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Sock Snoops Bondage
Featuring Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie

College girls, Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie, break into the Dean's home to look for evidence of his involvement with missing students. They're having fun, tiptoeing around in their socks and snooping through his laptop, but just as they find some proof he corners them! Chrissy & Ashley try to explain themselves, but soon they are walking down the hall with their hands tied behind their backs. The Dean gags them with socks and leaves them tied up on the bed.

Chrissy & Ashley manage to get free for a moment, but they just get tied right back up, this time sitting in chairs in the living room. They struggle to untie each other with their stocking feet and once again almost get free before ending up hogtied and cleave gagged on the couch. One last desperate effort sees them hopping towards the front door which they try to open with their feet as their time ticks down.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, struggling, damsel in distress

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22 minutes



Ziptied College Girl
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

College girlAshley Lane is captured & bound with zipties. Heavily blindfolded, tape gagged and barefoot, she struggles on the floor with her ankles, wrists, and toes tightly ziptied. After awhile she is moved to the bed & her blindfold removed, but she is still unable to free herself from the tight ziptie bondage.

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Includes bondage, damsel in distress, gagged women, struggling, barefoot, blindfold

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20 minutes



Star Bound in Nylon
Featuring Star Nine

An A. R. Tiste production - background music throughout. A classic clip from 2012, remastered.

Star struggles in her vintage bra and pantie-girdle. Her wrists are bound to the bed frame above her head with nylon and her ankles are bound together with nylon as well. Her gag is a red ball stuffed inside pantyhose and tied tight around her head.

Star uses her long legs, first to attempt to free her hands, then to reach the rotary phone that has been placed on the floor far away from her. She manages to reach the phone and dial with her nylon toes, talking through her gag.

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Pantyhose Bondage, Gags, Gag Talk, Bondage, Nylon Bondage, Damsel In Distress

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4 minutes



Wicked Sybian
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

The Wicked Witch has Dorothy (Alison Rey) confined in a magic box. Dorothy tries to escape but the electric force-field keeps her on her knees as the witch taunts her. Desperate for release, Dorothy agrees to trade her shiny red slippers for her freedom. Of course, the Wicked Witch never said anything about keeping her word. With a snap of her fingers Dorothy's dress magically disappears. Another snap of the fingers & Dorothy's embarrassed flush is replaced by arousal as she lands on the sybian and goes for long, orgasmic, ride.

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Includes lesbian domination, cosplay, damsel in distress, forced orgasms, magic control

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14 minutes



Gremlins Bukkake
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Newscaster Chrissy Marie is broadcasts live from the Clamp Center where monsters have taken over, brutally raping and killing every woman in the building. As Chrissy reads the horrifying news, two of the creatures pop up behind her and begin groping her. As she continues to report, the creatures rip open her blouse and begin to jerk off and cum all over her, drenching her in their monster sperm.

Chrissy continues to read the reports as the come in, the monsters forcefully handing her report after report on all the terrible things occurring throughout the building. As Chrissy reads the reports, the monsters brutally tase her all over & then force her to cum.

Chrissy reads her final report, announcing that newscaster Chrissy Marie has been raped and killed live on the air. One of the monsters throws her to the floor and she begs and cries as the monster fills her with it's toxic semen. In her death throes the monsters cum on her face one last time leaving her lifeless body covered in cum.

This deadly clip is also available via direct payment, email the address below for options.

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Includes death fetish, damsel in distress, forced orgasms, monsters, bukkake

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21 minutes



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