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Wiggling Deeper
Featuring Star Nine

you crave about my feet hidden in my red stilettos. That foot aroma tempts you as I'm foot wiggling in these red pumps. Shoe dangling reveals my delicate arches and nylon feet with red toenails.

Cock teasing in one shoe, you want to worship feet so badly. A shoe dangle teases more until it drops off revealing nylon soles. you love the high heels, but stocking feet more. Foot smelling is the same as pussy smelling or armpit smelling. It's all pheromones but you probably don't get any female smells because women aren't attracted to you.

you crave toe sucking on your Mistress's nylon toes to seek connection. Stare at my wiggling toes, listening to my voice as you fall deeper into your foot addiction.

Stripping my control top pantyhose, I'm giving you a chance to do barefoot worship. you don't need nylon foot worship or that pantyhose feet smell. your foot Goddess knows best and you need foot sniffing from the source.

Be my devoted foot slave. Submit, give in and let go. Obey my feet and tribute my toes like a good paypig.

Includes Goddess worship, pantyhose domination, foot fetish, mesmerize, submissive/slave training

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination love addiction verbal humiliation pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish nylon worship foot play pov foot worship foot slave training foot domination foot wiggling feet soles foot humiliation foot smelling smell fetish toe fetish toe wiggling sexual rejection pussy denial mental domination mind fuck gooning financial domination money fetish blondes tall woman kink

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18 minutes



Break Free $$$$
Featuring Star Nine

you're worried that you're not saving enough and want to leave your Findomme. Money flows and every dollar you spend on your Findom Mistress is an investment.

you can't walk away from your Findom Goddess without feeling dread. you tribute for more than your hard cock. you need ME. If you can break free, I will let you go, but we're going to play a game. A stopwatch will time how long you stay after being released and for every minute after, you have to send $100. If you start jerking off, it will be a $1000 tribute.

Let's see if you really want to break our financial bonds, starting with our goodbyes. you don't want to leave your Pantyhose Goddess as my hands caress the black control top pantyhose. Revealing the pantyhose gusset, I ask hard questions. How much per month is it worth to masturbate to Me? This could be your last pantyhose JOI with Me, but you know it's worth every single penny.

Stroke like you're never going to see Me again, even though you are. Until you understand our training sessions, you're indebted to Me. Cum on my nylon toes. you're a good boy by cumming on my wiggling purple toenails, because you weren't ready to leave your financial servitude. Now tribute twice your normal amount.

Includes Goddess worship, financial domination, joi, submissive/slave training, pantyhose domination

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine money fetish female domination pov femdom pov positive femdom sensual domination love addiction female supremacy verbal humiliation cock tease high heels stilettos pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish crossed leg fetish jerk off instruction masturbation encouragement masturbation humiliation masturbation instruction dirty talking jerk off encouragement gooning mental domination mind fuck blondes tall woman tall women kink

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21 minutes



Suntan Pantyhose Voyeur
Featuring Star Nine

I'm excited to try on a pair of new pantyhose and start stripping my silk blouse and leather skirt. Unhooking my black lace bra and blacy lacy panties is like foreplay for the shiny pantyhose that I get to try on.

Ripping the package open, I love the silky nylons as I pull them over my pointed toes and up my long legs. Adjusting them over my tight ass, I'm admiring the way they hug my curves. Doing some pantyhose modeling, I like the way they fit, but don't love control top pantyhose.

Opening a package of sheer pantyhose, I gasp in nylon pleasure. These are more delicate and I'm caressing my body. One hand wanders up for tit squeezing and the other goes to the pantyhose gusset. The thin fabric adds sensation to my sensitive clit.

My grinding hips get in rhythm and I'm finger sucking like it's a cock. My pointed nylon toes press together as I'm masturbating over the suntan pantyhose.

Reaching under the pantyhose waist, I feel my wet pussy before going back to over the gusset and cumming hard.

I love breaking in pantyhose with nylon masturbation

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Includes pantyhose/stockings, solo female, masturbation, solo masturbation, legs

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OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine female masturbation female orgasms pantyhose fetish nylon worship tights fetish leg fetish unboxing fetish moaning fetish voyeurism blondes kink tall woman tall women

11 minutes



Dress Like A Lady
Featuring Gigi Lynn & Star Nine

My Stepmom, GiGi Lynn, has no respect for privacy. She walks in on me masturbating in my room. Horrified, she orders me to the living room for a little chat.

She holds a pair of control top pantyhose in her hand, she thinks that maybe if I dress like a lady I'll act like one too. She's so old fashioned, there's nothing wrong with what I was doing!

I bitch about the pantyhose, flapping my dress around them. They're tight and hot. GiGi isn't sure how she's supposed to punish me for being such a little pervert. She tries to make me masturbate in front of her over my pantyhose. When I refuse, she brings in the hitatchi and forces me to cum in my pantyhose right in front of her.

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Pantyhose Domination, Forced Orgasms, Taboo, Lesbian Domination, Pantyhose/Stockings, Older Woman/Younger Woman

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13 minutes



Totally Committed
Featuring Star Nine

Star ushers you into the room, visibly annoyed. She paces back and forth in her white lab coat as she complains about the director's latest bright idea - little white uniforms for the nurses. She holds up the uniform, an old man's porn fantasy she calls it, saying the director should be one of their mental patients. He's due for retirement she says, the trouble is that there's no guarantee that the board will elect you to his post.

Star turns on the charm, she removes her glasses, shakes her long hair out of it's bun. She has a brilliant plan that will secure your spot at the top, and hers alongside you. She gets up on the table, puts on a little show, strips down to her control top pantyhose. She's sure that she's convinced you.

Star is visibly flustered when you say you'll have to think about it, but she quickly recovers, even agrees to wear the slutty little nurse uniform for you despite her being a doctor. Soon you have her diapered and restrained to the hospital bed, humping her pillow like one of the patients. You enjoy the show, almost as much as you enjoy what is to come next.

Released, Star looks around for her clothes. She didn't realize you were so kinky. She seems confused when you tell her that she won't be needing clothes anymore, panics when she hears the voices in the hall - the director and all the nursing staff are on their way here right now?

Star desperately tries to cover herself, caught in nothing but white nurses' pantyhose and the puffy diaper you put her in! She melts into a temper tantrum as the staff mocks her, as the director threatens her with a nice long rest.

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Diaper, Age Regression, Bondage, Nurse Play, Medical Clinic, Straightjacket

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26 minutes



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