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Neck Brace
Featuring Cupcake Sinclair & Tim Woodman

Cupcake SinClair has tweaked her neck & visits the doctor to have it checked out. In the meantime, her grandmother has lent her an inflatable brace. Cupcake sits on the exam table, wearing her brace. Waiting.

Dr. Woodman enters. He is immediately critical of her brace. He warns that over the counter medical devices can cause permanent damage - they should only be used under the guidance of a medical professional. He asks her a few questions and returns with a sinister looking tray of implements. He moves behind her, feigns examining her neck, plunges a syringe into her. Cupcake's eyes go wide. She loses focus. Goes limp.

Dr. Woodman is creative, he finds any excuse to amuse himself at work. The vintage neck brace could absolutely cause a patient to lose consciousness, maybe even induce paralysis - pushing the vertebra dangerously apart when misused.

He plays with his limp patient. He exposes and enjoys her breasts. Removes her panties. Performs an unnecessary pelvic exam. She has a full bush and he plays with her, running cold metal over her sensitive bits before spreading her pink hole open with the speculum.

When she wakes, he informs her that she'll need to stay overnight for observation. He hands her a gown and stays as she puts it on. He enjoys the show. Knocks her out again once she has that pesky clothing off.

A passing administrator sees him knock her out. Star enters and berates Dr. Woodman - he's single handedly responsible for the huge spike int he hospital's insurance premiums. Dr. Woodman surprises her with the needle. She falls across the exam table next to the patient. He exposes her breasts, takes some pictures with his cellphone.

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3x Medical KOs, Limp Play, Limp Fetish, Eye Checks, Medical Fetish, Gyno Exam

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Petite Patient
Featuring Odette Delacroix & Star Nine & Nate Liquor

The nurse finishes taking Odette's medical history. She flips to the emergency contact form and notices that Odette lists her out of state mother . . . she confirms that Odette lives alone. Tells her the doctor will be along in a minute.

Nurse Star tells the doctor that she has a patient he will be particularly interested in. She knows he has a proclivity for petites & delights in presenting them to him.

The doctor examines Odette, a general physical. He has her lower her dress, exposing her tiny breasts, to check her heartbeat. She looks away as he injects her with a strong sedative, pretending to take her blood. Her eyelids grow heavy as the drug courses through her veins. She blinks as she nods off.

The nurse assists in cataloging the patient. The doctor measures Odette's skull & limp limbs. They strip her and wonder about her sexual response. The nurse notes that she does have an IUD.

Odette wakes, confused. Nurse Star caresses her face gently as the doctor puts her back out. They hold her arms up as she goes limp again. They roll her over and spread her shaven pussy. The doctor listens to her heartbeat while the nurse applies the hitatchi. The nurse notes that her labial tissue is responsive. Her heartbeat quickens. Her nubile body arches as she awakens. She cums loudly, a long drawn out orgasm pulling her back to consciousness.

The doctor plunges the needle into her arm once again. They easily redress her tiny limp body. When she wakes, the nurse explains that she fainted. Sends her home with a bloodwork requisition & instructions to take an iron supplement . . .

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3X Medical KOs, Limp Play, Eye Checks, Medical Procedures, Medical Fetish, Forced Orgasms

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The Orthopedic Specialist 2
Featuring Serene Isley & Star Nine & David Andrews

Dr. Andrews loves his job. Young active women always seem to be running around, tripping & falling. It's just a shame that so few of them dress like classy ladies anymore, so rare to see pantyhose on their young legs.

His first patient of the day however, she's a perfect young lady - polite, demure, wearing hose . . . her injury is very swollen. He can't help himself, he gives her an injection. She's obviously afraid of needles. The drug takes hold quickly. She is limp and unconsious. He examines her breasts and runs his hands up her hosed legs. Time flies as he enjoys her limp limbs. She's going to have to come back in when the swelling goes down to be fitted for a brace or cast. He looks forward to seeing her again.

Later in the day, Star comes in with her arm in a sling. He knocks her out with a "mild painkiller" and examines her thoroughly as well, pulling down her panties and placing her limp body in odd positions to amuse himself, but he's not too disappointed when it's time for her to leave. He can't stop thinking about Miss Isley's nylon legs.

Finally Serene returns and he gets a chance to examine her again in the waiting room. This time he knocks her out with an oral sedative. He's so enamoured with her that he indulges himself more than usual - taking the time to taste her nylon feet.

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3X Medical KOs, Crutches, Foot Worship, Foot Smelling, Medical Clinic, Limp Fetish

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Vasovagal Response
Featuring Evangeline Von Winter & Star Nine & Levi

Star rushes into the living room calling out for her roommate Eve. She's accidentally cut her hand badly and needs assistance. Eve passes out at the sight of Star's wound. Star is shocked. She slaps Eve awake and convinces her to go get more towels for her to wrap her hand with. Eve manages to complete this task, but faints again while trying to help Star apply pressure. Obviously Eve is going to be no help at all, so Star calls for a paramedic.

When the medic arrives he rushes to Eve, figuring her for the patient. Star explains what's going on and he quickly fixes her hand with some surgical glue. Then he takes in the situation and decides to have a little fun, it's almost the end of his shift after all. With one roommate already unconscious it's easy for him to inject Star with a sedative while she stares in fascination at her hand. Star's eyes cross and flutter as she passes out. Eve begins to awaken and he tests out her Vasovagal response by waving the bloody paper towel in her face. As advertised, she faints yet again. This is going to be fun.

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3x Medical KOs, Multiple Faintings, Lift & Carry, Limp Fetish, Creepy Villainous Molestation, Sleep Fetish

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