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Pissing Villainess
Featuring Ashley Lane

Villainess Ashley Lane has you tied up in her lair. She taunts you, you call yourself a superhero when she is obliviously so much stronger, smarter, and sexier. She knows that deep down under all of your ethics and morals you really just want to fuck her. The villainess begins to grind on her pillow, aroused by her power. She grabs her vibrator and continues to taunt you, spitting and moaning as she gets herself off right in front of you. Her costume grows wet from her squirt.

As she was moaning and grinding you managed to get your hands free and now you surprise her with an electrical shock. She releases a torrent of piss before falling face down on the bed. More urine leaks out from her costume as she lies there.

Ashley recovers and angrily berates you. As she's furiously detailing how she plans to destroy you, you interrupt her with an uppercut and she flies back onto the bed, her face landing in a puddle of piss.

She sits up, face and hair covered in her own piss and begins to crawl away. You reach out and shock her ass and then slide the devise under her convulsing body. As she shakes from the electrical charge she pisses herself again and is left a wet & drooling mess.

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Includes pee fetish, pissing, super villain, squirting, solo masturbation

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16 minutes



Regression Center
Featuring Ashley Lane, Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Ashley Lane eagerly signs on the dotted line. She's signing up for Star Nine's Regression Program. Star specializes in transforming women into care free babies & her results are guaranteed.

As the ink is drying, Star has Ashley strip out of her big girl clothes and lays her down on the changing table for her first diaper. As Star is diapering up Ashley, she wets her own diaper & asks Ashley for a change. Ashley comments that it's cute that she's a baby too & Star explains that she's not a baby, she just wears diapers for convenience.

As they sit back down to go over the requirements of the program, Ashley asks how she can know whether or not the program is a scam? The phone rings & Star tells the person on the other end to "send her in". She hangs up the phone & raises an eyebrow at Ashley - if you want proof, check this out!

Chrissy Marie enters, fully regressed. She's sobbing and pouting about her wet diaper. As Star changes the sobbing baby, Ashley realizes that she recognizes her as her friend who has been missing for months! Ashley tries to talk to Chrissy but Star explains that she really doesn't recognize her, she's completely regressed with all of her adult memories gone.

Chrissy is a happy baby in her dry diaper and Star takes her to the couch to breast feed her as Ashley looks on in shock. Star sends her happy little girl back to her crib & Ashley begins to doubt her decision. Star reminds her that she's already signed the contract & Ashley fussily wets her diaper. After a change, the regression process begins for Ashley & she happily makes out with Star & then lays across her lap to feed.

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Includes diaper fetish, breast feeding, abdl, age regression

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16 minutes



Penelope Encased & Used
Featuring Penelope Reed & Star Nine

Penelope Reed's first encasement! I cover her up in silky black pantyhose and wrap her legs up with shiny black duct tape. With her legs and wrists secured, My little encased slave girl is ready to use. I order her to press her wet tongue up against her nylon mask and teasingly remove My panties. she sticks her tongue out as far as she can as I ride her nylon face. After she's successfully pleasured Me I toy with her exposed nylon toes for a moment before cutting a hole in the perfect spot to tease her with a vibrator for My amusement.

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Includes nylon encasement, face sitting, lesbian domination, tape bondage, forced orgasms

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23 minutes



Pantyhose Lesbians Wanted
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Alison Rey is interviewing Star for a position at her law firm. Their interview has gone well and now Alison just wants to cover a couple of key requirements regarding the company culture & the dress code. She comes around and sits on the front of the desk and looks deep into Star's eyes as she asks if she LOVES women. Star reads her intention and glides her manicured hands over Alison's pantyhose. She slips off her prospective boss' high heels and teasingly lifts her tiny feet up to her mouth.

Star & Alison are already halfway there from sensation of warm wet mouths on silky nylon when they come together, Star's nylon covered pussy rubbing on Alison's leg. They trib right there on Alison's desk. nylon against nylon until their pantyhose are wet with cum and Star is certain she's got the job.

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Includes pantyhose domination, pantyhose, lesbian domination, tribbing, lesbian, office domination, foot worship

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14 minutes



Lara Croft Bean Defeat
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Lara Croft (Chrissy Marie) just loves to sneak around the jungle, taking things that don't belong to her. Today she's made the grave mistake of stealing from the Jungle Queen. She refuses to give up the treasure, but the Queen knows that Lara's weakness lies hidden under her leather boots.

After trading some blows, the Queen gets Lara down on the ground and removes her leather boots and knee high socks. She massages Lara's petite feet, draining her strength with her special touch. As Lara gradually weakens, the Amazonian puts her through several wrestling holds, all of which give her continued access to Lara's sensitive feet which she continues to lick and suck.

Lara still won't give up the treasure though, so the Amazonian leads her to a special tub filled with Lara's number one weakness. Beans! She tosses Lara head first into the tub and Lara desperately struggles to get out. Her bare feet slipping and sliding in the pit of beans, she ends up completely coated in the vile substance.

Finally, Lara manages to climb out of the pit, but she's too weak to stand. She whispers the location of the treasure into the Queen's ear as she loses the last little bit of her strength. Victorious, the Amazonian Queen licks Lara's bean coated feet.

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Includes wet & messy, foot worship, female fighting, sploshing

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21 minutes



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