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Winning Drain
Featuring JJ Graves & Star Nine

JJ Graves calls me (Star Nine) after winning the lottery and wants a femdom session but if he's desperate, he will have to pay one million dollars because I don't feel like camming.

He's a weak paypig, and during our web cam session, I humiliate him for contacting me before anyone else after his windfall. He wants to meet in person, but he has to wire transfer the entire amount of his earnings.

Later, in my dungeon, he's chair bound and blindfolded. He can't see my black corset, but he can smell my leather skirt and feel my long fingernails grazing his skin. My nylon legs rub against his and I'm lap sitting in a tease and denial game. He can only touch what I let him touch!

Removing the blind fold, I allow him to see his Mistress, I'm stripping my leather pencil skirt, revealing my garter belt and full fashioned stockings. He offers everything he owns like a good subbie.

Revealing his hard cock, my long nails graze his thick dick. Jerking him off, I ask how much more he has to give. My tongue is a hair away from the head of his cock and he's begging to cum with the privilege of going broke to his Findom Goddess. Draining his dick, and wiping his jizz on his shirt, he's going to have to earn more to see me again!

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Includes handjob, financial domination, female domination, bondage male, forced male orgasm

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18 minutes


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Red Heel Worship
Featuring Star Nine

Does my subbie foot slut like when my long red fingernails caress my shiny pantyhose and show off these red high heels? you're drooling from my shiny red shoes with their pointed toes dangling off my nylon feet.

Beg your Pantyhose Mistress for the privilege of these 5 inch heels down your slutty little throat. Crossing and crossing my shiny pantyhose legs, I want your slave begging.

you love shoe domination. Are you ready to make a deal with the Devil? I will do shoe mouth fucking in exchange for your soul and you do everything your shoe Goddess demands.

Showing off the spiked stiletto and upskirt flashing, I compel you to do anything I say. Demonstrating the high heel licking and high heel sucking is the ultimate temptation. Shoe smelling weakens your resolve as you become mesmerized by my soothing words and the foot smell.

There will be no spit marks and you are only allowed to lick the high heel soles. you're such a good shoe whore. I hope you have been practicing your deep throating skills because you are going to get a face fucking with tall high heels. Gagging on both pumps is part of your blowjob training. I love your watering eyes as you're high heel sucking.

That's all you deserve. you need more practice giving shoe blow jobs and to send me a tribute. Access to my red toenails and red shiny shoes means being a weak paypig.

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Includes high heels, shoe worship, female domination, submissive/slave training, Goddess worship

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17 minutes


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Love The Ache
Featuring Star Nine

I may look innocent in my sundress with wiggling bare feet, but I'm the one in control. you're the one who is going to be doing things for me.

Do you think you are a male Alpha? There's no such thing. My red toenails and wiggling toes make you salivate and lose control. you would do anything to serve with toe sucking.

your bulge is getting harder and you want to jack off with me as your audience so you aren't so sad and alone. you wish you had the nerve to be with me in person, not that you could pleasure your Mistress.

Show me how my humiliating cocktease gets you hard. you love being reminded of your loser status. Why bother trying to be anything else when you can follow directions and stroke to my cherry toenails.

Start ball squeezing like my red fingernails are digging into my palm. That squeezing ball pain feels good as you are masturbating. Do my pointed toes distract as I add ball twisting? Wouldn't it be better if your balls were ripped off your body?

Does it feel like you're about to do ball popping? This will be the last time you feel hot cum out of your cock and it will be to me.

you will learn to love the ache.

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Includes cbt instruction, humiliation, female domination, joi, foot fetish

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18 minutes


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Condoms Are For Cuckies
Featuring Star Nine

Holding a wrapped condom, I ask if you have ever seen one since you're probably a virgin. It's a trick question because it gives access to something you don't have the courage to get.

Shoe dangling, I humiliate you for not being man enough to get fucked. you worship your Mistress despite the tease and denial games we play.

After my high heels are stripped, My nylon soles flex and point in your face as you submit on your knees. This prophylactic is a delivery vehicle for cucky needs.

Putting the rubber over my hands, the condom glove demonstrates how it would fuck a wet pussy. With cum on the outside and pussy juices on the outside, it becomes a tasty treat that you crave like a dirty cuckold cum eater.

It's the only way you will get close to your Femdom Goddess.

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Includes cum eating instruction, female domination, CEI, humiliation, cuckold

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13 minutes


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Ashley Tumble
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane answers a phone call for an assassin job before enjoying a glass of wine. Napping in a mask, she has lesbian fantasies in her dreams. She's looking for the Mayor and reveals her microkini and shiny over the knee boots beneath her black trench coat. Removing her wide brimmed hat, she unfurls her blonde hair.

She doesn't see me (Star Nine) sneaking behind her and I taunt the arrogant woman for losing her prey with an ass smacking, slapping, and French kissing. I'm hair pulling her to the bed for body gropes.

With her big ass in the air, I push her down and climb on top while pulling hair. She reaches for her trident, but I'm in control and prove it with spankings and ass biting.

In real life she stirs in dream land but it isn't long before we're confronting each other. Nose to nose we're bitch talking for female supremacy only to seduce each other with sloppy tongue kissing.

Slapping her to the bed, she's sprawled on her back and her black OTK boots weakly struggle. Lapsitting on her, I give her belly punches. Each belly punching causes her to gasp and groan as I dig my fists in her belly button. She's crotch grabbing to protect herself from cunt busting, which is fine because I love gut punching her to hear the orgasmic moans.

Hair yanking, I humiliate her and smash her face against the mirror so she can do self kissing in her reflection. She's going to be my sex slave forever.

Waking up, Ashley receives food delivery from me, but it's a ruse and I hold a gun to her face. Lip biting her red lips, she's aroused by the thought of her own demise.

Standing up, Ashley reveals her tiny skirt that doesn't cover her tiny thong or perfect ass. I shove the barrel of my gun in her taut tummy only for her to grab me close for intimate kissing.

She throws my weapon to the ground and is lapsitting on me. I tighten her neck scarf for choking just as she tries to spear me with her trident. She's writhing beneath my strong hands and the cloth garrote as her thong, revealing her thick pussy lips. Gasping for air, she listens to my taunting.

Maybe Ashley needs to lay off the wine!

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Includes peril, death fetish, lesbian domination, submissive/slave training, female domination

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23 minutes


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