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Newspaper Bondage
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Chrissy Marie stuffs Star's mouth with newspaper and secures the stuffing with a microfoam cleave gag. She lowers Star to the newspaper covered floor and completes her hogtie before receiving her own newspaper stuffing gag. Chrissy's elbows are tied tightly and her wrists pulled up into a chicken wing before she joins Star hogtied on the floor.

Chrissy & Star struggle in their hogties on the newsprint mat. Eventually their stuffed newspaper gags are traded out for tight ball gags to enhance their drooling.

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Includes bondage, struggling, rope bondage, ball gag, gagged women

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23 minutes



Orgasm Predicament
Featuring Ashley Lane, Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie are tied up in an orgasm inducing predicament. Ashley Lane is seated on the sybian with her legs in a tight frog-tie preventing her from standing. Her arms are pulled up behind her with a rope attaching up over a beam and back down to Chrissy's tight knotted crotch rope.

Chrissy Marie is pulled up on her tip-toes. her elbows tied up to the ceiling & her crotch rope attached to Ashley's arms. Underneath her crotch rope she has a vibrating egg inserted into her pussy & the hitachi is tied up against her clit. The hitatchi is set to a 30 second cycle. Chrissy's crotch rope gets progressively tighter & half way through the hitatchi is left on high.

Ashley & Chrissy endure their predicament as Star floats between them, squeezing their tits, pulling on the crotch rope, pressing the vibrators in harder. 45 minutes of this treatment leaves them drooling moaning messes.

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Includes lesbian domination, forced orgasms, bondage,gagged women, predicament bondage, sybian

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50 minutes



Intimate Struggling
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Chrissy Marie receives a familiar request in her cam show. She removes her bikini top and is tied to a chair with her hands behind her back. Her big natural tits bounce as she struggles against the ropes. She pleads with her viewers for someone to come save her . . .

Her boyfriend (POV) gets home and unties her. She turns off her feed and finishes stripping for him before walking down the hallway in front of him. He loves looking at her ass as she walks.

In the bedroom he ties her to a post and she struggles for him. She asks him to gag her and cum for her. As he strokes she moans through her gag, bouncing her breasts and wiggling her legs together to get herself off.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, stripping, bouncing breasts

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10 minutes



Bathtub Peril
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Inspired by a classic cinema bondage scene.

Ashley Lane's husband is missing, his work was top secret & the FBI suspects a foreign agent may have been involved in his disappearance. Ashley receives a phone call from the detective on the case just as she is getting ready for a relaxing bath. She schedules a meeting for later that evening. As she ends the call, Star creeps up behind her, surprising her in her living room.

Star has a plan to pose as the grieving wife to throw the FBI agent off her trail. She forces Ashley to strip and then ties her wrists and heavily gags her. The bath plan will work out just fine for Star. She ties Ashley up and leaves her in the tub as she takes her place, meeting with the detective in the living room.

Star plays the grieving, naive wife as he answers the detective's questions, but Ashley manages to make a little bit too much noise struggling in the tub. Star blames the cat but eventually the detective pushes past her and goes to investigate . . .

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Includes peril, predicament bondage, bondage, forced stripping, stockings, bathtub

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20 minutes



Spy Seduction
Featuring Codey Steele & Star Nine

Sexy spy Star Nine has charmed her way into Codey Steele's life. He's an important businessman whose company works with government secrets. As part of his security clearance Codey has received a lot of training in how to avoid being compromised by various means. Star is prepared to meet resistance and employees a number of techniques to get Codey right when she wants him. From greeting him at the door with her intoxicating lips she quickly makes her way into his bedroom, preparing the scene with soothing scents and music as he removes his shoes. Once she has him under her spell she slips away to start downloading files from his personal laptop. His training is evident as she has to pause and return to him halfway though her task. She runs her seductive nylon feet over his bare chest and then places them over his face, pulling him deeper under her spell. Once she has what she needs she makes use of a delicate chain dangling from her ankle and her entrancing bare feet to wipe all memory of her visit from his mind.

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Includes pantyhose domination, mesmerize, kissing, foot domination, foot fetish

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19 minutes



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