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Submit Completely
Featuring Codey Steele & Star Nine

You've confessed your hot wife fantasies & I am so in. There's someone at work that I actually had a thing with before we met that I've been aching to rekindle. I tell you this as I get dressed in noticeably sexier clothes than usual, detailing my plan to ask him on a date.

I sit on Codey's desk, flirting with him as I explain the situation. His hand drifts to my shiny nylon legs. I know what he likes. We arrange our date and I ask him what I should wear . . .

I stand in front of you by the mirror adjusting my tight sexy little red dress. Imagine my lips all over him, once I taste him again there will be no going back.

Codey presses me up against the wall, lifting my sexy nylon leg around his waist as we kiss deeply. I can't resist his spell.

There's an office costume party, I'm dressing up as a sexy flapper. I show off my costume as I tell you all about fucking Codey. I can't wait for more.

On the dance floor his hands are all over me as I blow him kisses. We grind to the music, my tight ass pressing back against his hard cock.

Dressing up in white lingerie, ready to give myself to him entirely and for you to watch. You sit in the corner, I sit in his lap. Nothing separates us but the thin fabric of our underwear as we make out right in front of you, blowing the occasional kiss. It's time for you to relax, give in & submit completely.

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Includes hot wife, cuckold, kissing, stockings, costumes

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25 minutes



Catwoman & The Commissioner
Featuring Star Nine & Lance Hart

Catwoman has Commissioner Gordon tied up and at her mercy. The perfect bait for the Bat. Catwoman teases & tickles the Commissioner while she waits for Batman to come to the rescue, taunting him about the evil things that will befall his wife & daughter if he doesn't cooperate with her evil plans in the future.

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Superheroines, Super Villain, Costumes, Bondage Male, Cosplay, Hand Over Mouth

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10 minutes



Bionic Power Struggle
Featuring Kymberly Jane & Star Nine

Star is investigating the cause of a large power drain on the grid in a certain area of the city. She pinpoints the surge in power usage to a single family home & knocks on the door. The woman who answers (Kymberly Jane) is suspicious, but doesn't stop Star from coming in.

Walking past Kym into the living room, Star uses her bionic ear to listen for anything high voltage. She detects something behind her & walks around to the other side of Kym to listen again. Now the sound is coming from the direction she started in! She wonders whether her bionic ear is malfunctioning, and then Kym attacks!

Kym & Star trade blows, Star marveling at how strong Kym is, until suddenly Kym's vocals begin to malfunction. Star realizes that she is fighting a robot as Kym hurries towards the nearest electrical outlet to recharge.

Star bionically jumps over to push Kym away from the power outlet and the battle continues until Kym's hand comes in contact with Star's bionic ear & discovers that she is fighting a power source! Suddenly the battle is over access to Star's bionic limbs. The fight continues, but Star's limbs are drained by the robot one by one.

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Superheroines, Robots, Cosplay, Female Fighting, Costumes, Pantyhose/Stockings

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18 minutes



Melting Ivy
Featuring Star Nine

Whatever led you to enter my lair - were you craving one of my legendary poisonous kisses, were you aching for a gander at my stems?

If the bat with all of his resources can't stop nature then whatever do you expect to be able to do with that tiny little body of yours?

You're clearly in over your head, I suggest you start to grovel. In fact, why don't you go ahead and kiss my warm fragrant nylon feet.

I can tell you're quiet excited as your mouth is making My toes tingle - wait, that's not right. You're the one who should be tingling.

Weed Killer? My perfect long stems, they're melting!

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Superheroines, Super Villain, Damsel In Distress, Tights Fetish, Costumes, Pantyhose/Stockings

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11 minutes



Ivy's Deadly Kiss
Featuring Star Nine

Silly men, always trying to build something new, always trying to bend nature to your will. So eager to show me what you've built. Nature always wins. My green vines wrapping tighter around you, stronger than any chain My natural pheromones disarming you faster than any weapon. Experience natures finest gift one final time. Thank me for my deadly kiss. One kiss paralyses, two kisses, well . . .

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Superheroines, Magic Control, Super Villain, Executrix, Costumes, Virtual Sex

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