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Girlfriend Predicament 2
Featuring Ashley Lane, Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Injected with an aphrodisiac, secretary Ashley Lane has no choice but to seal her girlfriend's fate. A cruel predicament where her orgasm will equal her girlfriends death. But as Chrissy convulses, making her final movements, the Doctor grips Ashley's jaw letting her know that the fun is just beginning. She slides her strap-on into Ashley's pink pussy, her legs spread by ropes. After she fucks Ashley to orgasm she reveals her perfect brutal ending - a table full of cruel implements for her hordes of monsters to brutalize her with.

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Includes death fetish, forced orgasms, lesbian domination, strap-on, damsel in distress

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23 minutes



Silencing Ashley
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star is sick of her roommate, Ashley Lane, making so much noise in the mornings. Star requires a solid nine hours of sleep, but Ashley likes to get up early to jog and get ready for the office. A grumpy Star confronts Ashley as she takes off her running shoes. Ashley apologizes for making so much noise, but Star is already on her way to the bedroom to grab ropes and gag materials. She drags Ashley to her bed and ties her up tightly, shoving her sweaty running socks in her mouth. She heads back to bed, but Ashley manages to spit the sweaty socks out and call for help. A pissed off Star returns, hand gagging her before tying the foul socks back in place with a nylon stocking.

The next day, Ashley is getting ready for work when she remembers that she needs to be quiet. Hoping to avoid a repeat of yesterday, she grabs some rope and heads to Star's bedroom. If she ties Star up tightly enough she won't have to worry about making too much noise. Star struggles and is quickly able to free herself. She grabs the rope and heads to Ashley's room where she confronts her roommate. Star makes Ashley lie down on the bed with her wrists behind her back before binding her tightly. Ashley protests that she needs to get to work to make rent money. Star gags her with more black stockings and heads back to bed.

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Includes bondage, gagged women, struggling, damsel in distress, escaping

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38 minutes



Risks & Rewards
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

Star has planned the perfect heist, she just needs a couple of security codes & has targeted the lowest level bank employee to get the information from. She knocks on Chrissy's door on a snowy night, asking to keep warm while she waits for a tow truck.

Star takes her boots off & creeps up behind Chrissy as she looks for the remote. With her gracious host unconscious, she searches her home for the security codes. Unable to find them, she wakes Chrissy up to question her. Her search continues, but eventually Chrissy gets into her back of tricks and turns the tables.

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Includes sleepy, limp fetish, struggling, damsel in distress, woman following orders

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32 minutes



Girlfriend Predicament
Featuring Chrissy Marie Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Girlfriends Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie face a perilous predicament. Abducted from the office, they are brought into the lab where they wake up bound together, an IV line creeping into Ashley's sleeve. Dr. Morris explains the predicament. Ashley's IV is a lethal injection that will be activated by Chrissy's orgasm.

Chrissy insists that she won't have an orgasm, but the doctor produces a vibrator & a syringe. She injects the powerful aphrodisiac into Chrissy's leg. Chrissy tries desperately not to cum, but her willpower is no match for the aphrodisiac coursing through her veins. She gazes in horror at her dying girlfriend as Dr. Morris snatches the vibrator from her hand & gets herself off to the poignant scene.

With Ashley dead, Chrissy struggles on a bed with her legs tied open. Dr. Morris approaches with the vibrator. Chrissy pretends to enjoy it, thinking that maybe if she does the doctor will let her go? As Chrissy cums, Dr. Morris comments that Ashley was the lucky one. She pulls a sheet off a table full of weapons. Knives, guns, power tools. Chrissy will be slowly and painfully tortured by Dr. Morris' monstrous creations.

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Includes death fetish, damsel in distress, struggling, predicament, peril

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20 minutes



Leather & Duct Tape
Featuring Star Nine

Star zips up her leather jacket and goes to leave the house. As she opens the front door a look of shock washes over her face as she is pushed back into the house by a stranger.

She struggles, taped to a chair. Silver duct tape running over and under her breasts over her leather jacket. Her legs in leather pants duct taped together at the ankles and knees. Her eyes are terrified and pleading.

Her mouth is wrapped tightly with shiny black tape. She struggles in the chair but is unable to free herself.

The intruder returns and cuts her out of the chair. He tapes her wrists tightly behind her back and leaves her to struggle on the floor, all duct tape & leather.

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Includes tape bondage, leather, struggling, damsel in distress, duct tape

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