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Nylon Toe Session
Featuring Star Nine

you are addicted to my nylon toes and I foot tease by dangling ballet flats that are hiding my pantyhose feet.

As the shoe dangles off, revealing my nylon soles, I encourage you to start foot smelling. Inhale as the shoe dangles from my big toe. We're going to prove your nylon foot addiction.

With just one shoe on, you don't get both nylon feet yet. The pink toenail polish peeks through the tan stockings and you're drooling.

I go over the Rules when both shoes are off and I give a pointed toe cocktease with toe wiggling. Just because these pantyhose toes are in your face, doesn't mean you can taste.

you're so mesmerized over my wiggling toes, that it doesn't matter that you will never see my nylon legs. Pantyhose under pants is all you get! you don't need to see my face or hear my voice. Whispering cock tease edges you closer as you are toe mesmerized.

There is nothing I love more than denying your hard on. Feel the sensation and let it go, coming back to this moment because there is no dick stroking. There are no distractions from your servitude and your session ends with toe kissing.

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Includes Goddess Worship, toe fetish, foot worship, submissive/slave training, pantyhose domination

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14 minutes



Schoolgirl Switch
Featuring Cadence Lux & Star Nine

I'm (Star Nine) chatting on the phone about my home wrecker revenge on Cadence Lux while holding Cat-o-nines. My dominatrix clothing and over the knee boots contrasts with her conservative schoolgirl uniform. She will have a transformation and be a submissive slave when I'm done with her!

My new pet is handcuffed in a standing spreadeagle and struggles in her metal cuffs and shackles. A tape gagging muffles her cries as she receives her flogs. There's no escaping my beatings as I'm scolding her for stealing my man. Once she's broken down, he will be mine. If her ass beating is too much I can give her tit whippings but she's punished for topping from the bottom!

Taunting and lifting her school girl uniform, I give her bare bottom spankings which make her whimper. Nipple pinching makes her squeal between her crying. She will obey when I demand an arched back for her punishment.

Getting close, I tell her nobody will hear her scream as I'm peeling off her tapegagging. This naughty schoolgirl slut needs detention!

Her blue eyes widen and she moans in pleasure as I'm pussy rubbing over her school uniform. She tries to resist the assisted masturbation but I insist on her admitting how naughty she is. Surprised by the sensations, my slave leans in and starts kissing me. Corporal punishment is not the way to get her to submit and it's time to bedroom bondage!

She's in a rope bound spread eagle after I took off her white socks and high heels. As she's struggling in disbelief, she's bare foot wiggling in her binds.

I enter with BDSM toys because she needs pleasure to submit. A big black ballgag is shoved in her mouth before I resume her whippings.

Stripping her button down blouse, I offer her the choice of nice or mean - tit massaging versus rough tit grabbing. The tit worship leads down her body. I'm feeling her sensitive clit under the wool skirt and give a pussy flogging.

Grabbing a Hitachi Magic Wand, I tell her how sexy she is now that she's my schoolgirl slave. Broken down, she admits to being my naughty schoolgirl whore and ready to submit. A ballgag removal allows her to admit that she desires more BDSM pleasure from her Mistress.

Fingering her over her plaid skirt, I bring her to a ruined orgasm after she vows obedience. She leans forward for her collaring.

Leading her by a leash and sub collar wearing her schoolgirl uniform with knee socks and shoes. Her hands are chained in front and she's ballgagged.

Her sub training is almost complete and she's docile while I'm ass grabbing and ass smacking. She says Thank you Mistress.

I command her to her knees as I grab leg chains and lock her ankles together with a chain. The ball gag removal allows her to speak, but she knows better because she loves her Femdom's attention.

It's time for her loyalty and give boot worship with boot licking and boot kissing. I'm dirty talking for my boot whore.

Pulling her chain higher, I guide her to my Goddess pussy and allow her a quick taste of my nectar. As she's eating pussy, I put my OTK boots on her back and moan in pleasure. Despite her exceptional pussy eating skills, I practice pussy control and stop her oral servitude, knowing she will be disappointed.

I have to leave for a second, gagging her and reminding her not do anything stupid.

She grabs the keys and escapes from her metal bondage. Removing the ballgag and breaking character, she knew I would let my guard down at some point.

Digging through the bag, she finds a white blouse, pleated skirt, knee socks and bondage equipment. Cadence is ready for revenge and hides.

I'm surprised that she disobeyed and snuck up on me. She's hand gagging as we struggle and I'm pushed to my knees for handcuffing, and pussy play through my wool skirt.

Threatening more punishment, she slave collars and ballgags me before leading me away with the dog collar.

I can't believe she has me tied up with my own bondage cuffs as I'm drooling through the large ballgag. She's in her uniform but wearing shiny black boots.

Groping me, she starts teasing how my crush loves seeing her in these costumes and to dominate him. It was her plan to turn the tables and give me spankings and whippings.

As she edges me close to cumming by fingering me over the blue skirt, she stops when I'm most desperate to orgasm. When she removes my gag, I plead for more domestic discipline and pleasure.

She kisses and tit grabs me as I'm begging for release. Shoving the gag back in, she explains her plan if I promise to be good.

She invites you over for a surprise and offers me blindfolded, gagged and collared. It's embarrassing when she reveals my crush on you before leading me to the bedroom.

When you enter, we're both unbound, but you get POV bondage as I handcuff your wrists. you are our new slave and must do our every command or be punished. We start making out in front of you before you go to detention with your two Head Mistresses.

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Includes damsel in distress, lesbian domination, female domination, submissive/slave training, humiliation

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61 minutes



2 Woman Gas Chamber
Featuring Ashley Lane, Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie and Ashley Lane are doing clinical trials for Scientist Star Nine and giggle when they learn they're testing aphrodisiacs.

They're bound together on a couch with remote control vibrators on their clits. The test subjects are excited but confused about being rope bound. It's a precaution for the drug that Star injects in them. Winces are replaced with moans and the Doctor excuses herself to watch behind the glass.

As the door closes, both vibrators roar to life and the women are writhing in pleasure. They're turned on and start kissing as their bound nylon legs rub in the ropes. Pussy grinding their vibes makes the sensation play stronger.

Getting close to cumming, Star talks over the speaker. She admits that the study involves the feeding method of a new life form. Star explains that her creatures feed off female orgasms and death. They are locked in a gas chamber and once they climax, the room will fill with poison gas and they will both slowly and painfully die.

The shocked girls can't control their orgasms and scream as they're cumming. The electric massagers turn off and they slump. Panic turns to laughter as they suspect it was a practical joke.

A creature, born from their orgasms, stands behind them. It gropes and slaps them causing them to scream in terror. They're crying from belly punching, face slapping and a cunt busting for extra humiliation. The futile sound of classic black pumps clawing for release, won't help them from their bondage peril.

He's hair pulling to keep their heads up as the gas chamber starts its mission. Trying to use breath control, they're gasping and sucking in the poison when the sex toys start buzzing. Screams of pain emit until they're slumped on top of each other and both have come out of their classic black high heels.

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Includes death fetish, aliens & monsters, forced orgasms, bondage, damsel in distress

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20 minutes



Space Walk
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane and Star Nine are putting on their space suits and helping each other with the hoses. Pressing their bodies against each other, it's more sensual than NASA protocols. The silent flirting continues as the hose goes into the tight holes like a cock fucking a pussy.

French kissing, they vow to continue their makeout session after their Mission, but Star mutters under her breath that Ashley won't be making it back.

With helmets on, Star depressurizes the airlock. Ashley confirms that the oxygen is good and the hatch to outer space opens.

Just as Ashley is about to step forward, Star starts tit grabbing as a distraction claiming the spacesuit turns her on, but Ashley tries to be professional even though she craves the breast play.

Ashley wonders why Star wants to distract her and is shocked when her air hose is yanked out. Thinking it is a risky breathplay game, she's turned on by the perilous pleasure and trusts Star completely. Masturbating her clit over her uniform, she's edging toward cumming as Star pulls out each hose.

Ashley stops Star from pulling the last hose because it's too dangerous of breath control, but cums as Star yanks it out. Riding the climax, she has trouble breathing but autoerotica enahances the sensation.

Joking that she thought she was in danger, Star ignores her requests for the hose. Ashley's eyes widen as Star gives her a cunt busting and she realizes her girlfriend is killing her!

Gasping and sliding to her knees, she's overstimulated from her orgasm and shortness of air. She cums again, moaning hard as her rolling eyes are crossed and she collapses to her back.

With panicked choking, she's confused and suffocating before making a silent sob, going limp with a blank stare. Star kicks her prey with her booted foot and uses her long distance radio to call her benefactor. A dead astronaut should shut the missions down for a while and she will await her funds.

Confused, she realizes that her life support system is venting her oxygen. Double crossed, A remote device was triggered and she's losing air. Lapsitting on Ashley, she tries to use the rest of Ashley's air tank but it's futile as she squirms while throat clutching. Collapsing to the side, she suffocates until her eyes cross and she's staring blankly.

The dead women are on their backs looking up in horror and betrayal.

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Includes executrix, breath control, death fetish, costume, lesbian domination

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12 minutes



Seduced Hit Man
Featuring Ashley Lane , Star Nine & Nathan Bronson

Hitman Nathan Bronson is sparring when he receives a new mission to take out two girls. It should be easy and he starts right away on Ashley Lane. Face punches and a neck hold cause her to start choking beneath his muscular biceps. Knocked out, he leaves her limp body on the sofa and runs off.

I (Star Nine) find her and he does a sneak attack on me with face punching, but I convince him to stop the beat downs.

Ashley awakens and he's throat grabbing with a creepy face licking. Throwing her on the couch, he grabs rope and I tell Ashley that we need to seduce him.

We flatter his strong body and he eagerly starts kissing and putting our hands on his big cock. He still does rough neck grabbing and a face slapping when we pull his hard cock out of his tight underwear for a two girl handjob.

Grunting from the cock rubbing, he does hair pulling when excited and dramatically throws us on the sofa. We're surprised by the rope noose he yanks around our necks one by one, but the other girl tries placating him with dick rubbing. Gagging from the breath play, we regain sensual control when making a rope cock ring for cock bondage.

Spitting in my hand, we give a 2 girl handjob with ball rubbing that makes his eyes roll back in his head. Cumming hard, we're pleased with his big load.

We continue dick stroking and humiliate him for being such a big strong man and so sensitive. When he turns around, I pull out my brass knuckles.

He's ready to continue his job and gets a good punch in, but I do a ball squeezing and uppercut and he's KO'ed.

Time to restrain him so we can play later. He has a great muscular body, but who paid him to execute us? Ashley and I celebrate with lesbian kissing and playing with his limp body.

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Includes handjobs, double handjobs, sensual domination, double domination, Mixed fighting

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20 minutes



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