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Nylon Slave Punishment
Featuring Star Nine

I don't want you moving in that tight bondage as I contemplate your punishment. Do you even want to be a foot slave to your Mistress? I don't think you're truly submissive and just pretend to get close to my nylon feet. True submission is letting go of what you want and being out of control.

Alternating between dangling heels and wiggling feet, I debate your discipline. Perhaps a public humiliation is in order? That would be too good for you.

These dirty pantyhose got you in trouble because you wanted to jerk off to my dirty feet. you haven't earned foot smelling privilege and you need to learn some orgasm control with a chastity cage.

If you don't want to be locked in cage, let's do some submissive training starting with some POV nylon mouthpacking. Nylon cock wrapping is part of the test. If you can't control yourself, you will have a caged cock.

you have permission to look at my long legs and sexy black pumps but you can't cum. Look up at me as my nylon feet are ball crushing. That made your hard cock wither.

you have permission to cum, but it will be the last orgasm for a long time. you don't deserve my pantyhose feet, but sniff my wiggling toes while you are pantyhose gagged. Breathe in and give a foot smelling as I give you a toejob in your tight asshole.

Not that you deserve any of this attention.

Includes pantyhose domination, Goddess worship, orgasm control, female domination, submissive/slave training

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine chastity caging orgasm denial tease & denial pov femdom pov sensual domination scolding fetish foot humiliation foot domination foot slave training pov foot worship verbal humiliation BDSM instruction CBT instruction nylon worship pantyhose/stockings high heels blondes tall woman kink

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21 minutes



Spy vs. Spy - Endgame
Featuring Lola Fae & Star Nine

Star Nine's pantyhose feet step around Lola Fae's limp feet, grabbing the intel, unaware that Lola's lurking behind her. Removing her nylon hood, Star calls her boss. After hanging up, Lola doses her with chloroform soaked nylons. Star's kicking feet and struggling arms weaken as she gets fluttering eyes before being KO'ed.

While knocked out, Lola puts Star in pantyhose bondage and gives her an easy access hole in the suntan pantyhose (off camera). Stripping her skullcap, Lola keeps on her pantyhose hood before giving foot kissing and toe sucking foot worship. Flipping the limp prey over, she reveals her encased breasts for tit worship. Tit squeezing and groping, she moans in pleasure knowing Star would be humiliated by the body worship.

As Star stirs awake, Lola is mouth stuffing her with dirty pantyhose in and gives HOM domination. Star tries gag talking around the mouth packing, but is groggy.

Lola pushes her into doggy position over the table and slides her strap-on cock deep inside while handgagging. Her tongue licks her stocking hood in sexual excitement. Knowing Star's aware as she's raping her makes it hotter for her rival spy.

Giving Star a second pantyhose mask, Lola uses the legs as handles for her head. She's ready to finish the job and encourages Star to let go. Her movements lessen and Lola continues fucking her even after she's dead.

After her sexual fill, she grabs the intel and leaves her competitor for the clean up crew.

Includes executrix, lesbian domination, pantyhose encasement, death fetish, pantyhose domination

OTHER KEYWORDS - executrixxx femme fatales necro fetish limp fetish sleep fetish knockouts female domination femdom sensual domination stap-on hand over mouth nylon encasement pantyhose/stockings pantyhose fetish foot fetish blondes

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15 minutes



Cucked By My Foot Slave
Featuring JJ Graves & Star Nine

you would give anything to foot worship My Goddess feet. High heel dangling cockteases, but you're a broke coward.

Imagine lying naked like my foot slave as my nylon soles are inches from your hard dick. Imagine the foot smelling as my dangling shoes waft the foot aroma. If you were able to afford buying my used pantyhose, you may have inhaled my pantyhose feet scent.

Poor broke useless foot boy. you will never have a pantyhose sole fucking. you want to masturbate to my divine feet, but you need to start begging your foot Mistress.

Deny jacking off and deny your orgasm. you're just going to watch in this game of foot tease and denial as I'm cuckolding you with this well trained submissive. He gives me foot a foot massage and shows you how a well trained man fucks feet.

Even though you're jealous of this foot fucking, you're not masturbating because you want to be good obedient boy. He gets to have a nylon footjob orgasm and you're a denied foot bitch.

you can only imagine cum eating these dirty pantyhose since you can't afford to buy them.

Includes Goddess worship, humiliation, cuckold, footjob, pantyhose domination

OTHER KEYWORDS - Star Nine pantyhose footjobs pantyhose foot jobs foot fetish foot domination foot humiliation pov foot worship foot slave training cuckolding sexual rejection female domination pov femdom pov sensual domination dangling high heels high heel fetish pantyhose fetish nylon worship pantyhose/stockings submissive/slave training verbal humiliation orgasm denial orgasm control tease & denial financial domination findom money fetish shiny fetish shiny clothes blouse fetish clothing fetish clothes leather skirts leather fetish leather clothing blondes tall woman tall women kink CFNM

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13 minutes



Girlfriend's Revenge
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane comes home and doesn't see me (Star Nine) sneak behind her until it's too late. Giving hand over mouth treatment, she's mmphing in fear behind the hand gagging. I ask if she recognizes me from the pictures on the wall from when she's cheating with my boyfriend. Her eyes widen as I'm arm holding, but she can't respond because of the HOM.

Sliding to the floor, my long legs are scissorholding her and I shush her.. She's not getting out of my submissions hold and I cover her nose for breath control. Dosing a white rag with chloroform, I let her know that she's going to be my bondage slave!

Ragdolling her limp head, she's ready for her pantyhose bondage. With on screen tying and tit grabbing, I humiliate this cheating whore. Stripping my shiny pantyhose, I love that she's getting a dirty pantyhose mouth packing. A dirty nylon mouth stuffing cleave gag should satisfy her need for my sloppy seconds. She awakens in fear and starts gag talking and struggles to escape her nylon bondage. Hair pulling her braids keeps her still as I give her another chloroform knockout.

On the bed, she's terrified to see my giant strap-on under my little black dress. Unbinding her legs, I'm peeling off her jeans and high heels before pantyhose ripping. Pushing her to doggystyle position, I'm pussy fingering her wet pussy before sliding my big cock in deep and hard.

I peel off my LBD to enjoy breaking my little sex doll. Pushing her head into the bed, I'm going to be fucking her all night!

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Includes bondage, limp fetish, home wrecker, lesbian domination, female domination

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OTHER KEYWORDS- sleep fetish struggling damsel in distress DID gagged woman gagged women verbal humiliation femdom sensual domination confrontation slut training submissive/slave training homewrecking home wrecking homewreckers home wreckers cheaters cheating fetish blondes tall woman tall women kink

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21 minutes



Filthy Nylon Incentives
Featuring Dixie Comet

Your sales numbers have hit an all time low since Dixie drained your 401K. You're no longer the positive upbeat high performer you once were. You don't even chase all the nylon wearing secretaries around the office anymore. And the company has definitely noticed.

Knowing how easy you are to manipulate, Dixie really doesn't want to see you go. So she's developed a three point plan to get you back on track with positive reinforcement in the form of dirty nylon feet.

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Pantyhose Domination, Dirty Feet, Pantyhose/Stockings, Office Domination, Foot Fetish, Secretary

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10 minutes



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