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A Ransomed Woman's Gag Talk
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Candle Boxxx hauls a rope bound and gagged Star Nine into the lair while talking to her boss. She's complaining that Star won't stop talking through her nylon stuffed over the mouth gag. She's cute, but Candle has to do HOM gagging to muffle her more. Handgags aren't enough! This chatty brat needs her ransom paid soon! Candle agrees to take off the white cloth gag if Star promises to stop talking. It's a tough challenge, but the long stocking is slowly pulled out of her mouth. It's non stop talking as they wait for the Big Boss to show up.

Annoyed, Candle uses dirty panties for a panty packing gag with silver duct tape. Unable to hear the distinct words, it's annoying that she continues chattering so Candle confesses that she scoped Star out because of her tight ass. Pushing her on the ground in doggystyle, she's amused at the muffled gag talk in this embarrassing position.

Candle says she's a professional massager and starts clit rubbing Star, adding a vibrating wand. Assuming the orgasm will shut her up, Candle takes a phone call, but is handgagging Star as she prattles on.

The hideout has been ratted out, so Star gets a disguise including a hankie mouth stuffing and microfoam tape. Red lipstick creates a fake set up lips on the microfoam gag.

The cops come in and Candle explains the situation as a sexy game between lesbian lovers. The police officers insist that Star explain the situation but nobody can understand her, so they ask for the stuffed gag to be removed. Candle creates a diversion and runs off as Star chews the ear off anybody who will listen to her damsel stories!

Includes gag talk, damsel in distress, gagged women, mouth stuffing, lesbian domination

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This Isn't A Game
Newspaper Gag Challenge

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23 minutes


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Influenced 2
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Candle needs a fix after the Influencer gave her an addictive taste. Calling the source, she's happy they deliver but surprised when four men show up and demand she that she give a show?!

She tries hard to be sexy despite being terrified. They give her a sample to make her feel good to do other things, but she wants more! Pouting, she goes through the commands while convinced of needing more.

Once she is out of her mind, she's horny and ready to climb on top!

Includes virtual sex, humiliation, submissive sluts, dirty talk, slut training

KEYWORDS - female training woman following orders cock worship pvc/vinyl shiny clothes shiny fetish clothing fetish clothes blonde wig fetish wigs big tits

Mesmerized Boss
Mesmerized Wife

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13 minutes


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Role Reversal
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

I'm (Star Nine) disrupting detention and Principal Candle boxxx demands discipline. The power dynamic shifts when I blackmail her with incriminating pictures of her side gig as a dominatrix.

I want to know more about the femdom lifestyle and am handcuffing and bending her over the table for spankings. The ass smackings are so embarrassing when doled out by a bratty schoolgirl!

Leg shackles keep her legs spread in chair bondage and I'm taking more blackmail pics! A hitachi magic wand makes Candle convulse in eye rolling orgasms.

I'm not done yet and spread my legs on hers so that if anyone walked in, she would be mortified! The only way we'll be finished is if she begs to cum. Squealing, she orgasms hard and I make her lick the pussy juices off the Hitachi wand.

With on screen tying, she tries to convince me not to be a professional femdom. I turn her desk into a bondage table so she's spreadeagle with a tight crotchrope. I demand A's and want the password to change my grades. If she won't tell me the info, I'll get it by pulling her crotch rope with assisted masturbation. Making her plead and beg for release, I give her a ruined orgasm in the cruellest game of tease and denial.

She's going to be my bondage slave till the end of the school year!

Includes female domination, humiliation, blackmail fantasy, bondage, bound orgasms

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40 minutes


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Boxxx Stuffed with Pantyhose
Featuring Candle Boxxx

Candle Boxxx sits cross legged in black pantyhose and classic black pumps. Dangling black high heels off her feet, she reveals the reinforced toes of her black nylons.

Giving a pantyhose tease, she wants you to stroke your hard cock as she's stripping the black hosiery. With spread legs, she loves giving pussy flashes while giving jerk off encouragement.

When completely nude, her red fingernails shove the worn pantyhose into her big mouth. Gag talking she adds 3 pieces of duct tape to secure the pantyhose stuffing.

Maturbating feels so good and she cums hard with squeals and grunts. Hungry for more she convulses in pleasure.

Removing the pantyhose gag, she stuffs them inside her pussy for safe keeping

The name Eric is used briefly.

Includes pantyhose/stockings, gagged women, joi, solo female, pantyhose stuffing

KEYWORDS - pantyhose fetish leg fetish jerk off instruction masturbation encouragement masturbation instruction gags tapegagged women tape gagged woman mouth stuffing mouth packing duct tape fetish solo female masturbation solo masturbation female orgasms moaning fetish cock tease dirty talking MILF big tits redheads red hair

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10 minutes


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Candle Imprisoned in Tight Bondage
Featuring Candle Boxxx & Star Nine

Rigging By Damon Pierce!

I'm arresting Candle Boxxx and read her Miranda Rights while putting on handcuffs. In jail, she's been processed in the prisoner uniform of an orange catsuit and strict bondage. The thin rope digs into her flesh with chest bondage, waist bondage, and a cruel crotch rope.

Obeying orders for the pat down, she spreads her legs in leg shackles. Sitting on the floor, I want to see her bondage struggling to test the bondage ropes. Microfoam tape gloves are applied to her hands to prevent escape.

She starts screaming about being innocent, so I do hand over mouth domination to shut her up. The big black ballgag does a better job than the HOM gagging, and multiple strips of microfoam tape gags shows off her big lips and the big ball gag. It looks good but a wraparound tape gagging looks better.

Chaining her in place, I leave her to struggle alone. Her mmphs lessen as she becomes exhausted. When I return she's obedient and docile as I'm massaging the crotch rope against her clit.

Removing the tape gag and ballgag, I replace it with mouth packing and a wraparound microfoam gag. She's left in solitary to repent her crimes.

Includes bondage, gagged women, prison play, female domination, tapegagged

KEYWORDS - Star Nine crotch rope bondage rope damsel in distress DID handcuffs and shackles struggling mouth stuffing mouthpacking humiliation ballgagged women ball gagged woman tapegagged moaning fetish femdom submissive/slave training submissive sluts woman following orders costumes cosplay police uniforms police play shiny fetish clothing fetish clothes shiny clothes shiny clothing MILF blondes tall woman kink

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28 minutes


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