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Lesbian Aversion Therapy
Featuring Cupcake Sinclair & Tim Woodman

Dr. Woodman presses his fingers together as his young patient explains her problem. A lifestyle issue. He barely suppresses a sneer as she explains how her girlfriend won't move in with her unless she comes out to her parents. He knows exactly how to fix her. He lights a candle and instructs her to gaze into the flame. He begins to induce her, preparing a rag with chloroform as he finishes the countdown. He clamps the rag down over her face, she still struggles, her eyes going white as she passes out.

He stands behind her kneading her tits before sitting beside her limp body, pulling up her skirt and rubbing her pussy through her satin panties. She begins to stir and he knocks her out again, he has just the right type of therapy for her condition. He rubs her limp hand over his cock, thrusting against it as he strokes her wet panties. He presses his lips up to hers, almost a kiss. She slowly wakes, mumbling questions. Once more he knocks her out with the rag, licking her cheek as she loses consciousness. He walks around her, loosening his belt. He rubs his hard cock against her soft, limp lips. He fucks her face until he cums. Covering her mouth and tilting her head back, he forces her to swallow.

Finally, he gets back to the hypnotherapy. He leaves an impression before waking her. From now on, she'll only be able to get off if there's a hard cock in her mouth. She's forgotten all about her little girlfriend, the love of her life.

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3X KOs, Limp Fetish, Hypnosis, Limp Blow Job, Limp Play, Medical Fetish

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16 minutes



Waiting for the Doctor
Featuring Sinn Sage

Sinn fidgets in the exam room. It seems like she's been waiting forever. She drinks her water and toys with the medical instruments. She begins to feel sleepy, then woozy. She stands, but stumbles immediately. Her eyes cross and flutter as she loses consciousness.

As Sinn wakes, she notices her shirt is gone. Confused she calls out for the doctor, as she stands she begins to feel woozy again. Sinn makes her way toward the door, grasping the handle, rattling it desperately. She's locked in. More gas seeps into the room, her breathing grows labored. She collapses to the floor.

This time she snaps awake in a straitjacket! Her pants are missing. She yells out, threatens legal action as she struggles in the straitjacket on the floor.

Finally she sees the Doctor. He reaches in to sedate her, injecting her in the thigh.

Sinn mumbles on the exam table, her eyes dart back and forth under her heavy, closed lids. She moans. The Doctor's hand creeps in. He squeezes her IV bag, pushing her further into a deep sleep.

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3X KOs, Medical Sedation, Straightjacket, Medical Clinic, Medical Fetish, Limp Fetish

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8 minutes



Leaving Town
Featuring Ela Darling & Star Nine

Star jumps down to the balcony, dressed all in black - standard spy wear. She peers through the slats into the living room, casing the situation before trying the door. Success! It's unlocked. She slowly slides it open, trying to be silent, discreet. Rough on the tracks it opens noisily. She walks light on her feet around the living room, the floorboards creaking under her boots. Her intel was correct. Half packed boxes in the corner. Her target is leaving town.

She eyes the computer set up and grabs a usb drive. She shoves it in her shirt before continuing down the hall, making sure no one's home.

Ela surprises Star in a doorway. Clamping a chloroform soaked rag over her rival's face, she taunts her for being so noisy. Star struggles but succumbs to the drug, going limp in Ela's arms. Ela drags her limp body into the bedroom. She strips the spy, playing with her limp limbs. She plans to teach her a lesson. She tastes her rival's pussy before strapping on a large black dildo. She slides in. Star begins to stir as Ela thrusts into her. She tries to fight her off, but Ela isn't finished. She clamps the rag back over Star's face. and continues to fuck her limp body. Finished. She leaves the rag near Star's face. Thinking she'll have lots of time before the spy comes to.

Star slowly wakes. Disoriented, she touches her wet pussy. She locates her pants, and the syringe she came in with, but can't find her shirt. She sneaks up on Ela working at her desk & plunges the syringe into her neck. Uncertain whether Ela has called for help, Star reluctantly leaves without getting her revenge.

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3x KOS - 2 chloroform & 1 medical, Strap-On Rape, Limp Play, Limp Fetish, Lesbian Domination, Lesbian

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15 minutes



Stalking Ava
Featuring Ava Dalush & Star Nine

I come across Ava sitting on a park bench. I look around. There's no one else in sight. She's oblivious. Sniffing the flowers. Literally.

I soak my rag with chloroform. I creep up behind her and sniff her hair. She puts up a strong fight, but eventually she goes limp.

I sit down next to her, playing with her limp limbs, before pulling her down to the grass to strip her. I kiss her breasts, pull down her panties to reveal a full bush.

Suddenly she's conscious & running. I love the chase. I easily catch her, wrap my arms around her, put her back out.

Now laying in the shade, I taste her bare feet. I don't want her waking up again so I place the rag over her face.

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Limp Fetish, Limp Play, 3X KOs - 2 Chloroform, Sleep Fetish, Foot Worship, Foot Fetish

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9 minutes



Spy vs. Spy
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Kendra slinks in wearing a black cat suit, she quickly spots the chair where the microchip is supposed to be hidden, but a thorough search turns up nothing. She continues on into another room, the chip must be here somewhere.

Star enters & spots the chair right away. The chip isn't where it is supposed to be, but she continues her search - there's no way that this isn't the chair. Star is still poking around the bottom of the chair when she hears sounds - Kendra returning.

Star is positioned behind the door as Kendra enters. She puzzles over Kendra as she walks past. What is ANOTHER spy doing here? No time for questions, Star plunges a syringe into her rival's neck, Kendra's eyes roll back and flutter shut. She drags Kendra's limp body to the chair & begins to search her - she must have already found the chip! Star searches her limp rival - Kendra's catsuit has no pockets so she has to be thorough. Star unzips, the catsuit revealing Kendra's large, bare, breasts along with a bottle of chloroform, but no chip. She rolls her limp head around in her hands, searching Kendra's hair. Finally she pulls her to the ground & checks between her legs before giving up - wandering away to search the rest of the building - perhaps Kendra already hid it.

Kendra's eyes flutter open. She is trying to piece together what happened as Star returns from her search. Kendra quickly plops herself back in the chair, pretending to be unconscious. Star is confused - that's not where she left her is it? Something isn't right, but Star shakes off the feeling. She struggles as Kendra clamps the chloroform soaked rag over her mouth and nostrils.

Now Kendra searches her rival for the chip, though it begins to dawn on her that Star must think SHE has it. Kendra gives up and hides as Star begins to regain consciousness. Star is now completely convinced that it's a trap. She calls out to her rival, they need to get to the bottom of this. Kendra jumps out at her and they begin to struggle and argue. They're finally getting somewhere, trying to figure out who sent them both there, when noxious gas begins leaking from the ceiling. It was a trap. We fade out on both spies, unconscious, on the floor.

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Limp Fetish, 3X KOs (Medical, chloroform, gas), Spy Vs. Spy, Limp Play, Groping, Superheroines

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19 minutes



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