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Pantyhose Assassins
Featuring Nyssa Nevers & Star Nine

Nyssa & Star have lured you back to their hotel room. It was so easy, all Nyssa had to do was whisper the word "pantyhose" into your ear at the bar & you were salivating like a dog. You're such a big powerful man, but you are drunk on their hosed legs. You can't take your eyes off of them. You wouldn't be able to even if your life depended on it.

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Includes Pantyhose Domination, Female Domination, Double Domination, Female Supremacy, Femdom POV, Executrix

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5 minutes



Office Gifts
Featuring Daphne Taylor

Daphne Taylor is sick and tired of the little gifts you leave her around the office. This isn't the first time you've hidden a pair of pantyhose in her desk, and she is not going to take it anymore. She's onto you & your little pantyhose fetish, she's not getting your coffee & running your errands anymore. From now on you're going to be her little bitch, or else she'll tell your family.

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Includes Backseamed Pantyhose, Pantyhose Domination, Masturbation Instruction, Blackmail Fetish, Secretary Fetish, Office Domination

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The pantyhose worn in this video are available for sale, contact

10 minutes



The Boss's Pantyhose 2
Featuring Tomiko & Star Nine

Tomiko is away on a business trip & Star is determined to find evidence that Tomiko is the one embezzling from the company so that she can't blackmail her anymore, but all she can find are Tomiko's used, stinky, pantyhose.

Tomiko comes back from her trip early & catches Star. She points out the security camera she's had installed in the office. Now she has more "evidence" to blackmail Star with.

Tomiko forces Star to call her husband, to tell him that she will have to pull an all-nighter. She orders Star to her knees and cleans her shoes on Star's clothing before ordering her to worship the used pair of hose Star found in her desk.

Tomiko has Star remove her shoes. Tomiko is wearing RHT nylons & they stink. Star wrinkles her nose & Tomiko uses the used pantyhose to bind Star's hands behind her back. Observing Star, bound like this, Tomiko begins to sniff her own feet, becoming more & more turned on, until Star interjects.

Tomiko wipes her stinky, nylon feet all over Star's face. Ordering her to breath in all of her foot stink. Then she makes plans to meet up with a friend so that they can spend the rest of the night using Star together.

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Includes RHT Nylons, Pantyhose Domination, Office Domination, Foot Domination, Pantyhose Fetish, Foot Smelling

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22 minutes



Pantyhose Transformation
Featuring Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor is the nerdy office girl who has been trying for months to get your attention. She finally grills the other guys at the office and finds out that you really like pantyhose. She didn't think it would work, but there you are, peeking in through her office door, suddenly drawn to her long, hosed legs. Jessica shows off her sexy black hose and notices the bulge in your pants, that's what she's wanted all along, go ahead, shut the door, take your cock out. She's been wanting this for so long. Stroke it for her, look at her ass in her pantyhose, get up nice and close. You know, when you cum for her you're going to belong to her right? Go ahead, cum all over her hosed pussy, she owns you now.

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Includes Pantyhose Domination, Masturbation Instruction, Pantyhose Tease, JOI, Pantyhose Fetish, Office Domination

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7 minutes



About That Nylon Fetish, Boss
Featuring Whitney Morgan

Whitney know's about your little fetish, she's been on your computer and found all those pictures you've sneaked of her in her nylons. She's caught you red-handed this time, so go ahead and look, she'll let you, but don't think for a second that you're going to get away with it. She's going to be your number one employee from now on, unless you want it to get out how you've closed the door and gotten yourself off to every secretary you've ever had. That's right, so just this once, why don't you pull out your cock and stroke it for her. You know you want to, you can't resist, you want to rub that big cock all over her pantyhose, but don't you dare cum yet.

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Includes pantyhose domination, office domination, stinky pantyhose, legs, joi, reinforced toes

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7 minutes



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