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Featuring Candle Boxxx

Per the customer's request, Candle Boxxx plays both characters.

A social influencer made an appointment for a house showing. The snooty realtor isn't happy with the obvious time waster filming the process. When the realtor turns around, the influencer talks to the camera about getting revenge on her attitude.

The realtor excuses herself, confused why she's whoozy and horny. It's difficult to be professional as her arousal increases. The influencer gives her a vibrator.

In silver handcuffs, it's time to make this bitch perform like a real pornstar. She balks as the vibing edges her closer to orgasm until she's begging for more like a trained whore.

Includes slut training, humiliation, lesbian domination, female training, mental domination

KEYWORDS - submissive/slave training mesmerize mind fuck erotic magic control woman following orders female domination femdom sensual domination electric massagers vibrators sex toys verbal humiliation solo female masturbation solo masturbation humiliation female orgasms bondage restraints handcuffs handcuff fetish damsel in distress DID bound orgasms imposed orgasms made to cum pvc/vinyl fetish clothing fetish clothes shiny fetish shiny clothes shiny clothing silk/satin high heels blondes wig fetish

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15 minutes


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Brake Failure in Boots
Featuring Star Nine

A man cuts the brake line on Star Nine's car. Later, she's engine revving and doesn't see the brake fluid pooling on the driveway.

While driving, she notices the brakes feeling soft but assumes it's her black platform boots. Pushing the brake pedal, she can't stop like normal.

She wonders if she can get to the mechanic and tries testing them. If she floors the pedal, they sort of work. Running red lights and intersections makes her nervous as her black boots frantically pedal pumps in close calls. When someone tries to get in front of her, she's terrified of the perilous outcome.

Taking rights prevents her from having to stop at lights but the anticipation causes her to do brake stomping.

Her long red fingernails are gripping the steering wheel as her anxiety heightens. The alternative of a steep hill seems like a bad idea!

With her brakes completely broken, she stays on the side streets until she gets to her destination. Getting out of her car, she's shocked to see a brake fluid puddle.

Calling for help, she explains her car issues and how she was brake stomping, but nothing happened. When they suggest someone cut the brake line, she's dumbstruck. While talking, her black heeled boots continue pumping pedals to figure out what happened.

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Includes pedal pumping, driving, boot fetish, shoe fetish, shoe play

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OTHER KEYWORDS - car fetish struggling blondes tall woman tall women kink damsel in distress DID yoga pants leggings

20 minutes


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Boot Bondage Revenge
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

I'm waiting for Lola Fae to get ready for a night out, but she's admiring her chunky platform boots in the mirror. She copies everything I do and it's annoying! Handgagging her while armholding, it's her turn to be tape bound and helpless!

She doesn't struggle as my red nails tear off the duct tape for wrist binding. Cocky as I'm taping legs, she thinks she can escape this bondage tape!

Annoyed with her whining, I give a wraparound tapegag and leave her for an escape challenge. She gag talks and is boot stomping during her bondage struggle. She's frustrated that her long nails can't remove the silver tape.

I think she's learned her lesson as I'm releasing her from the tape binds and wraparound gag. 

Includes tape bondage, bondage, gagged women, boots, gag talking

KEYWORDS - Star Nine tape bondage tape fetish struggling damsel in distress DID tapegagged women tape gagged woman  female domination femdom scolding fetish confrontation hand over mouth HOM boot fetish jeans fetish clothing fetish clothes shiny fetish shiny clothes petite long fingernails kink blondes tall woman tall women  

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16 minutes


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Gremlins Bukkake 3
Featuring Star Nine

Newcaster Star Nine reports a new story while being held hostage by blood thirsty creatures that are raping and killing the women in the building. They use aphrodisiacs to make the women more orgasmic.

The monsters enter and Star continues reading the news as they're groping and rubbing their hard cocks on her. Blouse ripping and cumming huge loads on her pantyhose doesn't stop her even as she reads about their poisonous semen.

As they are tasering her, she's crying in shrieks. It gets worse as they're vibing her. After her orgasm, she learns that she will be raped and murdered on camera.

The evil creature fucks her in missionary and doggystyle and manages to have more cum to spray on her dying body as she begs for death. Soon she has glazed eyes and lays dead in a pile of jizz.

Includes death fetish, aliens & monsters, bukkake, rape fantasies, damsel in distress

KEYWORDS - Star Nine aliens and monsters bukakke groping pantyhose fetish pantyhose/stockings male domination maledom hitachi magic wands vibrators female orgasms imposed orgasms made to cum forced orgasms strap-ons moaning fetish DID clothing destruction clothes destruction kink blondes tall woman tall women

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22 minutes


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Stepdaughter Tease & Denial
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Star Nine is rope bound and angered by the mirrored reflection of the white over the mouth gag. Her bondage struggles take her to the floor and she inches her way to the door, unable to open with her bare feet. Her stepmother, Kendra James, confronts and hair pulls her back to the dungeon.

In standing bondage, Star says Kendra doesn't deserve a penny from her Stepfather. Kendra uses her leather opera gloves to shove her sweaty socks in for a stuffed tapegag. The leather gloves do Hand Over Mouth gagging to emphasize Kendra's control.

Kendra ass smacks and whips Star for blackmailing about lesbian affairs. Star is now her stupid slut and she fingers her wet pussy with her black gloves. If she really wants to cum, she will have to earn that privilege.

Time elapses and Star is drooling in a harness gag. Kendra mixes Star's pussy juices with her spit, and starts nipple kissing, but doesn't allow any orgasms. Grabbing a vibe, this sadistic Mistress rubs it over her sensitive nipples and demands that Star start begging for orgasmic pleasure.

Just as Star is about to cum, Kendra removes the vibe and tells her that her new slave life is only going to be tease and denial while locked in chastity.

Includes lesbian domination, submissive/slave training, bondage, female domination, tease & denial

KEYWORDS - older woman/younger woman MILF taboo rope bondage rope damsel in distress DID tapegagged women tape gagged woman ballgagged drooling gag talking mouth packing mouth stuffing struggling BDSM whipping slut training femdom sensual domination orgasm control orgasm denial edging games ruined orgasms electric massagers vibrators hitachi magic wands hitachis assisted masturbation shiny clothing shiny clothes pvc-vinyl corsets corset fetish clothing fetish clothes over the knee boots otk boots scolding fetish big tits blondes tall women tall woman kink

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20 minutes


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