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Height Domination Ass Worship
Featuring Star Nine

I must not have seen you down there because you are so short. Did my long legs and tight ass get your attention? you're mesmerized by my firm ass in these tight jeans as I'm ass swaying side to side.

A sexy woman like me would never turn around and gaze at a pipsqueak like you, but I have a confession. I love dominating little men like you with your Napoleon complexes. It turns me on when keeping you between my ass cheeks.

you love the idea of being on your knees and worshiping my asshole. Are you good at ass eating or are you wasting your Mistress's time?

Stripping my stilettos will help you to reach my ass. Peeling the denim down my hips, a sexy thong is revealed. Beg me to shove your face between my butt cheeks and prove that you are a good fucking ass eater and listen to my commands? If you don't do a good job during this ass domination, I will squish you.

Start ass licking my tight asshole, shrimp. Taste it like a good asshole eater and service my Superior ass. So pathetic.

The name Christian is used.

Includes height humiliation, humiliation, ass worship, female domination, tall women

KEYWORDS - Star Nine giantess verbal humiliation female supremacy pov femdom pov sensual domination Goddess worship brat girls ass fetish asshole fetish ass humiliation tight asses ass spreading cock tease dirty talking dirty jeans fetish high heels kink blondes tall woman amazons

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13 minutes


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Candle Gets Stuck
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx is overeating all of my (Star Nine) candy, and I warn her of having an upset tummy. Her red fingernails eagerly stuffs the sweets in her mouth and happy to have a sugar rush, but sad when they're all gone. With no food available, she starts looking under the sheets on the bed (pretend door like Winnie The Pooh).

She gets stuck and can't get out of the tight bed! Her flailing legs try to get traction, but her knee socks don't help. I start ass shoving to help move her, but my long fingernails are hurting her. She refuses to admit that her big ass won't move and twerks out of bratty spite. Leaving for a solution, Candle struggles alone and is so hungry!

I come back disappointed to see she hasn't escaped, but am happy to do some humiliating butt grabbing. Going to the other side of the bed, I offer something to eat and shove mouth stuffing inside her big mouth. She spits out the panty packing, so I do hand over mouth domination. I tell her to keep the mouth packing in because she doesn't want to be found in such an embarrassing predicament. She gag talks with indignation, but I confess to liking muffled speaking.

There has to be a way to hide her booty so people won't see. I cover it with a scarf and draw a face on it with red lipstick. She's ass jiggling so much that I end up wiping my masterpiece off her butt cheeks and giving a few ass smackings.

Her round ass looks good and this is my chance to peel her g-string off her curvy hips. Butt spreading and clit rubbing, she squeals until she realizes it feels good. Then she gets a hitachi magic wand that makes her cum hard but she can't writhe out of her stuck predicament!

Later, Candle's snoring and I push her awake, only to have her move an inch. I remove her stuffed tapegagging, but she has to be quiet so I do HOM treatment again. Pushing her finally allows her to get free and we decide to have a snack!

Includes stuck, struggling, forced orgasms, ass fetish, humor

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22 minutes


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Cheating Toilet Slave
Featuring Star Nine

Explain why I shouldn't send this message to my stepsister so she can stop wasting time on a loser like you. you say it won't happen again, but we know you're a habitual cheater. Losing your girlfriend could help you despite your guilty claims of loving her.

Keep begging, because I'm going to fucking own you. When will I spill the secret and destroy your life? you can't pretend it didn't happen and lie forever. Every time you look at me, think about what a loser you are.

Get on your fucking knees as I violate your loser mouth with my tight asshole. Everything I ate last night will go in your cheating face as I'm filming. I can send her this blackmail video if you do anything bad later.

Peeling my tiny thong down, I warn you not to get a hard cock in case you develop an ass domination fetish. Open your mouth and take your punishment as I'm ass spreading. Swallow loser.

Includes toilet slavery, humiliation, toilet fetish, female domination, blackmail fantasy

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine toilet humiliation ass fetish ass worship ass humiliation asshole fetish ass spreading pov femdom pov sensual domination Goddess worship homewreckers home wreckers home wrecking homewrecking cheating fetish verbal humiliation scolding fetish blackmail fantasies blackmail fetish confrontation brat girls blondes tall woman kink

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12 minutes


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Pink Pee Pants
Featuring Star Nine

Star Nine has to go to the bathroom and is annoyed that you are standing in her way. Your suggestion of bladder holding is ridiculous!

She finds it odd when you want her to talk about toilet desperation. If you don't stop blocking the restroom, she's going to have wet pants soon. Rolling eyes, she realizes you would probably like to see her pants wetting!

Eye rolling with legs intertwined, she tries to stay calm as her bladder bulge grows. Crotch holding, she's nervous that she's going to lose bladder control. When you ask to see her ass and pussy, she scoffs at your ludicrous request.

She tries to control her body so you won't get aroused, but the fidgeting bounces and pussy holding help with the full bladder. Frustrated, she pulls down her pink yoga pants for pussy spreads and ass spreading.

Now that you got what you want, she storms to the bathroom and is appalled when you insist on watching her piss. At this point, she just has to go so badly and releases her bulging bladder in a heavy stream.

Wadding toilet paper, she wipes her wet pussy and threatens revenge on your perverted pee voyeurism!

Includes desperation, toilet humiliation, female desperation, pee, toilet fetish

OTHER KEYWORDS - scolding fetish verbal humiliation sheer yoga pants fetish clothes fetish clothing brat girls blondes tall woman kink embarrassment pee fetish struggling

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10 minutes


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Neighborly Asshole Sniffing
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Star Nine just moved into her new house and is ready for a shower! Candle Boxxx knocks on the door to welcome her to the neighborhood by giving her an up close and personal butt smelling! Star's horrified at the strange request but realizes this strange neighbor won't leave until she inhales some booty smelling.

Spreading ass cheeks is not what Star had in mind, but she follows directions to inhale and love the sensations. If Star isn't doing enthusiastic ass loving, they will just have to keep practicing the butt worship.

Candle loves feeling Star's nose in her ass crack and laughs at her gagging. The gag reflex means she's really inhaling the ass aromas.

Demonstrating some yoga moves, Candle giggles at Star's awkwardness as her ass cheeks surround her nose. The hyperventilating is a nice extra!

Grabbing her bathrobe, Candle walks out all smiles and promises to return for more booty worship!

Includes ass worship, humiliation, ass smelling, ass sniffing, smell fetish

OTHER KEYWORDS - ass fetish asshole fetish ass humiliation ass spreading sweat fetish embarrassment female domination femdom brat girls humor humour redheads red hair big tits blondes tall woman kink submissive sluts

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12 minutes


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