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Last Call
Featuring Luna

Luna's at a conference with you, her arrogant co-worker. You took it one step too far, heckling her presentation. Now it's last call and she's been playing you all evening, letting you get away with touching her nylon legs. Something you'd never dare try at the office. She's come back to your room. She teases you with her legs, dangling and dropping her heels. She knows how much you crave them, always staring at them, looking for excuses to touch them.

She calls down to room service, but it's past last call. She bring out the flask from her purse & takes a quick sip, blotting her closed lips before encouraging you to drink up.

The liquor courses through your veins and your heart pounds in your chest as she teases you, posing her legs, stripping down to just her pantyhose, talking about how you'll take over the industry together. That's right, drink up.

You empty the flask and the drug begins to take hold. Her tone shifts, is she mocking you? She gets right up close, her eyes flashing as she details what a disgusting pig you were, always ogling her legs, trying to touch her. Did you actually think she was going to fuck you after all that? I did fuck you already, you're fucked. What was in that flask? You should probably call for help.

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Pantyhose Domination, Pantyhose/Stockings, Executrix, Legs, Pantyhose Assassins, Cock Tease

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11 minutes



Sleeping With The Enemy
Featuring Kobe Lee & Star Nine

Your eyes open to the sight of your wife struggling on the bed. You knew this vacation was a bad idea. You reach around, searching for the knots that bind you to the chair. All out of reach. Whoever did this was a professional.

You watch your wife struggle on the bed, enjoying the view. She's hogtied and her tight black pencil skirt is riding up, showing off her bronzed nylon legs. You wish she would shut up and let you think.

The Blonde stalks in. Does she look familiar? You wrack your brain as she climbs on the bed with your wife. Your wife. What a liability. She's begging you to keep her alive.

The Blonde waves around a little spray bottle. Claims it's a neurotoxin. She wants launch codes. She threatens to spray your wife with it. HA! Like you would throw away your career for a four year marriage. You call her bluff, your lips stay sealed. There's nothing in that vial, she would have done it by now. Your resolve is strong. You will your erection to go down as you watch your wife struggle, watch the Blonde pet her. You're full of willpower until . . . Until Kobe's black patent heels slip off in her struggle revealing her sheer nylon soles. The part of her you love the most. A string of letters and numbers pour out of your mouth and Kobe . . . laughs? You struggle more in earnest as the Blonde unties your wife. Her partner. The Blonde hints that Kobe is deserving of a reward for the torture of spending the last four years deep undercover as your wife. Kobe grins as she approaches you. Gripping the spray bottle in her freed hands.

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Executrix, Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Fetish, Double Domination, Bondage, Pantyhose Domination

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14 minutes



Your Bond Girl Fantasy
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

What were you thinking? Did you have a couple of drinks and think you were stepping into some Bond Girl fantasy? You're clearly in over your head - bound tightly, an extra large ball gag forcing your jaw open.

The two spies stand over you with their hands on their hips. Your wide eyes glance back and forth between the blonde and the brunette as they decide your fate.

The blonde leaves the room and comes back with a large plastic bag. She demonstrates how durable the plastic is, pulls it over her face and breathes in with exaggerated fish lips as the brunette laughs in your face. That's going to be you soon.

The spies gleefully watch you as you suffocate to death. They lean in and mock your desperate attempts to get air. The brunette goes off to get some duct tape. She seals the bag tight around your neck and you're done for.

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Executrix, Extreme Domination, Female Domination, Femdom POV, Double Domination, Femdom

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Kym's Kink
Featuring Kymberly Jane

Kym finishes securing the ropes. She wants you immobilized. Tied down for her to do whatever she pleases.

She teases you with a sharp blade, giggling. She explains that it's only to cut her lacy lingerie off with. You see the glint in her eye and hear the excitement in her voice. You begin to feel very nervous, but she does as promised, using the carbon steel to remove her pink lace bra and thong. Your cock throbs in excitement as her huge tits and wet pussy are exposed. As she grinds above you. Even as the knot in the pit of your stomach grows and begins to rise to your throat. She just wants to carve her initials, or take out an eye . . . kidding, she insists.

She gently runs the blade around your nipple, over and over until the sting makes you wince. She licks the blade, her excitement growing. Your cock is rock hard and she begins to ride it aggressively, pounding her pussy all the way down your shaft. The bed begins to move across the floor making noise. The blade is still in her hand and she begins to thrust it into your chest as she cums. Your cock is still hard inside of her when she notices the glazed, vacant look on your face & reluctantly climbs off.

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Executrix, Extreme Domination, Clothes Destruction/Burning, Virtual Sex, Lingerie, Big Tits

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10 minutes



Celebrating the Kill
Featuring Jessica Ryan & Star Nine

You gaze longingly from the corner as Jessica & I gloat over our victory. Paralyzed, breathing your last breaths, wanting.

We muse over why it's so easy to convince men like you to invite us to their rooms. Never surprised, as if they deserve this. As if you deserved us. Perhaps you just assumed we were whores even though the price wasn't disclosed. Perhaps you were truly prepared to pay anything.

Rest assured, you will pay dearly.

Saliva foams at your lips as you struggle to breathe. Jessica and I slip out of our tight black dresses and rub our nylon legs together. I begin to nibble on her foot, running my tongue under her nylon toes, teasing her with my tongue ring. She moans in pleasure. My nylon ass is on full display as she licks my soles. You fade away as we giggle and worship each other, high on anticipation of what we will find in your corporate safe.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Pantyhose Domination, Executrix, Foot Worship, Pantyhose Assassins, Foot Fetish

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11 minutes



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