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Surrender Your Holes
Featuring Star Nine

I am your Mistress and my divinity is inside you. Men are simple creatures but you can learn from your Nylon Goddess. High heel dangling off my reinforced toe stockings catch your attention as I give sexual humiliation.

Being a man has responsibilities including financial needs. Do you think you are in control? Let go of control.

Are you terrified that my large cock is bigger than yours? Are you guilty of masturbation humiliation? Open and receive my big dick to understand that there is more to being a male than your phallic instrument. Feel my power inside you.

Does it make you gay for getting a hard on from sucking cock? Beg ME to penetrate deep inside of you. Open your ass for your Deity and feel the bliss you always desired.

you were already sexually converted before we began.

Includes Goddess worship, humiliation, bisexual encouragement, pov strap-on, submissive/slave training

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31 minutes



Soul Trap
Featuring Star Nine

Try to leave your Mistress. I'm shoe dangling while humiliating you for being weak to your Pantyhose Goddess. As the dangling shoe falls off my nylon foot, you're mesmerized and can't leave.

Stop resisting and submit to your true desires at my pantyhose feet. I'm not controlling you. It's your soul and this is where you belong.

Do you want to look at the nylon Goddess who owns you? Listen to your internal voice and know that you are meant to be serving at my stocking feet. Accept that you have no control and the degradation is for your own good.

Take out your cock. you want me to tell you how to masturbate, but I humiliate your attachment to your dick. Press down as hard as you can and feel the intensity. Squeeze your balls until you think they are going to pop. As a slave task, see if you can do self cock sucking and practice everyday until you can. If I find another degrading submissive task, you will jump at the chance.

Cum in your hand and follow my cum eating instruction.

Here's where the sex magic comes in. Repeat that I own your soul and there is no escape.

Includes Goddess worship, humiliation, joi, mental domination, pantyhose domination

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24 minutes



Batman's Catatonia Fap
Featuring JJ Graves & Star Nine

BatMan (JJ Graves) wasn't expecting to be confronted by ME, Cat Woman, and wants my jewelry. I give him a deep tongue kissing and let him know that he's my play thing.

I command him to lie down, and my short gloves graze his uniform. Facesitting with my studded ankle boots on either side of his head, I confess stealing the jewels to get him to my lair.

The Catatonia is soaked on my black pantyhose and leotard, and my wet pussy smothers his face. His shiny gloves clench as he struggles to fight his hard cock, but my aphrodisiac is too powerful.

Revealing his big cock, I cock tease his orgasm control. I want to see that twitching cock as his resistance melts. My single finger runs across his shaft and order him to start stroking his big dick.

His excitement is revealed with the precum as he becomes addicted. I love that he's jerking off for my amusement and I need his cum for the DNA. I'm breeding an evil army and Bat Man's the perfect sperm donor.

A big load drips down his cock, but I didn't tell him to stop masturbating. Cumming doesn't mean I am done with his body.

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Includes super villain, men made to cum, female domination, humiliation, face sitting

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15 minutes



Sissy Porn
Featuring Star Nine

you've been practicing and jerking off alone, ready to show your big cock to a real woman. Show your Mistress how much you desire her. Are you having performance anxiety? Did you think that flaccid little cock would impress me? Is that the biggest you can get?

Have you been trying tease and denial games to make your little dick more impressive? Those edging games are not working and I can't help you with that tiny dick.

I can help you feminize yourself the way you secretly desire. When watching my videos, you wanted to be ME. I transform fragile male egos and transform them into their true selves. Any man with a tiny dicklette should be a SHE.

Are you ready to become an unfuckable sissy? you can be an effeminate CD sissy boy but we need to change your masturbation addiction. Sissies don't jerk off by stroking.

Little sissy girls don't watch porn. Sit on your hands and think about your sissy transformation while I block your computer from porn sites. you have to learn how to orgasm with only erotica.

your first sissy task is to go to the store as a housewife and get a romance novel, lipstick, and manicure supplies. your next slave task will be to grab a hitachi or dildo for your little sissy holes because the next level of sissy whore training will be blowjob training and asshole training for my amusement.

It's time to find your true girly self and admit you are powerless. I would rather see you be a woman than try to impress one with your tiny little dick.

Includes sissy training, small penis humiliation, female domination, humiliation, female supremacy

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20 minutes



True Freedom
Featuring Star Nine

What do you really want? High heel dangling, I offer you the chance to be free from everything. you don't want to be in control anymore submit to your Pantyhose Mistress as I remove my stilettos.

Toe pointing and toe wiggling in your face, you want ME to take over. Gaze at my nylon feet as I allow you to give up responsibility. Just stop thinking as you look at my wiggling feet and pantyhose soles.

Don't think about what you can't have and focus on my pantyhose feet as my words soothe your mind. Listen to my words and be a good boy. you were never in control. Show me your gratitude with your money.

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Includes mesmerize, pantyhose domination, female domination, foot domination, humiliation

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OTHER KEYWORDS- Star Nine mental domination gooning mind fuck psychological domination men following orders pov femdom pov sensual domination positive femdom Goddess worship high heels shoe fetish shoe worship dangling foot fetish foot humiliation pov foot worship foot slave training verbal humiliation pantyhose fetish nylon worship pantyhose/stockings blondes kink tall woman tall women submissive/slave training

16 minutes



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