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Lance's Dream Hogtie
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Lance confesses his bondage fantasies to his girlfriend & is shocked when she pulls out a bag of rope! Soon Star has him at her mercy in a tight hogtie. She teases and tickles him before leaving him to struggle against the ropes, just like in his fantasies.

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Includes rope bondage, tickling, CFNM, bondage, bondage male

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16 minutes



Sticky Predicament
Featuring Star Nine Holden Holloway

Star finds herself between a rock and a hard place when one of her coworkers blackmails her into entrapping another. The situation quickly escalates leaving Star stuck & humiliated. In her compromised position she finds herself used in a perverse game, as a crudite platter, as a party decoration, stored overnight in a garage & abandoned in a field.

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Includes stuck fetish, humiliation, odd insertions, damsel in distress, struggling

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18 minutes



Controlled By Nylon Soles
Featuring Star Nine

I think we can both agree there are many things My wiggling toes control. your motivation, your happiness, the bulge in your pants.

Hard in your slacks once again, eager to please Me, eager to give in, to submit, eager to be on your knees.

you ache to feel My soft soles pressed up against your eager little face. Soft silky nylon controlling your breath in ways you can't deny.

So aroused & so breathless.

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Includes pantyhose domination, foot domination, foot smother, office domination, foot slave training

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15 minutes



Mesmerized Wife 2
Featuring Chrissy Marie Star Nine

Chrissy returns to her Mistress under the guise of gratitude for how her life has changed. She details how beautiful it is to appreciate the little things, to eat simple food, to let go of material desires for that which she can no longer afford with the massive tributes she owes Star.

Star accepts her gratitude & allows her to kneel and crawl to her feet.

Chrissy begs to be allowed to express her gratitude further with a foot massage - she has been studying and meditating and practicing and she thinks she has discovered the trick to mesmerizing touch.

Star sighs in pleasure and Chrissy takes it as a sign that her touch is working. She begins to speak in a hypnotic tone of voice, detailing how Star will release her and her husband from slavery & pay them for their suffering.

Star rolls her eyes. Of course it's not going to work on her, but she decides to toy with Chrissy for a moment, repeating after her before throwing her off guard, grabbing her by the chin.

Star gazes into her eyes, and with her touch & voice, teaches Chrissy that she already has freed her and her husband from the chains of middle class life, from the ill mindset focused on material wealth. Freed them from the selfish thoughts, from their egos. They should be grateful for the responsibility that has been removed from them . . .

Chrissy kneels and kisses Star's feet. In deeper than ever before.

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Includes mesmerize, foot domination, pantyhose domination, magic control, lesbian domination

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9 minutes



The Burglaress
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Beautiful & cold, the thief breaks into Lance's house to rob him. Once inside she takes off her face mask and sunglasses and pulls a nylon stocking over her head. She begins to look around but Lance arrives home unexpectedly. She subdues him & tapes his ankles and wrists together, getting him to spit out the combination of the safe before taping his mouth shut. Her bag filled with his money, she returns to the living room where he struggles on the floor. Aroused by his terror, she decides to take more than she came for . . .

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Includes executrix, nylon encasement, female domination, body stocking, sleepy fetish

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