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Leather & Nylon Chastity
Featuring Star Nine

My tight lambskin gloves, nice, strong, supple & thick run over my sheer sexy nylon legs. A protective layer between My divine hands and anything they touch.

you've spent the past week dreaming of this moment, a full week of denial leading up to your final milking. Were you fantasizing about skin on skin? The brush of My hand on your undeserving cock?

Silly slave, you've missed the point of milking. It's not a sexual release for your gratification, it's merely a functional task to be performed before locking you up in your new, permanent, cage. The cage is so strong & so tight, there's no way it would slip on without first draining the balls.

My strong leather hand grips and squeezes your cock, mechanically draining your balls with no lube. Have you ever had a more frustrating orgasm? you'll be fantasizing about this moment for the rest of your life in chastity.

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Includes chastity, milking, leather gloves, pantyhose domination, gloves fetish

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13 minutes



Nylon Denial
Featuring Star Nine

It's to be expected, this lack of control. This is what training is for. There are many ways to control a disobedient cock, and many more ways to control a disobedient mind. Edging is clearly not the same thing as not stroking at all. This was willful disobedience on your part, but you're new, so we'll start with a gentle reminder. A silky, smooth, barrier between your aching, dripping, cock and your disobedient hand. For this round of your training, you will pull my sexy worn pantyhose up over your legs, over your cock. Wear them 24/7 until they are fully shredded. A reminder that no touching is allowed unless I say so.

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Includes orgasm control, slave training, tease & denial, pantyhose domination, chastity

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11 minutes



When The Cat's Away
Featuring Star Nine

With the Cat away you couldn't resist joining a plot to do the unthinkable. A couple of alley cats convinced you to participate in a redistribution scheme. Stupid sylvester, did you think she wouldn't find out?

Catwoman hasn't been missing, she's been taking advantage of the situation, using the current plague to access some superior loot. you freeze in your tracks as she catches you tiptoeing out with a sack of her top shelf valuables.

A few cruel cracks of the whip and you fall to your knees. Prey to Catwoman's slave reconditioning scheme, she removes her golden necklace and mesmerizes you into giving up your co-conspirators. Of course she knows you're too stupid to plan this all on your own, silly domesticated tomcat.

Next you are allowed the privilege of licking her high heel boots clean. She locks up your disobedient cock in a cruel steel chastity cage before giving you just a little taste of your beloved catatonia.

There's 36 million in unearned cash being released upon the city. you won't be graced with another taste until you place all that money where it belongs, at Goddess Catwoman's feet.

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Includes super villain, superheroine, mesmerize, foot domination, femdom pov, boot domination, mind fuck, chastity

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18 minutes



Locked Down By Big Sis
Featuring Star Nine

Lockdown has really interfered with your routine. At first you thought you'd just play video games forever, but now you find yourself bored & horny, lingering by Big Sis' bedroom door. Your cock hardens at the sight of her white socks kicking in the air.

Big Sis has an idea to cure her boredom & it involves tormenting you. Remember what happened last time she caught you jerking it with her dirty socks? This time she's thought up a little challenge. She'll give you her socks to play with, but there's a catch. If you leave her room without cumming you can do anything you want with them, but if her teasing makes you cum, you'll be her chaste slave for the rest of quarantine.

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Includes joi, taboo, socks, chastity

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14 minutes



Electric Cum In Chastity
Featuring Star Nine

It hardly matters that your little clitty is all locked up, you can't even remember what an orgasm outside of chastity is. Ruined, dripping, mechanical, milked. your little clit doesn't even need to get all the way hard with so many endorphins rushing through you. That charge you get from dressing up like a little sissy slut, that head rush from inhaling from your little bottle, from my delicious nylon feet, and then of course, there's the electrical play. The surge of electricity rushing through the bars of your metal cage, charging your locked up clit, guaranteed to make you squirt.

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Includes cum in chastity, electric play, mind fuck, sissy training, pantyhose domination

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16 minutes



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