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Ashley Gets Messy
Featuring Ashlee Graham

Ashley Graham can't resist her creamy pie. She dips her toe in and sucks it off, she wants to feel it all over her body. She coats her clothing and her hair before exposing her naked skin and rubbing the creamy substance all over it. When she's completely coated, she pies herself in the face, letting the crust fall off before rubbing her cream covered pussy until she cums.

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Pie In The Face, Messy Masturbation, Food Masturbation, Wet & Messy Food Porn Solo Female

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9 minutes



Star Encases Ashley
Featuring Star Nine & Ashlee Graham

Star teases Ashley, rubbing her soft, silky, nylon legs against Ashley's skin. She instructs her to get undressed, she's going to show her what pantyhose encasement is all about.

Ashley gets a little bit whiny when Star adds the hood, but Star distracts her by licking her nylon covered nipples. She ties Ashley to the chair and goes to get the hitatchi. She teases Ashley with the powerful vibrator, tickling her and pushing it into her rib cage until Ashley asks to have it somewhere nicer. Ashley has a long orgasm in her pantyhose.

Things get candid at the end with Star inviting Ashley to show everyone how she struggled out of her bondage & Ashley removing her hood, explaining how much she hates them.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Encasement Bondage, Orgasms, Tickling Pantyhose Encasement Vibrator

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The pantyhose worn in this clip are available for sale - email to inquire

10 minutes



Club Pick-Up Girls Make Fun Of Your Tiny Dick
Featuring Ashlee Graham & Star Nine

Star & Ashlee never do this, but a man who loves pantyhose is so rare in this town that they couldn't help but bring you home from the club with you rubbing up on their nylon legs.

They coyly ask what you'd like to do with them & you drop your pants, rock hard in anticipation of the hot nylon threesome you're about to get.

The trouble is, Star & Ashlee are far from impressed. Star asks Ashlee what that thing is - a thumb? Maybe you're a "grower not a shower" Do you need to work on that thing? You shouldn't go home with girls if you can't get it up, it's very rude.

We have no use for you if that's all you've got. Her hands & her mouth are much more useful than that little thing.

They're shocked when you try to tell them that you ARE actually already erect. You obviously need to be punished, you can't go home with women like THAT. How have you not learned this yet.

You wouldn't even be able to achieve penetration with that tiny little nub. Maybe you thought you were going to fuck their pee holes? Oh that's the perfect punishment, come with us to the shower. We're going to pee all over you and then you're getting the fuck out.

You should be grateful, this is the only female fluid that's going to get on you ever.

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Small Penis Humiliation, Pantyhose Domination, Humiliation, Double Domination Pee Femdom POV

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6 minutes