strap-on, woman following orders

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26 minutes



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