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High Card Strip
Featuring Star Nine

Star challenges you to a friendly game of High Card Strip. She'll draw a card for you and a card for her, and whoever has the lowest card has to remove an article of clothing! Just to make it more interesting, whoever loses when they are already fully nude gets to put on a little show with a wine bottle. The game is very close & filmed with alternate endings.

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Games, Odd Insertions, Masturbation Games, Tease & Denial, Candid, Masturbation

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24 minutes



The Face of Star Pies
Featuring Dixie Comet & Serene Isley

Dixie Comet & Serene Isley are the two finalists in the competition to win a nice prize package and become the face of Star Pies Inc. They've been invited to a live taping for the final elimination challenge and awards ceremony.

Star explains that due to the advent of DVR technology, it has become very important for commercials to sell their products using visual cues instead of relying on dialogue - the winner of today's competition will be the most successful at selling their love for Star Pies non-verbally.

Serene and Dixie start out displaying their pies & smiling, but Serene looks on in horror as Dixie acts more and more erotic with her pie. It's soon clear who the winner of the competition will be as Dixie smears the pie on her bare breasts, pulls up her skirt, and rubs the pie over her hosed pussy. When the time is up, Serene declines to shake Dixie's messy hand, but does shove her unscathed pie over for Dixie to enjoy as well. Dixie slowly comes back to reality as Star invites her to clean up before the awards ceremony.

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Includes Wet & Messy, WAM, Masturbation, Food Porn, Orgasms, Challenges

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7 minutes