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Sleepy Physical
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Star visits Dr. Hart for a physical & introductory appointment. He seems like a nice physician, but is a little bit too flirty. She's glad that she already decided to keep going to the gynecologsist at the women's clinic. Lance isn't used to not being able to take care of his patients fully. After Star leaves with her lab work requisition, he follows her out to the parking lot where he injects her in the neck with a fast acting anesthetic.

Lance shoulder carries his limp, compliant, patient back into the clinic for a thorough examination, stripping her & performing a vaginal and anal examination with speculums before fucking her. When he finally allows her to come to, he tells her that he found her unconcious in the parking lot and that she's going to have to come back for follow up appointments to make sure nothing is wrong.

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5 KOS - 2 medical, 3 chloroform, SimuSex, Lift & Carry, Softcore, Medical Clinic, Med Gyno

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33 minutes


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