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The Burglar Rapist
Featuring Nyssa Nevers & Star Nine

Nyssa has been the nylon clad perpitrator of a string of recent burglaries & rapes. After casing Star's home for awhile, Nyssa breaks in wearing only nylon and carrying a black bag. After taking a quick look around, Nyssa stops in the bathroom to pull on her nylon hood. Knowing that Star will be arriving home soon, she also soaks a pair of pantyhose with chloroform.

Star arrives home and tosses her keys on the table, kicking her shoes off. She sits on the bed and begins to massage her sore back. Nyssa creeps up behind her and clamps the chloroform soaked hose over Star's nose and mouth. Star puts up a struggle, kicking her legs around on the bed before falling unconcious.

Nyssa has stripped the limp Star of her clothing and encased her upper torso in suntan pantyhose. Star's hands are tied behind her back & Nyssa has put on a large black strap-on cock. She drags the limp Star's head to the edge of the bed and begins to rape her mouth with the phallus. Star becomes concious, but all she can do is kick in protest as Nyssa continues to penetrate her mouth. Eventually Nyssa gets sick of Star's squirming and pinches her nose shut while continuing to stuff her mouth with the black cock.

Star passes out and Nyssa finishes. She cuts a hole in Star's pantyhose and pulls a suntan nylon hood over her face, using another pair of nylon as a cleave gag. Nyssa penetrates Star's pussy. Star wakes up not long into the rape, but is weak from being knocked out. Nyssa pounds away at her victim. Star finally manages to work her hands out of their nylon binds as Nyssa pulls out.

Star moves quickly before Nyssa can reach for the chloroform and begins to catfight/wrestle with Nyssa on the bed. Nyssa eventually gets Star in a sleeperhold, rendering her unconcious once again. Done playing around, Nyssa collects Star's valuables and lets herself out.

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3 KOS - 1 Chloroform, 1 Asphyxiation, 1 Sleeperhold, Limp Play, Pantyhose Encasement, Rape Strap-On Sex Catfight

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22 minutes


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