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Tie Up Game
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy & Star play a game of rock, paper, scissors to see who gets to get tied up. Chrissy loses the first round, so she removes her socks and sticks them in her mouth. Star loses rounds 2 and 3, gagging herself with her own socks & then with tape. Chrissy loses the final two rounds & Star leaves the room to get the rope.

Chrissy decides she doesn't really want Star to tie her up, so she lies in wait and pounces on Star when she comes back in, tying her wrists, ankles, knees and chest.

Once Chrissy has Star all tied up, she gets a little jealous & asks the camera man for a little help. Finally Chrissy & Star are bound and gagged happily struggling next to each other in their ropes.

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Includes bondage, gagged women, tape gag, rope bondage, struggling

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33 minutes



Self Bondage Surprise
Featuring Star Nine

Star is waiting for her girlfriend to come home & decides to get things started early by tying herself up. She gags herself with a cleave gag and ties her ankles and wrists. Star struggles sensually on the bed, but then her phone rings. Her girlfriend won't be home until much later. Star is disappointed, and then fearful as she hears an intruder entering her home!

The intruder is amused to find her already tied up. He adds more rope, covers her cleave gag with duct tape & handcuffs her wrists! Star struggles desperately to get out. By the time her girlfriend gets home, she's no longer in the mood to play, begging to be let out through her layered gag.

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Includes struggling, self bondage, gag talk, hand cuffs, tape gagged

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11 minutes



Star Gas Chamber
Featuring Star Nine

Emily Morris (Star Nine) is sacrificed by her twin sister in a cruel plot to unleash sadistic monsters on the world. She comes to tied to a chair in a strange room. Her sister's voice comes over the loudspeaker explaining her deadly plot. Emily cried and begs her sister to free her, but one of her creations, a horrible monster, pops up and begins to roughly grope her.

Her twin's plan required Emily to cum under the monster's hands before being painfully executed by gas. She tells her sister not to worry, that her monsterous creation is impervious to gas, so she will not die alone.

Emily tries desperately not to cum, but the creepy monster forces her to. He pulls her hair back, lifting her head as the gas hisses into the chamber. Emily coughs and gasps for air. As the toxic gas hits her system she begins to convulse until she finally goes still with a lifeless stare as the monster continues to grope her.

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Includes death fetish, forged orgasms, struggling, bondage, monsters

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10 minutes



Silencing Ashley
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star is sick of her roommate, Ashley Lane, making so much noise in the mornings. Star requires a solid nine hours of sleep, but Ashley likes to get up early to jog and get ready for the office. A grumpy Star confronts Ashley as she takes off her running shoes. Ashley apologizes for making so much noise, but Star is already on her way to the bedroom to grab ropes and gag materials. She drags Ashley to her bed and ties her up tightly, shoving her sweaty running socks in her mouth. She heads back to bed, but Ashley manages to spit the sweaty socks out and call for help. A pissed off Star returns, hand gagging her before tying the foul socks back in place with a nylon stocking.

The next day, Ashley is getting ready for work when she remembers that she needs to be quiet. Hoping to avoid a repeat of yesterday, she grabs some rope and heads to Star's bedroom. If she ties Star up tightly enough she won't have to worry about making too much noise. Star struggles and is quickly able to free herself. She grabs the rope and heads to Ashley's room where she confronts her roommate. Star makes Ashley lie down on the bed with her wrists behind her back before binding her tightly. Ashley protests that she needs to get to work to make rent money. Star gags her with more black stockings and heads back to bed.

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Includes bondage, gagged women, struggling, damsel in distress, escaping

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38 minutes



Struggling & Sliding
Featuring Drake & Star Nine

I make Drake fight to tie me up. He struggles to cinch his ropes around my wrists as I repeatedly struggle and break free. My high heels slide across the hardwood floor as he drags me around trying to make me submit to his ropes.

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Includes struggling, escaping, high heels, mixed fighting, male domination

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