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Sealed Elevator
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley Lane meets her end when a malfunctioning elevator shoots past her desired floor number, blares it's alarm & seals the door for the protection of those outside. Ashley cowers in the corner waiting for maintenance as the elevator begins to fill with a poison gas. She coughs in pain as the gas enters her lungs, falling to the floor where she convulses violently as the gas takes her.

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Includes death fetish, damsel in distress

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10 minutes



Sleep Study
Featuring Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie

Ashley Lane & Chrissy Marie join a sleep study to make some extra cash. They sit in the lobby filling out their paperwork, but unbeknownst to to them the study is already starting. The girls begin to feel drowsy & are soon unable to keep their eyes open as Ashley passes out into Chrissy's lap. Each time the girls wake up, things get stranger. First their phones & shoes are missing, next their clothing. Disoriented & unsure of how much time has passed, the girls soon find themselves bound & naked as the study continues indefinitely.

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Includes limp fetish, sleep fetish, damsel in distress, short shorts, bondage

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15 minutes



Casey's Lethal Injection
Featuring Casey Calvert & Star Nine

Casey Calvert experiences her final orgasm in a lab setting before receiving a lethal injection from the twisted Dr. Morris.

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Includes death, lesbian domination, forced orgasm, damsel in distress

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15 minutes



Identity Theft
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Multi-Millionaire CEO Ashley Lane is surprised in her home by a thief with designs on stealing her identity & business. Ashley has no choice but to submit as she is forced to strip and is tied up with rope. The intruder finishes tying her wrists, elbows, ankles & knees before slipping off her sneakers and removing her socks. She crams her worn socks in Ashley's protesting mouth & then wraps her head with microfoam tape. Ashley moans through her gag, trying to talk her way out of the situation. Immobilized in a ball & hogtie, Ashley can only struggle and mmmph as the intruder puts on her clothing & heads out to make drastic changes to her bank accounts.

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Includes bondage, gagged women, damsel in distress, rope bondage

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16 minutes



Reporting The Attack
Featuring Chrissy Marie

Newscaster Chrissy Marie bravely reports on the major mechanical problems occurring in an iconic midtown building - as the lights flicker around her she points out that the studio is in fact located in said building. She moves on to her scheduled fluff piece about the return of pantyhose before the broadcast is cut in by what appears to be a security feed from the elevator. Chrissy narrates the attack in the elevator as it happens, but falters when the broadcast relays other messages - namely that she's next! Chrissy nervously faces the cameras as hands reach out and grab her by the hair.

Cut to Chrissy tied to her chair with the same pantyhose she had been demonstrating. To her horror the cameras continue to broadcast as the monsters grope her, torment her with a tazer and force her to cum in her pantyhose with the whole world watching. As her orgasm reaches a peak, another pair of hands come out from the curtain behind her. The monster behind the curtain spreads one last pair of pantyhose tightly in his hands like a garrote before using them to strangle the life out of her.

An extended, deadly version is available at nicheclips

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Includes damsel in distress, forced orgasms, taser, aliens & monsters

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